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Hahne & Co

Diane Annette Sabblovingmemore


beautiful place inside I

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Estrella Sampayo


la recomiendo ⭐⭐⭐⭐ muy buenos eventos

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Cheyna O'Neil

2019-04-13   Google

Great neighbors mostly. They’re creating more of a community now with activities so that’s great. Nice view. Parking is terribly expensive though. Also, since it is downtown, you have to deal with certain outside factors that I’d rather not. Go...

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Verified Resident 608263


Satisfied overall; this is my first apartment experience in several years so I don??™t have much to compare to. Management is more than capable and accommodating. Tenants could take more pride in the building - there doesn??™t seem to be much of ...

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2019-02-16   Google

As a Rutgers student, and a resident of Newark, I must say that I am proud to have such an amazing facility in my home town! I love the Haynes building, there is so much opportunity for young creators such as myself, and it is so peaceful and welcomi...

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Ajay Srikanth

2018-12-26   Google

I have lived here for about 3 months and love it so far. The apartments are spacious and new, and the location is great. While the apartments are not perfect (cracks in the wall), they do look new. The location is great. And the management has been t...

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Verified Resident 585620


Great so far -- management is nice & they respond quickly. The apartment is beautiful & perfectly sized for me. Pet friendly is great too since I have 2 cats. Also, the large windows & high ceilings are amazing.

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The Hahne Building is easily the worst apartment building that I have ever had the displeasure of living in. For almost two years now, the fire alarm system has gone off at least twice a month every single month. The building management has shown zer...

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Junaid Malik

2018-12-10   Google

Expensive apartments but good

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Aaron Melton


The place is absolutely beautiful One of our (Newark’s)best diamonds.

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Dante Trainmaster

2018-11-10   Google

Absolutely beautiful building.

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Verified Resident 560078


I have absolutely enjoyed living at a property that exceeds expectations. The local shops, restaurants, and frequent activities make this place ideal. Gagne & by far the best property in Newark.

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Verified Resident 545875


My experience has been very positive. The Hahne & Co Building is beautiful, comfortable, convenient and well maintained. The amenities and services have accommodated my needs. Customer service is excellent by Management as well as Maintenance. Recomm...

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Verified Resident 532518


From the moment we walked into our apartment, we knew this was where we wanted to move in next. The office was very accommodating and the property offered all the amenities we were looking for: location, security, parking, central air and a fitness c...

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Sarah Farsh


It was an absolute TREAT living in a BUZZUTO community, Hahne & Co is an overal STUNNING experience. The common spaces have an open, modern, clean and artistic feeling with excellent craftsmanship and detail in terms of material and design. Property ...

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Verified Resident 504273


Great property, close to many things, transportation, groceries, etc. Very maintained and clean. many available things to do within the building: petco, whole foods, liquor store. Don't have to leave the apartment. Best apartment.

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Verified Resident 503731


Hahne has been a great place to live. The apartment is close to Newark Penn Station, which makes commuting to work very easy. The building itself is beautiful and a very pleasant place to spend time at. It is also close to all sorts of restaurants, g...

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Verified Resident 502585


An amazing property! Very well maintained and the management team is both friendly and professional. The maintenance staff is efficient and fast. They fix it the right way the first time and it is as if nothing ever happened. This is also the most se...

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Shakira Fogg

2018-05-03   Google

Its so beautiful

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All good! Love the building it keeps getting better. Cool Vines to open soon will be a great addition to the atrium. Very quiet (I live in the historical wing). Staff is attentive to property and residents.

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Verified Resident 468382


The staff are great but I have some issues with security. I already addressed the problem with management office. The amenities room is always clean. I appreciate how the staff is very responsive and friendly. It's a great apartment to live in.

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Verified Resident 468394


Pros: Amazing quality of the apartment and everything in it. Very spacious. Lofty ceilings. Huge windows that let plenty of light in. I cannot understate the convenience of having Whole Foods downstairs. Great transport links as either Newark train s...

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Zaheerah Muhammad


A Beautiful Place....One of my Favorite places to be!! Born and Raised here, I remember my Mom (Juanita Williams may she RIP) shopping here when it was a Department Store. Newark is definitely on the come up!!! #BornandRaised

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Deshonda Renfro

2018-03-08   Google

I absolutely love the Hahne & Co. Building. The residents are progressive minded yet friendly individuals. The apartments are impressively sized and the amenities are wonderful. This building represents Newark's rich and diverse history. The Hahne & ...

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Verified Resident 457092


Love it! Great property overall. Amazing home-like loft units. Convenience to Whole Foods and Petco is a big plus. Short walk to work or train. Hoping more restaurants and eventually a pharmacy will open nearby.

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Verified Resident 443469


It has been ok. The staff is courteous, helpful and professional. The rent is a bit high for my apartment. Need to fix the fire alarm system. It comes on too often as a false alarm, this is concerning to me and my safety.

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New Jersey


Security very poor ,You have only one person at night and in the day time and night .The parking poor you pay 225 and your car full of dust all the time .When i work in the bldg from my apt to Whole Food all i see homeless people setting by the door ...

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Kevin Cook


At Whole Foods Market, You have Homeless People all over the place in the Hahne Bldg i did not like that at all . Marcus B&P a nice place for a drink the price for the food $$$$

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Jas N Boops


Beautiful place...I remember passing by as a kid and wondering what it looked like back in the day. The upgrades are amazing , so much space and the grand staircase oh my dreamy!!!

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Verified Resident 423101


This is a great location for living in downtown Newark. You are close to several great restaurants, the Military Park, the NJ PAC, the Newark Museum and other downtown attractions. The Whole Foods supermarket is in the building (as is Petco). The pla...

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g. anthony williams

2017-11-15   Google

I was introduced to this landmark by, a friend who has transitioned from a Brooklyn apartment, to Newark homeowner. It's a great space with an incredible art gallery and a Whole Foods. It is definately a place to stop in for a while.

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Verified Resident 409291


Having recently moved to the city, and for the first time from a house to an apartment, I wasn't sure exactly what to expect in terms of quality, amenities and maintenance, but I have been thoroughly satisfied on all counts.

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Kimberly 'Kim' Davis


The event was very nice, but what bothered me the most was the way "Some" guest ATTACKED the severes who had the Appetizers Vulchers and when I asked the woman n the red dress and blonde hair if I can speak to her, she said NO.. but I can speak to he...

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Verified Resident 397628


Great apartment, great community. The building is close to train station. There is a whole foods right under building. And Monthly parking available. Great appliances, all included. It blocks a lot of the sound through wall, and floors are hard so yo...

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Cass Zang Gonmiah


My new FAVORITE PLACE in Newark! So much to do and barely open! Love it!

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Aisha Nicole

2017-08-17   Google

I love living in the Hahne Building. The building is a very clean building. When you need something done to your apartment they always there to fix it. I will love to meet some of my neighbors. I can't wait to see what happen next

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Verified Resident 384005


The building is classic and modern at the same time. Really well appointed spaces, as well as clean, tidy, and well looked after. The staff clearly make an effort at professionalism, and making everyone feel welcome and respected. Staff here in gener...

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Verified Resident 382918


Discovered one day, very welcoming staff, soon as we saw our unit, we jumped at the opportunity, and the process was simple and efficient. We love the new appliances and amenities, as well as the covered parking.

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Verified Resident 382281


Exceptional apartment and appointments! Great price! Wonderful building! Love it! ***********************************************************

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Robert Lee Robinson


Keep up the good work NEWARK � ALTHOUGH IT WASN'T COMPLETE I ENJOY WHAT SEE SO FAR .....AND WITH THAT SAID make sure everyone benefit from it!!!!! Born and raise in love it when i come home

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Betty Patterson


I want to go back and hang out for a while. We were there for a program but I'd like to visit the different businesses there.

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Verified Resident 357684


This is superlative city living: the building has excellent design and amenities, as well as unbeatable convenience to grocery shopping, restaurants, university life, entertainment and a short walk to two major transit hubs. Newark is a great place t...

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Verified Resident 357695


I love the Hahne. The staff is so wonderful. Jamal helped me get my couch into my apartment when the delivery guy refused to get on the elevator. Lisa is so fabulous and friendly. She is so knowledgeable and every time I see her she asks how I'm doin...

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This place is absolutely amazing. When people think of Newark, the first thing they think of is crime. Well, Hahne & Co proves all the nay sayers wrong. I proudly tell people about my luxury apartment and my richly cultured community. When people ask...

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Verified Resident 346178


I moved in on April from Harrison NJ. Harrison is a quite place, but Newark is kind of noisy. However, in Hagen and co. I found this is really a good Apartment to live. It is quite, clean, well maitained. The best thing is the staff here are all very...

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Lorna Hanks


so excited to have this new destination place in downtown Newark - little slice of heaven in an already beautiful section of the city :)

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Donna K. Williams


Absolutely beautiful property!! Love the OPEN SPACE!! I spent many days in this area as my Mom worked around the corner!! Glad to see life breathed back in this area through revitalization!!! Great Job City of Newark!!

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Hakim Taliaferro


I love it!!!! Would love to see The Taliaferro open a retail space/studio here.

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Verified Resident 334175


Great luxury apartments with easy access to grocery stores, restaurants, and Newark Penn Station. Also the GigZero internet option is very powerful especially considering it's price. The rooms are spacious and have great appliances. Overall it is a g...

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Verified Resident 334276


My experience has been very positive and much better than I could have imagined. The staff is very friendly and know me by name. Any repairs have been done in a reasonable amount of time. The finishes and appliances in the apartment are top notch. Ve...

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Suzie Townsend

2017-03-14   Google

Amazing place to live. Couldn't be happier with the building, the amenities, and the staff.

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Raymond Matias


An amazing new location to visit, hang out and explore.The Jazz Museum is a gem and the Whole Foods is welcome for a city that is starting to see positive progress.

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Renard Mccray


Great for the city will be back again to support �

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Asabi Oya


This is going to be beautiful spot once all the stores open.

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Eric Kong

2017-02-08   Google

Newly renovated Hahne & Co building including Whole Foods. Looks good so far.

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