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2024-05-25   Google

Danielle Hughes and the rest of the associates were awesome!! They helped make my move in smooth and were happy to answer any questions I may have had. This is a beautiful piece of property. The amenities are top notch!! The area is safe and there ar...

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Tyler Sauer

2024-04-03   Google

Great amenities and facility! Property manager, Danielle, went above and beyond to make moving in easy!

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UnderPressure Co

2024-02-27   Google

Rea the receptionist has been one of the biggest helpers I love having her at the front desk.

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Mark M

2024-02-16   Google

Anthem House is an amazing place to live in the past almost 2 years. The management, concerning, and maintenance teams always go above and beyond. Love that they continuously upgrade amenities and give updates and even discounts to local restaurants....

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Nate Hachten

2024-02-10   Google

I have lived at Anthem House for close to 3 years and I love it! It's a great location within walking distance of grocery store, restaurants, gyms, barbers etc. The gym in the building is A+. In the summer time it is so nice to sit by the pool. Highl...

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Abbey Dufoe

2024-01-29   Google

My time at Anthem is going great! I love where it is in Baltimore (close to everything) and the management is extremely responsive when there is an issue that needs to be addressed.

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Chris White

2024-01-26   Google

World class people running the show here! Especially Danielle, Bonnie, Viktoria, and Rhea! They have helped me with so many questions both before and after moving in. Attitudes like theirs give me great confidence in the leadership at Bozzuto. Also, ...

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Michelle Arrigo

2024-01-25   Google

Bozzuto does it again! Anthem House is a wonderful community to live in. The facilities are excellent, as to be expected from a top-tier property management company. What I really hope to drive home with this review is my positive experience with the...

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J P (re4est)

2024-01-07   Google

Excellent place to be

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Steven Rose

2023-12-22   Google

New resident at Anthem House in Locust Point. From the property manager down to the concierge's, SUPERB!!!!

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Jeff Moeller

2023-12-07   Google

Fantastic building. My wife and I lived here for nearly five years and only left due to work. It's located in the best part of Baltimore with amazing waterfront views and proximity to everything you need for daily living, the amenities are incredible...

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Ryan Kelly

2023-12-04   Google

Recently toured and signed our lease with the Anthem House and can't say enough with how friendly and helping Danielle with the leasing office was! We were choosing between a few other properties and loved the customer service she and the Anthem Hous...

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Johanna Cosette

2023-11-15   Google

Danielle from the leasing office is so helpful and kind! In addition! Ingrid is the fabulous assistant to the property manager. And finally, Bonnie who works at the consierge desk is always so pleasant to speak with. Bonnie, Ingrid, and Danielle have...

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Marquita Pope

2023-10-15   Google

This place is awesome! I would love to live here! Has a wonderful gym, and very peaceful! Definitely want to come back.

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2023-09-06   Google

Delivered food here absolutely beautiful vibe

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Michael Khorsandi

2023-08-23   Google

I recently relocated to Anthem House A2 amidst a demanding schedule as a physician. The process of moving, especially for someone with a hectic routine, can be quite daunting. However, Danielle Hughes from the leasing office transformed this typicall...

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Kevin B

2023-07-15   Google

I really loved living at the Anthem House. But it just isn’t worth it at the current rates. The building has taken on an odd smell. They’ve developed roach and mouse issues. When other tenants ran their dishwashers and the water drained, it would...

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Kristin James

2023-05-12   Google

Not only is Anthem House beautiful on the outside, but it is remarkable on the inside and by that, I mean the staff!! The team here is absolutely phenomenal!! I've had the honor of hosting a few Comcast events at the property and each time it gets be...

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Edmund Hughes

2023-04-23   Google

We just moved in on Saturday, April 22nd. Everyone is/was helpful! Great location with some nice restaurants, fitness facility on site that is state of the art. The leasing agents are very professional and accomodating.

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Tommy Agoglia

2023-04-22   Google

Danielle in the leasing office has always been so quick to respond and helps with any questions I have. Dionte with the maintenance team is super quick and efficient and comes within 2 hours to address my maintenance requests every time. The Anthem H...

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Kevin Quigley

2023-04-21   Google

Love Living at Anthem. One of the best perks is the maintenance staff. I wasn't able to get the mans name but he came asap and was able to replace two lights in our apartment.

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Natalia Simmons-Thomas

2023-04-07   Google

I've lived in Anthem House now for almost a year and it's been great! The apartments are lovely and spacious. The staff here are incredibly nice, especially the maintenance staff who have been especially wonderful and helpful for even the smallest of...

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Brendan M

2023-03-21   Google

Awesome place to live. A big shoutout to the leasing staff and Bonnie who are always on top of it and super responsive. The amenities are second to none and the location is great.

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G Rol

2023-02-15   Google

Amazing complex. Staff goes above and beyond. Amenities are unmatched.

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Nessie Adams

2023-01-16   Google

They delete any bad reviews posted...BEWARE. Anthem House is terrible.

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2023-01-01   Google

پنجره های اتاقم خواب به قامت سقف تا زمین و وسعت میان دو دیوار اتاق درست در چند قدمی تخت خواب حضور صبح رو انکارناپذیر می‌کند. چشمام رو به زح...

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Juan Castaneda

2022-12-03   Google

Love this place!

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clifton chang

2022-11-10   Google

This place is awesome. Centrally located awesome, everyone is super friendly and helpful. All the staff is great and extremely helpful. Bonnie went above and beyond to make my move in easy and convenient. Happy to be here in beautiful Locust point an...

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Kristen Lanier

2022-10-23   Google

Great if you like hearing every step your neighbors make 24/7. Guess there’s not much management can do about thin floors/ceilings.

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stacey shea

2022-10-14   Google

Warm welcoming, great food options location location and what a view! Gy!m is awesome

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Claire Quigley

2022-08-04   Google

We’ve lived here for a few months now and something we love is the immediate service we receive if something breaks. Deion from maintenance fixed our AC in minutes and also offered to fix our loose doorknob. Very happy with the service from him and...

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Ina Griffin

2022-07-17   Google

Excellent and professional tour.

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Leo Wong

2022-06-15   Google

The facility staff at Anthem House is great, very responsive. My AC was broken, Rob and Dion contacted me first thing in the morning. They want to fix the AC asap so it doesn’t get too hot for me in the summer heat. They even came back an hour late...

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Jennifer Barrett

2022-05-08   Google

Absolutely beautiful!

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Marvin Clark

2022-05-03   Google

Hopefully I'll be able to move in ASAP.🙏💯😊😎...!!!..

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Stephen Jones

2022-04-19   Google

Wow! This place has it all. Secured parking, breath taking views, gym, pool, bars and a 5 star restaurant right next door! Envious of the people who live here 🙂

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Sydney Rhinevault

2022-04-18   Google

Last week Anthem House had an Easter Egg Hunt for kids and adults, with special prizes, free drinks and free merchandise. My girlfriend and I had an awesome time, and even won a free parking pass for a guest of ours! I definitely plan on going to mor...

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Jim McKay

2022-03-31   Google

Great location with access to lots of amenities. Bonnie and the concierge team are outstanding.

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Rafael Matta

2022-03-10   Google

Anthem House is a great partner and their residents are their number one priority. It is always a pleasure working with the staff, especially Bridgette, Bonnie, and Sharona.

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Matt Czoka

2022-03-06   Google

Kudos to Steve in maintenance and Angela in the sales office for handling a maintenance request in a timely manner and with professionalism. Thank you!

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Riya Pandit

2022-03-03   Google

Love Anthem House. Just want to give a big shouout to Bonnie, Justin and Dion (in Maintance who has helped me with any issues in my apt!)

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2022-03-01   Google

Management definitely listens to feedback. Front desk team particularly Bonnie makes welcoming and feel like home

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Alisha Spencer

2022-02-19   Google

The anthem staff is very friendly especially Monica who is always so helpful and kind when I need any help. I appreciate everything the staff does for me and the other residents. It is great place to live and would recommend to anyone!

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Danielle hughes

2022-02-17   Google

For this being my first apartment, it has been nothing but pleasant experiences. The leasing staff is awesome, the little events are awesome, and the amenities are unbeatable! Not to mention the convenience of the local walking distance bars, shoppin...

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Hanley Casey

2022-02-16   Google

I have lived in A2, the sister building to Anthem House, for over a year and am grateful for the community this building has created. The friendly concierge staff who take care of all our needs, especially Bonnie who goes above and beyond, to the fri...

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Nicholas Chavez

2022-02-15   Google

I’m really liking living at the Anthem House so far. The process to see apartments, and get a place was easy and great. Everyone from the sales team to the front desk are all very nice and helpful. Angela was exceptionally helpful and nice. She mad...

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Amanda Trusheim

2022-02-14   Google

I’ve had a great experience living at Anthem House! Maintenance is always fast and responsive, amenities are always clean, and the staff is always extremely friendly - especially Bonnie at the front desk!

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Donna Gallagher

2022-02-13   Google

We've lived at Anthem House for a little over a year and have found the concierge and maintenance staff to be fantastic. Steve responded quickly and efficiently and did a great job.

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Austin Wynns

2022-02-03   Google

Athemn House has treated me very well. Great location, staff is amazing, and food choices around the area are awesome. In close proximity to 95, making commuting convenient. Amenities can’t be beat and everything is well kept. There is a high level...

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Lauren Alexander

2022-02-02   Google

I’m a new resident and love Anthem House so far! I have lived in numerous apartment complexes (and was even an apartment locator for a few years) in Dallas, TX and I wish we had a place like this when I lived there. Angela was super helpful and mad...

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2022-02-02   Google

Great space with awesome amenities within easy walking distance to great bars and restaurants, grocery stores and other retail. Angela Bruner in the management office has been tremendously helpful in making my experience easy and enjoyable.

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Morgan Pettyjohn

2022-02-01   Google

Anthem House has far exceeded my expectations! We worked with Angela from the start, and the moving process has never been easier.

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Mo Afzal

2022-01-26   Google

Adding a review for the maintenance team at Anthem House. We recently had an issue with the dryer in our unit (loud noise, burning rubber smell, ever wet clothes). Steve from the maintenance team worked his magic and, like a surgeon, took our dryer a...

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Fuller Hitting

2022-01-16   Google

Angela was amazing to work with through the entire move in process. We had a lot of questions for her about the move, but she was always gracious and accommodating. The building, amenities, and location are top notch. We are extremely happy to be a p...

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Kristen Mcgee

2022-01-13   Google

Earlier this year I met my fiancé in Maryland. I am from New Jersey and my hunny is from Baltimore. I was originally hesitant about moving until I came to visit Anthem House. The lobby is beautiful and the staff are friendly. There is a resturant/ba...

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Jill Refvem

2021-12-09   Google

The front desk staff are delightful and the building has otherwise been a good place to live.

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Kurt Hufker

2021-12-08   Google

We love living here! Angela with leasing and Bonnie with the front desk are so fantastic! We are very happy with the amenities at Anthem House!

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2021-11-03   Google

Hello all! Now that I'm settled in, I can express my experience. First let me start off by saying I absolutely love the area!!! Everything you need is nearby(walking distance) and if not, the highway is 5mins away, and I have a awesome view(looking a...

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Joshua Bregman

2021-11-03   Google

Rob from maintenance was super quick and helpful. Highly recommend

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Ally Weisberg

2021-10-28   Google

Anthem House is the best! Wouldn't want to live anywhere else in Baltimore City! The Maintenance Manager, TJ is great! He is always willing to help with a smile on his face. We appreciate you, TJ! Rob in maintenance is also amazing! He is very profes...

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Jonathan Sapp

2021-10-27   Google

I had issues with my dryer and Rob helped me in no time! He has been great every step of the way. He was quick to arrive and quick in fixing the issue.

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Wesley Logan

2021-09-15   Google

My wife and I have been residents at Anthem House now for just over a month and there’s not much I can say beyond everyone’s else’s glowing reviews here. We absolutely love the location and the complex itself. We have lived in a number of sizab...

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Anna Damone

2021-09-14   Google

Best move in process and staff that I've ever had so far- I've lived in multiple different apartment complexes and nothing compares to the service here! Also the front desk staff is great-- Bonnie & Morgan!!

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Joshua Bregman

2021-09-13   Google

I love living in Anthem House. Everything is fantastic especially Bonnie, she is as friendly as can be.

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Christopher Bubeck

2021-09-13   Google

Exceptional building and facilities. Even more exceptional staff. Bonnie is the best!!

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Dylan Myers

2021-09-13   Google

Mister Wonderful and I love living here. When you combine the sense of community, location, amenities and staff it’s a no brained. Not to mention the worlds finest concierge, Bonnie you are the best !!

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Amanda Leaning

2021-09-13   Google

Anthem is great ! The Concierge team are really helpful especially Bonnie who has been amazing helping me working from home during COVID and Monica on the weekends. TJ is fantastic as is his team ! Thank you everyone

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Nicholas DelBene

2021-09-13   Google

Love living in this building. The staff is great, especially Bonnie.

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William Yull

2021-09-07   Google

I have lived in Anthem for the past three years and I can say that I've really enjoyed my time here. The amenities are great, amazing location (ie., walking distance) to bars and restaurants, and great views of the harbor. Also, I will say that Bonni...

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Stansberry Research

2021-08-30   Google

TJ is a five star guy!

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Ellen Parkins

2021-07-08   Google

I love living here. Everything from the staff, to the amenities, location, and the view of the harbor are top notch. Also, shout out to Rob- Thank you for being so quick and professional with anything that breaks.

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Melike Harfouche

2021-06-03   Google

FYI - I've overall had a good experience, but people considering moving in should note that Anthem House has replaced the overnight in-person security guard with a virtual guard, which raises considerable concerns given that the garage doors are ofte...

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2021-05-15   Google

I have lived at Anthem House for 2.5 years, and it has been a wonderful experience. I moved to Baltimore with two large dogs, and needed an apartment that was both safe and convenient while also allowing me to have my pups with me. Anthem House defin...

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Enzo Schiano

2021-04-30   Google

As a retail resident I can only speak good things about the anthem house. Location, facilities, amenities are all top notch. But what really sets them apart from the rest is the people. Yes the people. Their team is great, professional and will alway...

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Ellen Miller

2021-04-19   Google

Anthem House has been home for the last 2.5 years. During the day, I am always greeted by the most amazing Property Manager/concierge I know, Bonnie S. She's makes sure we have whatever we need. From a friendly chat to packages, drycleaning pick-up a...

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Justin Giacona

2021-04-03   Google

I have been living at Anthem House for 6 months and so far, the building's amenities, service and community have exceeded expectations. The large dog park is a wonderful feature that makes the building much more animal friendly and convenient letting...

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Yue Li

2021-03-27   Google

Been here for a little over three months and honestly haven’t had the best experience here. The most recent incident my car was towed from the garage for not having my parking tag displayed. I usually put it above my dash board but it had fallen un...

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Nicholas Kostas

2021-03-24   Google

I am writing this review after a phenomenal experience after being helped by TJ, part of the maintenance team, with a dead battery on my door lock. I have lived here at Anthem since 2019 and always recommend it to anyone that asks. Tonight just solid...

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2021-03-14   Google

Been a Bozzuto resident since 2016 at union wharf then moved to Anthem House 2 years ago. Loved both places but what makes it great is the concierge and Bonnie is the BEST!!!

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David Ward

2021-03-05   Google

Great service from TJ on our washing machine. He came out right away and diagnosed the issue. The next day he came out and replaced the defective part. Couldnt ask for anything better.

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Matt Sedney

2021-03-03   Google

I lived in the A2 Buildings for a year and had a great experience. Very close walking distance to great restaurants, Grocery Stores. also the rooftop was incredible and having the dog park right across the street in the main building was very conveni...

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Devin Walsh

2021-03-02   Google

We lived in Anthem House a couple years ago before we moved out of Baltimore and it was by far the best experience we had in Baltimore living. Everything you need is in one place, highly recommend!

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Lisa Caton

2021-02-24   Google

I had been sitting on quite a few issues that needed to be fixed within my apartment. As per COVID guidelines you must leave your apartment while maintenance is being complete, and the issues must be considered emergency issues for the maintenance te...

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Anne Love

2021-02-23   Google

We love living at Anthem House! Angela & Viktoria in leasing were wonderful during the application process and continue to be very helpful with any questions we may have. Angela is always engaging, friendly, and very charming when we see her in the c...

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Kellie Suydam

2021-02-23   Google

I’ve lived here for two years and love it! Super friendly neighbors and staff & amazing pool deck

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Sarah Hild

2021-02-17   Google

We have happily settled in and made Anthem House our home over the last several months. We have been living in Baltimore for the last 5 years, and I can wholeheartedly say that Anthem is the best property around. From the modern amenities, perfect lo...

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Deborah Hurst

2021-02-13   Google

Kudos and many thanks to TJ for coming to our unit on a Saturday night during an ice storm to change out a chirping smoke detector. And with a pleasant and friendly attitude!

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Brianna White

2021-02-13   Google

I love Anthem House! Overall, a really great place to live. I love my sweet lil studio, the area, and the amenities. The rooftops are my favorite thing about it 😊 The things I don’t like are small, not worth sharing! Anthem House is pricey but i...

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Cassie Williams

2021-02-12   Google

I am coming up on three years at Anthem House, and it has been a wonderful place to live. The floor plans feel larger than they seem, the amenities are exceptional, and the staff from leasing agents, management, concierge and maintenance are courteou...

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Maddie Heyman

2021-02-12   Google

We moved into the anthem house just a few months ago and have nothing but great things to say! We had to call emergency maintenance at 9pm and TJ responded so quickly, came, and fixed the problem with a smile (under the mask)! This is a beautiful apa...

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Elana Taub

2021-02-12   Google

The employees at anthem house have been great since I moved in! The Maitenance manager, TJ, responds immediately when needed and works with the concierge and leasing office to make ensure that residents are taken care of. I recently had a Maitenance ...

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James Fritz

2021-02-08   Google

We have really enjoy living here at the Anthem House. I want to express our appreciation to Teddy and Rob in maintenance. We have had the need for some repairs on two occasions. Both times Teddy contacted me before to schedule a time that works for u...

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john randall

2021-02-06   Google

The entire staff at Anthem House work to create a comfortable, safe, and enjoyable environment. This make the property stand out among other excellent options for living in the inner harbor.

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Sulaiman Alnasser

2021-02-04   Google

We have been living at Anthem House for almost two years. We enjoyed and loved our time here. When assistance was needed, staff were communicative and responsive. Our experience has been made special by the lively energy and kindness of staff like Bo...

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Melissa Springer

2021-01-30   Google

I’ve lived in the A2/Anthem House building for about 2 years now. The layout of the studio apartment is the best layout I saw when touring different complexes in the city. The bathroom is huge and my patio is an added bonus. Cleaners are in the bui...

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Benjamin Allanson

2021-01-29   Google

After moving many times within Baltimore I am so happy to have finally settled at Anthem House. I have had nothing but amazing experiences with every aspect of the building and staff. The leasing team, concierge (Bonnie in particular is a joy), maint...

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Edward Norris

2021-01-28   Google

I have been a resident for three years and while Anthem House has all the amenities of a luxury hotel ( outstanding gyn, infinity pool, concierge service) it feels like a home. The staff is terrific . Bonnie the executive concierge makes sure you are...

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Patrick Martin

2021-01-25   Google

Anthem House is the best at what they do in Baltimore! Very clean building with many amenities and incredible location. The house staff from Bonnie at the concierge desk to TJ the maintenance manager absolutely knock it out of the park. Any issues yo...

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Blaine Dulkerian

2021-01-24   Google

My fiancé and I loveeee it here!! The building is beautiful, staff is friendly, and the location couldn’t be more convenient. Plus, the amenities are top notch!

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David Friend

2020-12-04   Google

I've been living here for almost a year now and it has been a thoroughly miserable experience. Bozzuto over sells their garage as a matter of corporate policy and then lies and gas lights their residents about it. I work nights and even though I pay ...

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Thomas Stout

2020-11-20   Google

Very interesting building with incredible staff. From Angela, who leased me the perfect Apartment, to Bonnie who heads the crack concierge team, it’s been a pleasure moving in and living here this past month.

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Allison Dickinson

2020-11-18   Google

Just held a baby shower here for my daughter - small, socially distant, masks-on-always event - in our 4th floor lounge area and it was perfect! The staff was so helpful with arriving guests and all the small details that make a party special! Very a...

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Vanessa Ulrich

2020-11-03   Google

I love visiting Anthem house to enjoy a cup of coffee (from adjacent cafe & bar Amber), sit and do some work, or have small group meetings. It's one of the few apartment buildings that opens up its gorgeously-designed space to the community. There's ...

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Lily Everly

2020-08-31   Google

I lived in Anthem House for 2 years. I lived in 2 different apartments. Overall, I loved Anthem. The location, the amenities, the concierge, the events, and the people. And I absolutely loved my first apartment. It was facing the harbor and beautiful...

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Brittany Tomasi

2020-08-09   Google

I have lived in Anthem House almost 9 months and it has been more than amazing. From day one the leasing agents were informative, honest, professional and all around great people to work with. The location is perfect and the amenities are by far the ...

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Savannah Bergen

2020-05-18   Google

I have loved living at Anthem House thus far! Though moving in this month, and having to do only a virtual tour, I have found everything to be beyond what I expected. The apartment complex is clean and well kept with hand sanitizer in common areas fo...

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Eve Bishop

2020-05-01   Google

I love the neighborhood, amenities, and spacious apartment units. Staff very friendly and responsive. Great vibes overall.

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Christina Sgambato

2020-03-06   Google

While I've only been in the building a couple weeks, my experience thus far has been fantastic. Viktoria and Angela have both been very responsive when I've had questions and made the move in process so simple. The complex itself is gorgeous, well ma...

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Roz Mario

2020-02-20   Google

The moment I walked into Anthem House I was impressed with the friendly atmosphere, the professional staff, and the view from my apartment of Domino Sugar and Baltimore’s Inner Harbor is the best in Locust Point. Everyone in the leasing office, the...

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Situations With Sassy

2019-11-09   Google

AWESOME club room for residence...

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Christine Adkins

2019-09-08   Google

Linda is ahhhhhmazing!!! I went in to check out Anthem House after checking out a couple of other apartments in the area. I was so pleasantly surprised with how un-rushed and thorough the walk through was. She answered all of my questions and was so ...

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Erin Wilson

2019-08-12   Google

Anthem house is by far the best place to live in Baltimore! Everyone that works there is so friendly and helpful. Our leasing agent, Angela, was so knowledgeable and patient with us, as we were moving into our first apt. There isn’t another complex...

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Craig Pollack

2019-07-25   Google

My wife and I are so happy we moved to Baltimore City and Anthem House. Locust Point is the best neighborhood. We have quick access to everything (Inner Harbor, ballparks, parks, shopping, Federal Hill, I-95). The views from this side of the water ar...

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Ophelia Langhorne

2019-07-24   Google

I have been at Anthem House a little over three weeks now and am loving it so far. I recently returned to Baltimore after being away for eight years and the residential landscape has changed a lot. I had a very limited window with which to find an ap...

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Rupin Parikh

2019-07-15   Google

Amazing apartment complex! Tons of top notch amenities with a beautiful modern interior design. Everything is clean and well maintained. Apartments have great appliances and if something isn't working, maintenance works on any issues with a very shor...

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Kool Keem

2019-05-03   Google

Angela Bruner, the young lady with the prettiest eyes assisted me while touring a unit in this building. She was very helpful, informative and attractive. Which is a great thing! She answered all of my questions before I asked. Great representation o...

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Michel Maxwell-Hall

2019-04-19   Google

Anthem House is amazing !!!! I literally could not pick a better place to live ! It gives you a swanky yet family oriented vibe !

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Phil Gelso

2019-03-11   Google

Beautiful place - locust point generally is such a gem - and Anthem House is the centerpiece - nice folks - super responsive - it hotel living - I just wish they had Tesla chargers in the parking garage !!!

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Greg Porter

2019-03-01   Google

Angela was very helpful and made my move in process a breeze. After my tour with her and Viktoria, it was an easy decision to move here.

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Judith Braun

2019-02-16   Google

I moved to Anthem House from the Philly area after retiring this summer. Anthem House has enabled me to create a whole new lifestyle that is positive, engaging and active. All of the staff, from marketing to maintenance and housekeeping, to the 24 ho...

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Showing 120 reviews with content.

Showing 120 reviews with content.

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