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The Addison

protations league

2019-12-22   Google

Updates (Dec 2019): - New treadmills and some other new gym equipment have been installed. - The 'new' entrance is still not complete, and it's been literally an entire year. Haven't seen such bad project planning/execution since the WTC station. Thi...

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Carolyn Lewis

2019-11-12   Google

Lived for 5 great years at the Addison!

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Asaf Levinger

2019-10-29   Google

Thanks for everything!

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Rachel Hoffmann

2019-05-30   Google

When we stumbled upon this listing we couldn't believe that we found an apartment in such a great location that was within our budget. When we first toured the "Show room apartment" the broker was so sweet and gave us a full rundown of everything. Sh...

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Noriel Flores

2019-04-29   Google

Great staff! They're always friendly and attentive.

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2018-09-22   Google

Very great staff and location, everything is convenient, free gym,package pick up, subway right downstairs and close to Target. Gland that I can live here.

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I love it want to movie right away.

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I've lived here fo two years and never want to leave! The location couldn't be more perfect/central - it's close to so many subways and a quick walk to several other neighborhoods we visit regularly. Plus, the staff is the BEST. All of the doormen ar...

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Josh Chamberlain

2017-06-20   Google

Great location, good size apartments and friendly and responsive staff.

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Shizzy Shoe

2016-08-09   Google

nice view yao yao

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Verified Resident 225342


Everything is great so far. The community is great, location is great. I hope this continues. There is no external noise, which is amazing considering construction, ambulances, etc. Food is right across the St, and evwryrhus is less than 10 min away

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Verified Resident 163667


Great apartments, great staff, great subway access. Everything simply works, from appliances to mail delivery. Hardwood floors, tile baths, lots of storage, very clean, have never seen a single bug/pest in my apartment. Gym is totally adequate. One g...

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Verified Resident 216496


The Addison has been fantastic so far. Can't beat the location, and the community is really special. There is an internal site, where residents can post questions, things for sale, and more. And the staff is super nice and conscientious. Highly recom...

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Verified Resident 214035


Safe, clean, and friendly. Quiet and new. Great community, wonderful doormen and staff, great location and great value. Will stay and would highly recommend it as I'm very happy here. Good amentities. Dog and kid friendly with any hassles.

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Verified Resident 210875


The doorman are immensely friendly as well as Paul who oversees the entire building. We have enjoyed tremendously living in our apartment within Downtown Brooklyn and the community of the building, as well as being connected to so many great things o...

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The property is well maintained, the staff is great and the location is very convenient. I also feel very safe in the building. Overall I would recommend the property, I do wish the gym had a little more to offer and the rent renewal process has been...

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Verified Resident 117601



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Verified Resident 178165


We are extremely happy with the value and quality of life. The staff is a great part of this satisfaction. We love the neighborhood and the community we are a part of. Only disturbance has been when neighbors do not curb their pets, staff could use a...

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Verified Resident 187369


Staff members are very friendly and make an effort to get to know you. I feel safe and well-taken care of in this building. Any problems we have had have been addressed in a timely fashion. I would recommend the building to anyone! It's been a great ...

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Verified Resident 185922


It is well maintained, with great views, and courteous staff. It is a new construction and not particularly interesting architecturally, but the apartments are much more spacious than you would get at comparable prices otherwise, and very nicely equi...

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Verified Resident 181446


The new management team is on top of the needs and concerns of their tenants. It makes the community a comfortable one to be a part of. I have lived here since 2012 and although the price of the rental is extremely high, I can't see myself or my fami...

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Verified Resident 181458


Great building and staff at the Addison, no complaints. Everyone (the staff and the residents) is really friendly, helpful and polite. Maintenance requests are always completed promptly and efficiently. Management maintains great communication.

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Verified Resident 181168


The community is terrific. Everything is clean, all of the members of the building are nice. The community as a whole is great to be around. I really enjoy the gym amenity, which houses an enormous amount of equipment. The mini atrium courtyard is al...

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Verified Resident 93892


very nice apartment, very convenient location, great for subways. lovely views, spacious apartment. could do with more laundry machines. somewhat noisy AC units in the building next door. Don't see neighbours much. overall I like it a lot.

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Verified Resident 178532


Move-in was an okay experience for me, but for others was a bit of a hassle. Only M-F, working hours, and everything must be carried down into the garage from the street to be brought into the service elevator. However, in the brief time that I've li...

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Verified Resident 72191


Pretty nice apartments (esp. the A line), amenities are okay (would be nice to have a rooftop). Residents are mostly 25-40 y olds with either a dog or a baby. The reason we live here is mostly convenience -- building is right on top of the Hoyt-Scher...

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Verified Resident 174409


The amenities and staff are great. It's a kid and pet friendly building in a fast changing neighborhood. One change we'd love to see is adding a kids play area or converting the existing lounge - as that's quite frankly what the area is being used fo...

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Verified Resident 138879


It has improved since Waterton took over. Call me at 917-992-3397 and I will share my thoughts. I was one of the first in the building with my wife and now we have a daughter. It is a faux luxury building with fantastic staff and convenient location.

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Verified Resident 169541


This has been my first and only home in NYC. The entire staff is great. They are Courteous,friendly, and helpful. You cannot beat the location. A,C,G right below the building. Grocery store across the street, 10 min walk to Atlantic Terminal.

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Verified Resident 166330


I love our Addison community-- its definitely a young family kind of building. We have a dog and baby and fit into the building quite well. We love the community activities for the whole family. Plus the location is great -- quick trip to Smith and C...

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Verified Resident 164670


It's been a wonderful experience so far. The staff is great, super responsive, friendly, and helpful. The neighborhood is fun and centrally located to great restaurants and mass transit. It's also very convenient to have Brooklyn Fare (a major superm...

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Verified Resident 162349


Living in the Addison has been a terrific experience. I have been impressed with the friendly and helpful staff. My apartment is extremely comfortable and all of the building amenities are easy to access and always very clean and well-maintained.

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Verified Resident 145962


Mostly positive. Not enough elevators on Livingston Side (only 2 for 27 floors). Staff courteous and responsive. Transportation outstanding. Propinquity to various good restaurants , movies, BAM and other theater. Need a better supermarket within wal...

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Verified Resident 150592


It is a solid luxury apartment complex, with satisfactory amenities and competent staff. It is slightly expensive given its neighborhood, but does not require a broker, and given the building's amenities and services, it is roughly as cheap as you ca...

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Verified Resident 66580


I really liked the Addison when I moved in three years ago, but the rent has gone up considerably while I feel the quality/service has declined. Maintenance staff is very difficult to work with, washers/dryers go unrepaired for weeks, etc.

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Verified Resident 145196


The building & its amenities are great, i enjoy living in the addison very much. The staff is very friendly & helpful with all of our needs. The only criticism is i wish the security in the building was improved.Guests should all announced via the bu...

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Verified Resident 144978


The apartment is good - a lot more could be done to keep the grounds clean and resident's dogs from urinating in the walkway and on the building. The garbage on the Livingston Street side is unbearable some days and the Livingston Street door has an ...

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Verified Resident 139281


We love our experience here at The Addison. While it is very pricey, and the air quality inside the apartments is TERRIBLE (dry and poor window insulation), it is a wonderful, luxury living experience. Staff is courteous and professional at all times...

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Verified Resident 136372


great experience so far. I moved very recently. Some issues with the apartment layout but none with service in the building. It's a great community and I'm excited to be here and get to know the area better once it warms up. The only issue was that t...

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Verified Resident 123219


Building staff, front desk staff wonderful so friendly. Felt like home. maintenance requests responded to in such a timely manner. Loved all of the pets in the building, everyone very friendly. Always felt safe. Love convenience of subway

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Verified Resident 121390


Excellent experience and I would highly recommend the apartment to others. The staff is very friendly, timely, and clean and the neighborhood offers great access to public transportation, shopping, and an overall great location. The price is also a g...

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There are 2 elevators serving 27 floors on the Livingston Street side of the building. One is constantly broken. This is dangerous, especially in an emergency. That a permanent fix has not been implemented shows something about the Management contemp...

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Verified Resident 110121


Its a good building with friendly staff, decent maintenance at above market value prices. The quality of the apt amenities aren't great, with repairs needed often. I've also noticed a lot of bugs/roaches/vermin since the new mgt team had taken over. ...

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Verified Resident 109554


Excellent growing neighborhood of families that are friendly and inviting. Many of the children attend the same local schools which is a wonderful way to connect with other families. Local shops and restaurants cater to children which makes it a wond...

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Verified Resident 109021


The move in experience was above and beyond all expectations that I had. The superintendent is extremely helpful with new tenants and is extremely responsive. Great place with a great community so far. Hoping it continues to be a great experience

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Verified Resident 105726


Building is great. Maintenance personnel outstanding. Leasing office pleasant but understaffed. Immediate area is not amazing but you're two blocks from everything. Incredibly convenient and diverse area. It Great transition area.

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Verified Resident 51570


Everything ok, but there is a lot of noise even with the windows closed, but that is not your fault. Both doormans and maintenance staff are very kind and helpful. The kitchen should be more prepred to cook, for exmple the wall behind the kitchen sho...

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Verified Resident 92954


Great managers. Great facilities. Great doormen. Excited to live here. Nearby a great grocery store and the big Macy's. On top of the G and right next to the 2 and 3 as well as a couple blocks from metrotech transit center. Now I'm trying to fill cha...

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Verified Resident 89042


It has been a good experience, I wish that the Leasing Manager was more open with us instead of trying to get us to take the place, also I wish that the trash room was a bit bigger but that's understandable in the city. Other than that everything has...

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Verified Resident 79537


Nice new building in great location. Suffers from only having two elevators. Rent is on the higher side. The office staff are very pleasant to deal with. Mostly younger families living here. Best parts: access to lots of trains and the grocery store ...

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Verified Resident 73490


The Addison is in a great location for trains and access to great bars and restaurants on Smith St. You also have easy access to BAM and the Barclay Center. The doormen are great and it is a nice looking building. The downside to living here is the e...

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Verified Resident 72648


Amazing location, great units. 2 cons: insufficient community laundry space/it's in a strange location in the building and ELEVATORS. 2 banks for 27 stories is NOT sufficient. Someone is either always moving, recycling p/u or one of them is broken

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Verified Resident 71880


Moving into the Addison, I expected your typical day-to-day monotony of fake smiles and disconnected relationships. I feel that the doormen everyday are nice genuine people and help me start my day with a smile. The convenience of the property and th...

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Verified Resident 70260


I have "moved in" two times, once to a two-bedroom and then to a studio. I have been really happy at the Addison for the last almost three years and plan to stay for another two years at least. I feel really comfortable there and have found the staff...

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Verified Resident 66098


Overall great experience with the community. Doormen, maintenance and staff have been very helpful. We feel very comfortable. We'd love more pet community areas if that was possible. Also, the possibility of roof access in the future would be great.

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Verified Resident 25003


The units were not renovated as well as Waterton probably would have liked. It's annoying for residents and, I'm guessing, very expensive for ownership. The unit turnover should also be done more thoroughly. We had a number of issues upon move in.

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Verified Resident 56871


This building has a courteous and attentive staff that works diligently to create a fantastic experience for tenants. The doormen are friendly, the building super is attentive and diligent, and the leasing office is accommodating and helpful.

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Rent is too high for what we are paying. Also, management is probably one of the worst--very inflexible, not willing to work with tenants, and unresponsive. We asked if we could move out one month earlier after being there for 2 years due to personal...

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Verified Resident 34878


I like my apartment, the location, and the doormen in this building, but I have had a bad experience with the management and would not recommend this community to a friend. I have found the management's unresponsiveness, inflexibility, and nickel-and...

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Verified Resident 33810


I'm very satisfied.

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Verified Resident 29309


Amazing neighborhood that has the best of charming brownstone Brooklyn out the front door... cafes, great restaurants, yoga, organic groceries - and the best of downtown Brooklyn out the back door... malls, movie theaters, etc. All the charm of the W...

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Verified Resident 27489


Building community has declined over the last two years we have been here. I know that some people are paying a fraction of what we are paying. Also, the amount of nannies and kids that can be hanging out in the lobby during the week is a bit off put...

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Verified Resident 27127


Great location, amazing facility, and wonderful staff!

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Verified Resident 23679


New building, friendly concerieges and maintenance people. Major downgrade to the number of building staff since we moved in.

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Verified Resident 18312


The community is good. the AC is not very efficient.

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Verified Resident 18061



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Verified Resident 18087


We moved in to a new building with great expectations. We were the first to live in our apartment. On the surface, the building seems great and comes with amenities. Unfortunately, the construction wasn't high quality. Base boards are separating from...

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Verified Resident 17188


enjoy living here concerned about increase in rent when the turn over is so high and i'm always seeing vacant apt listings. would like to be more informed of changes - such as info re: gym or outdoor space

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Verified Resident 15522


My experience has been very positive

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The poster who said that the management is horrible is spot on. For example, they instituted a charge for lightbulbs and other basic maintenance (which is ridiculous in the first place), then failed to tell anyone about this charge or even put it on ...

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Verified Resident 15040


Very convenient location. The rent is a little too high. The maintenance staff could be more responsive and communicative. Great facilities.

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