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Heirloom Flats

Gabriella Turck

2021-10-15   Google

We are so happy that we have made Heirloom Flats our new home. Everything about this community is amazing - from the amenities, office and maintenance team and residents. What originally drew us to the community was the amenities and close proximity ...

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Ryan K.


The staff is the best part of the building. They’re friendly, professional, quick to respond and eager to help. They make this place what it is. The facilities are pretty sweet too! Great pool, gym, common and work spaces, beer and coffee around th...

Gabriella T.


We are so happy that we have made Heirloom Flats our new home. Everything about this community is amazing - from the amenities, office and maintenance team and residents. What originally drew us to the community was the amenities and close proximity ...

Michele R.


I moved into heirloom flats in August. The staff and residents are super nice and all the 4-legged friends are a bonus. The staff has been extremely helpful responding to all my needs. The complex is clean and quiet. I love all the events they have g...

Jillian W.


I love the amenities and the community experience! Really enjoy the special events that are held so that the residents can get together and do something fun while getting to know one another as well!

Brittany L.


Amazing place! Feels like home, the atmosphere is one of a kind! Clean, decorated uniquely and and helpful people that work here! I highly recommend this place!

Jonathan Wank


The Flats as the residents call it is the best place I have lived in CT. It’s a mix between Melrose Place and apartment living. I recommend it to everyone who likes coffee, beer and indoor golf and a staff who are amazing and friendly.

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jonathan wank

2021-10-02   Google

Lexie, Amanda and Vicki keep Heirloom Flats the sanctuary it was made to be. They keep the place running smooth so the people who live here can live in luxury and have a great experience. You don’t feel like you’re living in Central Connecticut.

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Kristen P.


Noise is terrible here but other than that, it’s great. Wish management could actually evict people for noise issues as stated in our lease agreement.

Sarah B.


The community at Heirloom Flats is great! There are lots of food trucks and events each month for residents. The building is kept very clean.

Karen B.


I love how pet friendly the building is My baby Ramona gets to see a lot of her friends all day It would be amazing to have a dog park in the building so they can play

Lori K.


I had a great move-in experience!! The staff is wonderful!!! My needs were immediately addressed. I initially chose Heirloom for the first interaction I had when I toured the property.

Allison M.


Great amenities and friendly staff. This place feels more like a vacation spot than my apartment! Amazing value, convenience, and sense of security

Jesse B.


we’ve been living here for a year and love being here. there’s a great sense of community and everyone is super friendly. it’s definitely a great place for pet lovers.

Danielle S.


I love living at the Heirloom Flats! The staff, community and amenities are wonderful! The property is well maintained and the cleanliness is pristine.

Susan B.


Great community for all ages. Nice courtyard with a pool and grills. Like hotel living. Like many other corporate managed buildings repairs or neglect seem to occur more frequently.

Danielle Simon

2021-09-08   Google

A wonderful place to live! Highly recommend the Heirloom Flats

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Jonathan W.


The sanctuary that is created by the Heirloom Flats team and community make it feel like an extended family. Now I need more words to get the 2,500 point bonus towards a gift card.

Shelby D.


Great amenities and friendly staff! The building is well kept, and there are lots of activities and great food trucks, making Heirloom an enjoyable place to live.

Meagan H.


I have had an apartment at Heirloom Flats and just renewed my lease for the fourth year in a row. The staff is always kind and helpful. The events are fun and varied. The amenities are always clean and the people that live here are respectful.

Parisa V.


I love the amenities and the cleanliness of the building. The gym and Starbucks coffee are some of my favorites! Location is also great with amazing restaurants very close by.

Janice M.


Heirloom flats has far exceeded all of my expectations! From the amenities, the community, the management...walking into the building has felt like home since day one.

Katharine U.


Best apartment I’ve lived in! Beautiful apartments and amenities. Also lots of fun community events! Staff is friendly and responds in a timely manner

Jesse Builes

2021-08-20   Google

heirloom flats is a great place to live, we love the apartments and the great events like the comedy show!

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Karen B.

2021-08-20   Google

We simply love Heirloom Flats! We moved in a year ago and really enjoy management and our neighbors. They just brought in an AMAZING comedy show this evening with 4 Corners that was hilarious. Please bring them back again and again. Great times all a...

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Jackson J.


It has been awesome so far!! But the aC doesn’t come into our bedroom! But everyone is so friendly here it is awesome!! I could not imagine moving into a normal apartment building

Kimberly D.


The Heirloom community is wonderful here. Residents definitely get the feeling of "coming home" when they come through the doors. In addition, the front office staff does so much to create a positive resident experience; with social events and food t...

Nicholas S.


The staff, neighbors, and building have been nothing but amazing. There are so many events to bring people together and try different things

Herbert E.


Love it here. Only knock would be that the rent is high. With interest rates as low as they are now, this expensive rent makes me consider buying a condo next.

Nicole P.


Love this complex! So excited that I get to call this place home! Everyone is so friendly and the whole application and move-in process was made so convenient for me!



The apartments are nice to look at but there are few floor plans you can actually tour. In addition, Bozzuto clearly wanted to save money on the building’s construction as there is little insulation in the walls, floor and ceiling. You can hear you...

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Linda D.


Where can you meet friends, have your furry friends by your side, drink a cold beer, sit by the pool, grill and sit by the fire pit watching the moon and stars…Heirloom Flats!!! Mic Drop…

Benjamin M.


5 stars. So far really enjoying the people/community/events. Friendly atmosphere makes for an outstanding place to live. The gym and golf simulator also make Heirloom Flats stand out.

Tara D.


Just moved in and so far we love the place! Apartment is clean and spacious, the amenities are convenient and well managed and we're excited to attend some of the community events.

Izabel P.


I love how clean everything is kept, the hallways and workout spaces especially. Maintenance has a good response time. I like how many activities there are to do during the week. You can tell they care about their residents.

Gena C.


I jokingly call this place the “resort” but in all honesty it isn’t a joke. Incredible amenities, friendly staff, immaculate grounds and the activities are just what you would find at any vacation spot. We are so grateful to be part of this com...

Susan K.


Love the concept of Heirloom Flats. I think you guys do a great job with keeping the place looking very nice and the office and maintenance staff are super nice. Most tenants understand how to live in an apartment but a few kind of ruin it for the re...

Brittany L.


Very clean and up-to-date place! The maintenance workers always working hard to keep this place up to par. They help with anything, with no hesitancy.

Jacob B.


Awesome place. Awesome staff. Awesome amenities. It was the perfect place for me and my wife. We can’t wait to meet more people in the community.

Megan Kozak

2021-06-25   Google

Great job done by main office with resident’s appreciation day! The whole event was well done and fosters a community not just an apartment complex! Well done by a hard working staff!

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Brittany L.


If you ever have an issue the staff are accommodating and work with with you to find a solution. The Apartment community spaces are kept clean and in great condition. If you take advantage of a the amenities and attend resident events is 100% worth t...

Karen B.


I’ve love living in heirloom Making new friends, having the beautiful energy of everyone in the staff. Also being the envy of all of our friends coming from New York

Kristen P.


Haven’t had a response back from management (Maria) on carpeting the person’s apartment upstairs so that we don’t have to hear constant banging, parties, and yelling from upstairs. Contacted my lawyer who will be putting our rent money in escro...

Alex M.


Overall a really nice apartment complex with great amenities. Units are decent sized, up to date, and well maintained. You get what you pay for in the sense of amenities and perks to living in the community, but I do believe they are rather pricey. F...

Jill M.


A upscale apartment that has recently seen a decline in upkeeping of the property i believe. ( paint and scuffs in hallways, flowers in planters, speakers by pool, power supplies by pool)

Judy B.


Review is ok. Upset that noise sucks in apartments. Amenities don’t get fixed properly. Maintenance shouid not be saying it’s a budget issue. Manager never here. Not acceptable for $ 1950 rent I pay for 1 bedroom without a window in the bedroom

Jonathan W.


The staff is great, the people are great, the amenities are great. What is there not to like. Now I have to fill out 140 characters to press submit.

Sue C.


Location and proximity to Bloomfield Center was a factor. Availability of a short term lease was a factor. Proximity to West Hartford was a factor. Cleanliness and safety was a factor. Inclusion of pets was a significant consideration.

Jesse W.


Friendly and clean community! I’d definitely recommend to others! Price is a tad on the higher end, but amenities are quite abundant. Cheers!

James P.


Between the great set of amenities, friendly staff, community events, and well-maintained living spaces, Heirloom Flats is a great place to live.

Nina-Tiziana A.


Always have been happy with heirloom community. You guys have always gone the extra mile and have always made the residents feel special to the best of your ability

Jordan K.


It has only been a few weeks in the apartment, but so far the staff have been super helpful and we are really loving our new home!! Can't wait for summer and the pool to be ready

Lauren B.


Love coming home every day! Staff is welcoming, apartments are beautiful, maintenance is easy to work with, our furry baby has lots of friends!

Nicholas S.


I just moved in and the process was so easy and organized. Everyone has been extremely helpful and the community has been very welcoming in just a few days

Mitchell B.


Thank you Heirloom Flats! The team here does a great job. From leasing to Maintenence to the cleaning staff, we appreciate your hard work. Us residents can be a lot to handle at times but y’all do a great job keeping this place clean, organized, li...

Glenn J.


Recently moved in and the staff has been so accommodating throughout the entire process. Having the ability to do essentially everything through your phone from their app has been immensely useful and time efficient. The atmosphere here and community...

Kimberly D.


Heirloom Flats is a great community. We especially enjoy all of the monthly activities. The great room and amenities are a great part of the space and encourage great social interactions.

Priyanka Abraham

2021-04-14   Google

Not only is this place gorgeous, the management team always goes out of their way to make your stay here comfortable. Sad I need to leave here due to personal reasons but I know I'll be constantly looking for another Bozzuto apartment to move into!

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Herbert E.


Great place, staff, maintenance, amenities, residents. Location is close to everything. I would give a 5-star rating if the rent was a little cheaper.

Kathryn F.


Heirloom Flats has great amenities. The gym and courtyard are our favorites. We’ve lived here 3 years and have enjoyed our time here so far.

Kathy Cooley

2021-03-30   Google

I filed a maintenance request online on Sunday night for service on my entryway door. The key fob entry was not working reliably. The service rep was there by 11:00 a.m. the next morning (Monday) and the problem solved in about 15 minutes. Service wa...

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Brittany L.


Amazing place to live! It has much more to offer than just a place to live! All the events planned make this place so fun and easy to meet your neighbors. Highly recommend!

Brian K.


Just moved in & very happy. The management and maintenance staff have been helpful and responsive to the few normal move in issues that needed to be addressed. All the fellow community members I've come into contact with have been friendly and nice. ...

Jacob U.


The amenities are amazing having everything available right on the main floor is really handy. Facility is very clean and everyone is respectful.

Kristen P.


Great place to live! Cant wait to meet some of the other residents once the place opens up more. Lots of amenities but you pay for it. Great central location.

Sarah B.


Living at Heirloom is good! It has its quirks but overall we enjoy it! The amenity's are great and our dog loves having lots of doggy neighbors!

Hailey S.


Everyone is very nice and maintance is ontop of everything. Everyone in the building is very nice and amenities are fun! Great place to live with an awesome restaurant next door

Mary Briggs

2021-02-12   Google

Not only is the staff helpful ,but the Ap’t Community is , too! I needed to move to a quieter ap’t and they found a new home for me - it is quieter , more sunlight , cozier , maintenance took down my heavy wall clock , and installed my bidet , an...

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James P.


Enjoying my time at Heirloom Flats so far! Very helpful staff, friendly community, and great amenities (pool, coffee/beer, gym, golf simulator).

Christyn D.


I have thoroughly enjoyed living here. The staff is so helpful especially during the initial adjustment. The amenities are amazing - specifically the gym. I feel so fortunate to be able to have access to this gym and this type of equipment. I have mo...

Cassidy G.


Love the amenities and the space. Everyone here embraces the community feel and is very welcoming, nice, & approachable. Love that there are activities that help bring the residents together

Brianna T.


It’s a wonderful place. Most residents are friendly and kind and help each other. The rent can be extremely expensive at times where you pay for amenities you don’t use, but the office is understanding of situations especially during this hard ti...

Jesse W.


Living at Heirloom Flats has been a wonderful experience this far! The place is for the most part, always clean and the staff are very active in ensuring we have a nice experience. The community and neighbors are quite friendly as well. One suggestio...

Megan W.


Great amenities, nice staff, safe place to live! The apartment layout is spacious with beautiful finishes. The addition of the food trucks that come weekly is very much welcomed at the end of a long day.

Marissa M.


Absolutely love it here!! Staff is great and so are all of the great events they host for us. Also love all of the wonderful amenities offered!

Karen B.


I love our home, it feels good to be in a community that allows pets and have great amenities I just wish we have a dog park where they can run with the other dogs in the building

Sheikh Uzair Z.


It's a great community for people new to the area - lots of socializing opportunities and the amenities are great. The gym is the beat I've seen in any apartment building so far.

Brittany L.


Amazing experience so far! Amenities are awesome and apartments are tidy and well kept! The staff here have been tremendous with helping. Any questions, they’re always right there ready to help!

Linda D.


The best of all worlds...lovely modern apartments and community spaces, social interaction when you just want a little company and peaceful places to relax!

Herbert E.


Great staff! Great amenities! Love the food trucks and virtual events! Thank you for keeping community events going in a Covid world! Only wish, of course, is a lower rent.

Gena C.


Thank you for an amazing albeit different type of holiday party/ celebration. New renters and was surprised at the unexpected invite to a food truck extravaganza! What a fun and innovative way to thank your residents! Enjoyed every bite of it! Can’...

Amanda M.


I love living at Heirloom Flats! The pandemic has definitely put a damper on things here, but I appreciate that there are still food trucks and very safe events. The only thing I don't love about Heirloom is that the walls/ceilings seem to be very th...

Lauren B.


I love coming home everyday! I have lived at Heirloom for the past 2.5 years in two different flat styles. I absolutely adore the apartment features like in-unit laundry, garbage disposal, countertops, flooring, big windows, I could go on. I also lov...

Jonathan W.


everyone is great. the place is great. the community is great. The people that work here are great. I have no complaints at all. The amenities are great too, forgot that.

Kimberly D.


The community here really makes Heirloom Flats a special place to live. These connections are priceless! The staff has done a great job ensuring that even amidst Covid, we have things to look forward to each week.

Mitchell B.


Heirloom Flats... where to start. Amazing and friendly staff. Package concierge, comedy shows, food trucks, gym, golf simulator, beer on tap, movie theater indoors and out, pool, ping pong, hammocks, and peloton’s.... are you kidding me?! Where els...

Andrew T.


The amenities are like none other. I like how it’s a community here and everyone looks out for each other’s interests. The staff is super friendly and would do anything to help you out. The events held each month are a big plus while living here....

Sarah B.


Would like to request another trash can be added at the Jerome Ave/ Jerome Way side of the building. People do not clean up after their pets.

Kristen P.


Everything is good except the other residents here arent that friendly and they need better parking lot security via more lights and working cameras

Jesse B.


We’re very happy at Heirloom Flats. We love the apartment, amenities, and the events. The staff has made our move very easy and everyone has been super helpful anytime we have questions.

Mary B.


I’m an older widow and gone through major changes in my life . Pride is big . Age and being single has been discriminating .But not here at Heirloom Flats ! Everyone has been kind , helpful -and I’ve asked for a lot of answers and help, received ...

Janice M.


From the tour to move in date, Heirloom flats and Lexie have been nothing less than amazing! We are so happy to a part of this Amazing community!

Hailey S.


Very fun and clean place to live! Have done a great job with keeping the place clean during covid and continuing to have fun events and communicate with residents. Still unsure if will be renewing lease due to cost of a small place, but overall a gre...

Karen B.


We’re excited to start living here 🥰 Moving from Queens, NY So is nice to have a community where we don’t really know anyone yet. Also very excited about having a pet soon

Ava A.


Amazing experiences at Heirloom Flats! I love this community and all of the spaces. Staff is friendly and maintenance is incredible. Noises here and there but overall pleased.

Nicholas R.


Heirloom Flats is awesome! The amenities really make my day. The residents are great, I've made some really wonderful friends here and I am so happy I chose to here!

Hailey slotter

2020-08-04   Google

About to move in and so excited! Shanice gave the best tour and had so much to share with me. I’ve heard nothing but amazing things from everyone and this place is like a dream. Can’t wait to move in and see what the future holds at heirloom! Tha...

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Hailey S.


Great and fun place! A lot of amazing amenities and I love the pool! Staff is very nice and accommodating and very much enjoy living here. There are bikes you can rent and always a new event going on.

Fairy’s Stories

2020-07-31   Google

This review was long due I lived in Heirloom for six months, have to admit one of the best apartment I have ever lived in and I actually miss it. If I ever plan to move back to Bloomfield CT without any doubt I will move back to Heirloom Flats...

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Herbert E.


When I was searching for a new place, Patricia and team were great. Made me feel welcome while I was searching and when I moved in. Made it easy.

Navid H.


given the pandemic, experience has been positive. Challenges still exist within the community to enforce mask usage. also, clarifying expectations for newer residents would be appreciated

Keyon G.


My family has experiences racial discrimination from the known bullies in the building and it was never properly addressed by management despite me submitting a very lengthy outline of the issue.

Brittany L.


Move in was easy and apartment was clean! I am excited to live here and enjoy the community. The application process was easy and the virtual tours were helpful. I really like that you could measure things virtually.

Deema A.


Amazing I think I used the dog wash more than anyone here!! I might open a business washing other people pets LOL. Love how they are involved with everyone

Kayla G.


The place is beautiful and everyone we have met so far has been so friendly. The staff is absolutely fantastic. Just the upstairs neighbors are very loud! Otherwise, love the place!

Sarah B.


Living at Heirloom is good. Everything is very clean and the office staff is helpful. There does need to be more communication about things opening back up.

Rachel R.


I moved into Heirloom Flats in November 2019. I am extremely impressed with all of the amenities Heirloom has to offer. From the beer tap, to the state of the art gym, to the golf simulator, there is always something to do at Heirloom! I also love th...

Jeanmarie H.


We love this building, the people here and we really love our flat. I think the staff here is really great, helpful and kind which says a lot about the ability to make a business a home. Two call outs. We do not use the coffee or the beer tap and wis...

Vincent D.


Great place to live. Generally good amenities, although we can’t use them at the moment which is a huge bummer, especially seeing as that’s one of the reasons why we pay a premium to live here. Oh well.

Drew Allan

2020-05-04   Google

Purchase and move-in was a great customer experience! Shanice made the process very easy for me and it was a seamless process. Heirloom team did a great job keeping us safe from Covid while minimizing any disruption to the move in process.

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Hailey S.


Honestly pretty upset with the bulletin board and how everyone is yelling at others in the building for not wearing masks. About ready to delete the app and not do any community events because it’s just so rude to me.

Megan W.


We love living in a great community. We feel safe here and really appreciate the diversity. We miss the great amenities that heirloom has to offer.

Vanessa Vélez Toro

2020-04-30   Google

Its an amazing place! Clean, beautiful, quiet, convenient and with an incredible staff willing to help.

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Vanessa V.


Excellent community to live. Convenient facilities, friendly staff, modern apartments, quiet neighborhood, good entertainment activities scheduled.

Brad Parliman

2020-04-29   Google

It has been a pleasure living here. Amenities are great, price is fair, and value is high. Great people and culture as well which creates a very pleasant community.

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Bradley P.


It has been a pleasure living here. Amenities are great, price is fair, and value is high. Great people and culture as well which creates a very pleasant living community.

Lauren L.


We love living at Heirloom! Great commute to work, very clean, office staff is very friendly. Amenities are well maintained and enjoyable.

Dana S.


My husband and I have been living here over 2 years and were one of the first residents to move into Heirloom Flats. We love living here. It's a relaxing place to live with our pup and to have friends over for game nights. We love it here.

Kristen S.


Heirloom flats has been a wonderful place to live. I would highly recommend it. The community is great, the amenities are top notch and the staff are amazing.

Jill Mergendahl


brand new high end apartment's, friendly neighbors , very dog friendly. close to many great restaurants.

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Hanin Ziad

2019-12-13   Google

The word associated with Heirloom Flats is CLASSY , been living here for over a year now , the building is beautiful and secure, amenities are exceptional, the staff and maintenance crew are respectful, reliable and sweet and the community is diverse...

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Ny Mia Tran

2019-09-05   Google

Lived at HF for a year. I was originally drawn to the farmhouse/garden theme and amenities. There were no other place like this within Hartford area. The apartment layout with the great room and courtyard being in the center of the building was a suc...

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David Butler II

2019-08-29   Google

By far the best run apartment complex I've lived in (and have lived in several the past few years). Recently moved to CT, and the staff at Heirloom Flats has gone out of their way to make me feel at home. Shanice and Eric in the leasing office both h...

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Kyle Burns

2019-08-20   Google

Shout out to the Maintenance Staff at Heirloom Flats. Rob, Steve and Carlos do a fantastic job keeping this place in ship shape. Not only are they consumate professionalsbat their profession they are personable and a pleasure to interact with!

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Shamaila Imam

2019-07-11   Google

Heirloom sets the bar so high for other apartments.. I really enjoyed living here. Besides all the amazing amenities, the residents were all so friendly and Eric and Shanice from the management office were so helpful in making my move in and move out...

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While I agree that the fire alarms are SUPER sensitive, we spoke with maintenance twice and got them to switch to another fire alarm model and that has been a relief (still touchy when I open the oven, but I checked if it was sensitive to natural gas...

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kushal agrawal

2019-06-02   Google

This was one of the best apartments that we ever stayed in. The amenities listed on the website don't do justice to the actual living experience. The best thing about this apartment is the leasing staff (Eric, Shanice & Alysse) and the series/frequen...

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While a great community and one of the best apartment complexes in the Hartford area, the amount of noise you here from your neighbors, the hallways, etc. is disturbing. Again, great complex, but not much though was gone into reducing noise.

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Beautiful looking does not translate into beautiful living. Here's some complaints: 1. There is no insulation in the floors so noise travels like crazy. Constant complaints by neighbors for regular activities like walking around. No one can tell wher...

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Best apartment I have ever lived in!! We moved from houses to our apt and took our time looking. Heirloom Flats is unparalleled in its environment, amenities, staff, and community! I have lived in many apts, including in NYC and by far this is the be...

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Sharon Clause

2019-03-12   Google

Living at Heirloom has been an incredible experience. It's beautiful, peaceful, sooo well maintained, and community oriented! So grateful we moved here.

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2019-03-12   Google

Best apartment I’ve lived in by far. Amazing amenities, from the golf room, to the pool, to the gym, etc.The staff are amazing and always go the extra mile.Wonderful community of people live here as well, and everyone is friendly . Can’t recommen...

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Carol Shores


Heirloom Flats has all the amenities anyone could want along with a feeling of community. The management is professional, thoughtful, helpful, and responsive to our needs. With residents of all ages and activities for everyone, it feels like living i...

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2019-02-26   Google

Heirloom flats is outstanding. I have lived in upscale apartments all over the country and for all of my adult life. The apartments here are unique, modern, spacious, and competitively priced. The community is a mix of younger professionals, older co...

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Eric Grant

2019-02-23   Google

It's a fantastic building with amazing amenities and a super friendly (and accommodating) staff. The location is prime with quick access to local shopping and entertainment, and just a few minutes to Hartford & West Hartford.

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Cheryl Endruschat

2018-12-15   Google

Absolutely the best place to call home. This isn’t just a beautiful place to live it’s like living with a huge extended family. The entire staff from cleaning, maintenance and front office go above and beyond to accommodate all our needs. Relocat...

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Tatiana Kimberley

2018-12-03   Google

This is the first time we move somewhere blindly without physically seeing the property before signing a lease. EVERYONE including Shanice, Justine and Eric have been amazing! We even met one of our sons class mates in the grilling area the other nig...

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Brand new complex in Bloomfield, great amenities and wonderful staff. Front office and maintenance teams deserve a special note - most helpful and personable, have been especially helpful with my move-in and deliveries. Common areas are beautifully d...

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Surprised by the noise from above. Lived in lots of apartments. Hoped for better. The reminder e-mails from staff are appreciated. Otherwise building is great and staff is top notch.

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erika santos

2018-07-09   Google

Great leasing office staff, amazing amenities and incredibly fast and helpful maintenance staff as well. This is a five star community hands down.

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2018-07-06   Google

I had a great experience with the Leasing Staff at Heirloom Heights. Shanice was very flexible with my appointment and was very prepared and patient while we toured the apartments. The application process was entirely online which gives the leasee ti...

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Notfro Mhere

2018-05-18   Google

Happy I moved.Love my view and no undergrads unlike where i used to live in town.

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the best of the best within 20 miles

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paul butler

2018-02-01   Google

The best of the best... We are selling our home and moving in to a 3 bedroom in May.... We can't wait..... 5 star hotel amenities

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Ryan Piquette

2018-01-15   Google

Great place to live, impeccably maintained with a knowledgeable and helpful staff. Everything is brand new! The amenities include a heated pool, a state-of-the-art gym, and a lavish lobby with numerous rooms to host events.

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Jackie McFadyen

2017-12-19   Google

Heirloom is an amazing apartment complex!! The amenities are second to none - there's a heated pool, full gym with peloton bikes, amazing common area, movie room etc!! Plus, it's close to my favorite restaurant, Republic!

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Krystal Webb

2017-12-14   Google

beautiful property with incredible amenities! Staff/sales team is awesome too! Great place to come home to everyday.

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John McFadyen

2017-11-16   Google

Amazing amenity space.

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111 Nash

2017-11-16   Google

Great apartment located right near downtown Bloomfield.

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