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SmartRent FAQ


What is SmartRent?
SmartRent is Bozzuto’s program that helps residents living in a Bozzuto-managed community earn $425/month (up to a maximum $10,000) to be used towards closing costs for purchasing a new Bozzuto home.  

How do I enroll in SmartRent?
When you sign a lease at a participating Bozzuto community, you will automatically be enrolled in the SmartRent program and will start earning SmartRent credits immediately. 

Can I use my SmartRent funds prior to 24-months?
Yes, credits can be used any time after 1 month of renting. 

How can I check my SmartRent Credits?
To calculate your available credits simply reach out to your property manager for your move-in date, and then add $425 for each month, up to a maximum of $10,000. If you’ve lived at more than one Bozzuto community, reach out to SmartRent@Bozzuto.com to check your available credits.

What types of costs can SmartRent be used towards?
SmartRent funds can be used towards closing costs to reduce total out of pocket expense. They cannot replace the required earnest money deposit funds or interim deposits due during the purchase process. Please note that SmartRent credits are not redeemable until you close on your new Bozzuto Home, and have no cash value.  

If I choose not to buy a Bozzuto Home, am I able to get the credit in cash to use towards buying a home from a different builder?
No, these credits are not equal to cash and may only be used towards a Bozzuto Home purchase. 

Do my credits expire?
SmartRent credits are available for up to 24 months after a resident moves out of a Bozzuto managed community. 

What if I work with a Realtor for my new home purchase?
You may use a Realtor, however, if you chose to do so, your SmartRent credits will be reduced by 50%. 

What if more than one person is on the lease, do both leaseholders accrue $425/month? 
Yes. Each party on the lease will accrue $425/month up to $10,000. Accumulated credits can be used one time with a maximum of $10,000 available to be applied towards the purchase of a single Bozzuto Home.

Have more questions?
Contact us at SmartRent@Bozzuto.com
*Program rules are subject to change without notice. SmartRent funds cannot be used with the purchase of a moderately priced home (MPDU or MIHU) as provided through various county programs. 

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