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Mallory Square

Lisa R T

2020-12-21   Google

I live here in 2018 I got a one bedroom with a den was and was very happy until the flooding started. Hard to pin point were water was coming in are from were since it pooled in the center of the floor. Then again it happened and it was not only me t...

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Rachel Domoff

2020-12-17   Google

The entire management team is super helpful and assisted in making my move to the building effortless! All amenities are clean. The community-wide events, such as Tuesday Bingo Night, are fun! Thank you!

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cate merryman

2020-12-01   Google

Location is great. The management team is really helpful and friendly. 5 minutes from Kentlands. 2 minutes from Rio and Crown. Our apartment is right on Key West Ave which can get a little noisy but its really not that bad at all. I always see the cl...

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2020-10-21   Google

Only good things can be said about my 6-months here thus far. Leasing agent Sean Miler was equally professional and helpful in assisting me securing my apartment. The leasing office, in general, is responsive with their emails, and always amiable whe...

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Swathi Siva Srinivas

2020-09-30   Google

The apartments are nice and the management and maintenance are very helpful! The move was really easy and it’s in a great location with lot of restaurants and shops nearby!

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Claire Douchet

2020-09-22   Google

Five stars is not enough to show how happy I am with Mallory Square, especially in regards to the Leasing Consultant Sean Miller. We were originally interested in The Daley because of the amenities and space, but ultimately after doing a tour with Se...

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Vaughn Meddings

2020-09-03   Google

After a very negative experience with our last apartment complex we searched for luxury apartments with a good reputation and we found Mallory Square. We were in a hurry and we’re helped by Mr. Sean Miler. He was exceptional throughout the process ...

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Tiaju McCalup

2020-08-31   Google

I applied here a few weeks ago, but didn’t end up going through with my application because I wasn’t a fan of what my daily work commute would be. Other than the drive, this place was perfect. The building is beautiful and well kept, and the unit...

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Ash b

2020-03-29   Google

My fiancé has been living here for almost 2 years now and I’m so disappointed with the way the office just handled our problem. Not one care in the world. I only give it 2 stars because it looks nice. Honestly that’s about it. The place just loo...

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Not Perfect but Close!!

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Spazo Domingo

2019-11-05   Google

Sean, Jenna & Connor are great ! Thank you for being the best leasing agents/managers !

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John Ofrecio

2019-10-29   Google

We have lived at Mallory square since July 2018. There are a lot of things to like about the apartment, and overall, our experience have been pretty good. We have become concerned lately with all the construction that has been going on for months now...

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I love living in Mallory Square, because the team is always present and accountable. While living here, I haven't had any major issues until recent. However, It was handled expeditiously and far exceeded my expectation. Kaitlyn, Conner, Jennifer and ...

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Nicole von Ballmoos

2019-07-14   Google

I loved living at Mallory, I lived there for 2 years and only moved due to a work relocation. The personnel in the leasing office were very responsive, helpful, and kind. The maintenance team always handled any work that needed to be done within 24 h...

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Fawaz Joseph

2019-06-14   Google

Mallory Square is an amazing apartment. This review is because of the leasing office and the apartment life couple: Hermela and Herman. Jennifer, Connor, Joelle and Kat are always a joy and will work their hardest to help you. The apartment life coup...

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Brittney Woods

2019-05-13   Google

Mallory Square is a great community! From the moment I first visited the complex til now, I've always felt welcomed. There are fun activities to participate in which is a great way to meet neighbors. I would recommend to everyone!

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I have been living in Mallory Square for more than 3 years. I want to share a few bad experiences I have had with them. My kids bathroom cabinet under the sink was infected with mold which is a big health concern and I have been communicating with th...

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I have been living in Mallory Square for more than 3 years. I want to share a few bad experiences I have had with them. My kids bathroom cabinet under the sink was infected with mold which is a big health concern and I have been communicating with th...

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Shilpa Majmudar

2019-05-03   Google

Nice place to stay, friendly helpful staff and their monthly activities is great way to meet neighbors.

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Beatriz Ruiz

2019-02-15   Google

Good morning. I lived in Mallory Square for 3 years, and I have nothing negative to say, I find the apartments beautiful, very comfortable, the social areas are spectacular, I love them. The service in the administration was always excellent, all ver...

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Tatiana Fontana

2019-01-31   Google

I lived here at Mallory Square for not even 6 months. In the beginning the leasing staff and the complex itself were really nice. Once they started the construction in our courtyard due to unforeseen circumstances, it was all downhill from there. Ban...

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Let's start by saying that I like the amenities a lot...the pool, Cares team, the apartment is beautiful and happy to be around the corner from the Rio. Otherwise, it's been awful. Starting from the day we moved in, the apartment wasn't cleaned and w...

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Suvarna Ratnam

2018-10-25   Google

Please note - I rented from here prior to construction of the adjacent apartment building, Siesta Key. Overall, Mallory Square is convenient, has relatively comfortable apartments, and an array of amenities at a marginally lower cost than comparable ...

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Max Hirschman

2018-10-11   Google

Coming from another Bozzuto property Cadence at Crown, this is by far the best place we have lived in this area. If I could give this complex more than five stars, I wouldn't hesitate to do so. The leasing staff is phenomenal as well as the mangers. ...

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Shawn Smith

2018-09-02   Google

Great place!! leasing office staff is great!!! They are very professional and willing to help with anything.

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It was absolutely amazing. I lived right next to an elevator and never even heard a single thing. Likewise, there are so many amenities in the complex, and the apartments are super nice. The staff were always very friendly as well.

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Brittanie Hendrick

2018-08-06   Google

A few weeks ago I came up here and wrote a negative review regarding several issues I had with the apartment community. Everything I wrote was true, however in the following weeks I noticed that the leasing staff has gone to great lengths to correct ...

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Ticia B

2018-07-22   Google

I have been a resident at Mallory Square for 18 months and have truly enjoyed my stay. The staff are friendly and helpful, the amenities are impeccable, they have a cares team that puts on events, and they bring food trucks about 3 times a month. Wha...

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David Gu

2018-07-15   Google

I really appreciate associate Connor Gordon, he is so kind and nice! The best ever Leasing office agent I have met! Always help me solve any problems! This apartment is very modern advanced!! Excellent amenities and Luxury appliances in the apartment...

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I have been a resident of Mallory Square for about two years. To describe this place in a nutshell, it is nice and fairly quiet with excellent social and fun events by Cares team, great and quick maintenance staff, friendly and helping property manag...

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Saber Nikkho

2018-05-29   Google

I have been a resident of Mallory Square for about two years. To describe this place in a nutshell, it is nice and fairly quiet with excellent social and fun events by Cares team, great and quick maintenance staff, friendly and helping property manag...

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Taniya Grayson

2018-05-11   Google

It’s a beautiful apartment community. Very well maintained and the noise is like no other place i’ve lived. The building are almost at full capacity and you don’t hear the normal foot steps and neighbors next to you. I love living here. Also, t...

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Aniruddha Das

2018-03-30   Google

Near to many office location and also near by Rio and good living apartments

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2018-02-19   Google

So I will preface this by saying that this place is quite expensive. I am paying about 1,900 a month (not including utilities) for a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment. For this price, I expect a certain level of comfort. The disorganized handling and f...

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I visited a friend who lives in Mallory Square. On that day a pipe burst (causing the sprinkler system to malfunction resulting in a fire drill) and was leaking into the hallway. A pipe was also leaking in the garage during freezing temperatures caus...

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J. Sasu

2018-01-01   Google

parking is really really bad. too many cars and finding a spot has become such a problem.

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Renn B.

2017-12-30   Google

We just moved in recently. The apartments are wonderful, along with great amenities and service from the staff. Little expensive, but you pay for great location and new apartments with great amenities. Staff is great so far, We had an issue with the ...

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You Reach I Teach Basketball Academy

2017-12-10   Google

I rock wid it

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I lived at Mallory Square for 1 year and 7 months and it was a nice place with high appliance standards and well kept. For the first 6 months the office management was not up to par, but the last year they were EXCELLENT!! I believe they have the rig...

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2017-09-24   Google

Mallory Square has the best maintenance team! I sent a requested in for them to fix some appliances in my apartment. They came right away, fixed everything no problem and left a note letting me know they stopped and everything is fixed. I came home a...

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chapinwill 681390


Very happy to have moved to Mallory, the lady in the office Rosa was the nicest, she welcomed us so kindly. Living here is a wonderful experience. Mallory offers so much and lets not talk about the great are in rockville.

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Justin Williams

2017-08-04   Google

This is an already great community thats is still improving and growing. The amenities are top notch and the staff are always friendly and helpful. My family and I just moved in but already feel right at home. 5 stars from me.

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I have had great experiences with the leasing staff so far they have been GREAT! I love all the amenities. It is a beautiful community! I love the fact that there are washer and dryers in the apartments, electric car charging stations, huge pet park,...

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2017-07-10   Google

I know I have had a LOT of request from our poor leasing agent Shanika! LOL We changed our minds a million times because we wanted to be sure we were making the right decision in preparation for our little one coming in the Fall! We picked up keys on...

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Absolutely horrible, my car has been vandalized twice here within a year and both times the leasing has stated its not there problem. Here is the exact quotation from the Business Manager Hello Zack, I do understand your frustration with what has occ...

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Stephanie Lopez

2017-04-25   Google

We lived there for a year. We have no complaints and the staff there has always been friendly and helpful in meeting our needs and concerns The amenities were great as well. The only reason I left, was because I found a place more affordable.

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I should've known it was a bad idea when during the tour an aggravated tenant asked one of the mangers if her toilet was going to finally be fixed that day. Do yourself a favor and consider other options. The appearance and amenities will not make up...

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Oh Mallory Mallory Mallory....I've lived at Mallory Square for year now. I'm not an employee or a disgruntled tenant, but I thought I would share my honest experience living here. Overall, it's a cool place to live but it has issues. Its shows very w...

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R Alexander

2016-09-15   Google

I just moved out of MS two weeks ago, and I miss the friendliness of the entire staff, and most all my very cute loft apartment!!!! I lived on the 5th level so I didn't experience the noise I see others complaining about on here. The amenities are gr...

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Mallory Square is a great new apartment complex that opened last year. I decided to move in to Mallory Square in January and have had nothing short of a great experience so far. The Amenities are great, which is a big reason I decided to move into th...

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Glowen 579963


DO NOT MOVE HERE!!!! Here is a list of what you will get here: dumb management that knows nothing and has a high turnover because all they do Is fire and hire; car theft and tire slashing; ------ people who don't even live here hanging at pool, the g...

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My boyfriend and I moved in October 31, 2015. We were given different sets of information from different leasing agents for our move in date. I was understanding as the place was brand new. Our move in date was known for at least a month in advance, ...

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Great apartment complex, facility is well maintained, and amenities are fantastic. Who would of thought I would have valet trash pick up at my door. Staff is great and are here to make my life easier. 5 star complex Axe-

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This complex is so nice and new! Everything is big and the vibe is great. The staff, like John and Rosa, are exceptional with all my needs. The trash is valet, there are three courtyards, and the gym is AMAZING! It is also super safe and only 3 miles...

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Positives: the location (close to shopping and public transportation,)the size and that it is brand new. The management is top rate. Wonderful fitness room, great pool and outside lounge with barbecues. Negatives: High rent does not include any utili...

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I took the tour, efficient and professional. Beautiful newly opened, modern apartments 5-floors with all the amenities, services, well-appointed common areas and more. The atmosphere is more like a 4-star hotel than your traditional apartment complex...

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I am loving my retreat at Mallory Square! My apartment is spacious, with quality finishes and a nice open floor plan. I love having a washer/dryer in my unit, and also enjoy the convenience of the Verizon Fios internet & cable package (and that I don...

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