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  • “Bozzuto Management Company excels at developing and implementing the critical leasing and management strategies needed in today's economy.  Now, more than ever, value is created at the on-site level and Bozzuto personnel are consistently well-trained and highly motivated.  Bozzuto's passion for excellence translates into superior customer service, creative marketing, prudent risk management and effective maintenance programs. The firm brings an owner's perspective to each property, whether it is a joint venture partnership or a fee assignment, and delivers the skills necessary to maximize investment results.”

    Christine Hovey – Vice President, Asset Management, Cornerstone Real Estate Advisers

  • “Bozzuto Management Company is the most professional, well-trained group I have ever worked with in my 20 plus years in the business.  From top to bottom, the organization treats me as part of the Bozzuto family.  From project conception through lease-up and management, Bozzuto provides a high level of service at a reasonable price.  I could not run my business without them.”

    David Della Porta – President, Cornerstone Communities, Inc.

  • "The entire experience was very pleasant and professional. I would say Bozzuto has gathered good teams together."

    T.L. – Bozzuto Maple Lawn

  • "Overall, I was extremely pleased with the quality of service provided by the entire Bozzuto staff. Everyone was very professional, nice, knowledgeable, responsive, cooperative, and helpful. These attributes are very important to the first time homebuyer since it builds trust, reduces stress, and reaffirms that the first time homebuyer (who is usually not very familiar with the entire home buying process) is in good hands."

    B.L. – Shipley's Grant

  • "My current Bozzuto home experience has been great for the most part. As a result, anytime I come on contact with a potential homebuyer(s), I will refer them to Bozzuto. Bozzuto makes the home buying experience (especially for first time home buyers) wonderful, smooth, and less stressful. In addition, the quality of the homes, the community grounds, and service is outstanding!"

    P.T. – The Addison

  • "The sales representatives were wonderful from the beginning to the end of the home buying experience and they still are, since they are our neighbors now. They were always there to answer any question and help with anything. Their kindness, generosity and knowledge is noticed and very appreciated by us."

    D.J. – Shipley's Grant

  • "We had a wonderful experience purchasing this home. The sales team were actually the best part of the experience! They went above and beyond to help us and made us feel like we were their one and only priority! We loved all the little touches they made, like the little gifts, welcome packets, the Tiffany platter! They are absolutely wonderful! We feel like we can trust them with anything and they really made us feel like they were our advocates. Dottie also did a great job helping us through the settlement process."

    H.M. – Woodbrook on Charles

  • "We love our home and are very pleased with our Bozzuto experience. We are very pleased with the level of customer service that we have received from Bozzuto."

    J.S. – Bozzuto Maple Lawn

  • "We have been very pleased with the professionalism and care of Bozzuto. In our opinion, Bozzuto has an excellent staff; individuals who do their jobs well."

    J.G. – Shipley's Grant

  • "We like the design of our new home, it factored highly in our decision to purchase from Bozzuto. The design center experience was great!"

    G.T. – Woodbrook on Charles

  • "The team of people working for Bozzuto Homes is very professional, as well as very gracious! "

    S.M.L. – The Addison

  • "I have had the privilege of living in a new home before, and I have to say the walk-through procedure arranged by Bozzuto Homes was by far more informative and helpful!"

    M.C. – Bozzuto Maple Lawn

  • "Third new home I've owned - unsurpassed quality of construction and professionalism. Truly outstanding."

    B.M. – Woodbrook on Charles

  • "I absolutely love my apartment and the Bozzuto staff. I am extremely happy and proud to call a Bozzuto property my home."

    D.T. – Bozzuto Management Resident

  • "Great staff! Being welcomed home each night by our concierge is so refreshing. It shows that he really cares about the building, its residents and his job."

    P.D. – Bozzuto Management Resident

  • "I have found that if there is an issue in my apartment it is fixed very fast!  I have never had to wait longer than a day for something to be fixed. The management and front desk staff are always a pleasure to interact with and everyone seems to have time for a quick chat."

    L.C. – Bozzuto Management Resident

  • "It has been a fantastic experience living at our community for the past two years. I would like to again express my appreciation for the great work that our concierge does. Walking in and having him get up before we even ask for a package is refreshing as it shows he truly wants to make it that much easier it is to live here. The building always looks clean and inviting and the coffee and cookies are always a treat."

    M.D. – Bozzuto Management Resident

  • "You should be proud of the office management team and the maintenance service team for the service they provide our community each and every day."

    S.O. – Bozzuto Management Resident

  • "We have an extremely caring and professional office and maintenance team. They represent Bozzuto very well."

    B.M. – Bozzuto Management Resident

  • "I have had several visitors come to our home and everyone has commented on how nice our community is. It is kept clean and the apartments are well taken care of. The management and maintenance staff take a real pride in what they do and it shows."

    M.L. – Bozzuto Management Resident

  • "The management staff has always been efficient and cordial and the maintenance team has been outstanding. In short, ours is a building which should serve as a model for other Bozzuto communities."

    C.K. – Bozzuto Management Resident

  • "Wonderful, courteous staff and one of the best rental experiences in our 20 years of apartment living. The overall experience has been very positive – quite possibly the best-managed property we have ever lived in."

    N.L.H. – Bozzuto Management Resident

  • "This is the best rental experience I have ever had in the six years that I have been a renter! The management and associates are wonderful and very fair and reasonable!"

    K.C. – Bozzuto Management Resident

  • "Everyone who works at the community deserves to be recognized for what a smooth operation they run. It is an excellent place to live."

    E.L. – Bozzuto Management Resident

  • "The office staff is always great to deal with and always able to answer our questions or help us with any issues we had.  The maintenance team is always very prompt and does a great job taking care of our requests. They all do an amazing job."

    K.J. – Bozzuto Management Resident

  • "I am very happy with my home. It is very quiet and the surroundings are beautiful. I have found the staff to be very friendly and very accommodating. They always treat me with respect and consideration."

    L.H. – Bozzuto Management Resident

  • "We love it here. The staff is great. Love the amenities and all the gatherings and get togethers for the residents and our dogs!"

    E.M. – Bozzuto Management Resident

  • "We love living here, thank you for making it so welcoming for us."


  • "I really enjoy living here. The staff is very friendly and the building is spotless. It makes for a soothing place to come home to. I think it’s great that the concierge emails you to make sure a work order was addressed satisfactorily.  I love the finishes, the view, and the quietness of my apartment. The location and amenities just cannot be beat."

    M.S. – Bozzuto Management Resident

  • "We have been extremely impressed with Bozzuto Management and how they handled the lease up of the Arbors at ArundelPreserve.  The property stabilized in less than one year, with an average of 42 leases signed monthly, significantly outperforming the expected pace.  As a result of this great experience, we’ve hired Bozzuto as development consultant and property manager for a new project we are working on."

    Mike Caruthers & Neil Greenberg – Somerset Construction Company

  • "Baltimore Development Corporation (BDC) is continually in search of developers who have the city’s best interest at heart.  I have had the pleasure of working closely with Bozzuto Development Company on a number of Baltimore City projects and can confidently say that they fit that description.  In addition, they are experts in finding creative ways to make projects happen.  We look forward to finding other opportunities to work together in the future."

    M.J. “Jay” Brodie – President, Baltimore Development Corporation (BDC)

  • "I highly recommend Bozzuto Development Company based on the work they have accomplished to date on a multi-use/multi-income development project currently under construction. To date, the team’s overall performance has exceeded expectations. The development team has continually kept our Board apprised of all aspects of the project, has consistently anticipated challenges with respect to the many site plan conditions, and has developed and implemented solutions through the management of the project architects and consultants.  The combination of Bozzuto’s development team and construction team have done an outstanding job maintaining the construction separation of an affordable housing project and a church; each having separate and individual construction contracts, funding sources and reporting procedures."

    Jerry Morris – Chairman and President, Views at Clarendon Corporation

  • "Thanks for building an outstanding product and for being an astute businessman who knows that hiring the right people is what takes you from 'good to great'!"

    D.M. – Towson Green

  • “I have been impressed with Bozzuto Construction Company’s (BCC) contribution during the preconstruction phase with their guidance and VE design feedback during design development. But, I have been especially impressed with the execution by their construction teams once construction starts. I have worked with many general contractors and I have found BCC’s construction management and systems to be second to none, which has been a key factor in keeping their projects on schedule and budget while keeping the entire team apprised of the progress as they deliver a finished product to the highest quality standards. I have found all the people that work at BCC to be the best in their fields that represent their company with integrity and a passion to satisfy their clients. BCC makes a commitment to properly train their people and make sure they are given opportunities to rise to their ultimate levels of success. Over the years I’ve worked with them I’ve seen very little turnover, which is a testimony to the culture they have built within their organization. I would definitely recommend BCC for any multifamily or mixed-use construction project.”

    Corbin Johnson – Vice President of Construction, Pritzker Realty Group, LLC

  • "Bozzuto Construction has been an efficient and effective construction contractor on a very difficult and challenging construction site. Bozzuto Construction has managed their subcontractors efficiently, constantly looking for opportunities, in cost and time savings while maintaining the integrity of the project. During a very challenging winter, the construction process continued due to Bozzuto’s management thus minimizing the schedule impact of one of this areas severest winters. The combination of the development team and construction team has done an outstanding job of maintaining the separation within the project of the construction of an affordable housing project and church; each having separate and individual construction contracts, funding sources, and reporting procedures."

    Jerry Morris – Chairman and President, Views at Clarendon Corporation

  • "I asked Steve Easley—a construction engineer, former professor at Purdue and one of the country’s leading construction quality consultants—to spend a day at our project to review all of our practices. After our session, Steve told me that what you’re building for me is one of the ten best projects he has seen in terms of overall quality. He told me he was struggling to find items for us to work on. Thanks to your entire team for building me such a great product."

    David Della Porta – President, Cornerstone Communities, Inc.

  • "Bozzuto has managed their subcontractors efficiently, constantly looking for opportunities in cost and time savings while maintaining the integrity of the project. As a result of our work together, I can confidently say that Bozzuto and its employees are soundly committed to managing the construction process seamlessly in order to ensure we are provided the best possible results."

    Vicki Davis – President, Mid-City Urban, LLC

  • "Throughout our project, Bozzuto paid close attention to the quality of their work and their subcontractors’ work, which minimized the amount of punch-list work. Likewise, Bozzuto’s thoroughness on the front site also minimized the [number] of change orders and both projects ended up on-budget with very little contingency spent. Overall, the quality of construction exceeded our expectations."

    Tim Chapman – Owner, United Development, LLC

  • "We’ve had a great experience working with the Bozzuto Construction project team. From start to finish of our work, [they] showed true character and really put-in-place the values that Bozzuto strives to achieve. From field operations to timely issue resolutions and paperwork processing, it was a top-notch experience. There were lots of challenges that were overcome that we handled as a team; the Bozzuto team strived to make sure BARR Concrete was a successful subcontractor, and in-turn we strived to make sure Bozzuto was successful."

    Keith O. Martin – President, BARR Concrete