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Ben Burns

Vice President, Digital Marketing, The Bozzuto Group

As Vice President at The Bozzuto Group, Ben leads the research, design, and implementation of enterprise-wide digital marketing strategies. Ben’s core responsibility is leading the companies customer acquisition, analytic measurements and marketing technology across the multi-division organization. By constructing a holistic omni channel approach through email, sms, seo, ppc/paid, social and content marketing. In addition, I’m responsible for driving decision making through the use of conversion rate and customer journey optimization to drive towards our key performance indicators.

Ben Burns began his career as an SEO coder over a decade ago in England, working his way into managing all aspects of customer acquisition channels and analytics. This led to his involvement with numerous start-ups, consulting as head of growth and eventually overseeing digital strategy for mid-large corporations such as Marriott International Hotels. He enjoys both spectrums of leading as a single source contributor, as well as growing and managing teams. Ben often says he was extremely fortunate to have landed in digital during a time of major innovation and continues to have a passion for this ever-evolving digital frontier.

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