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Cynthia Montgomery

2024-07-09   Google

My stay here has been nothing but amazing The front desk concierge is very helpful. The leasing off is amazing. This building is very nice and clean

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Frankie Harvey

2024-06-27   Google

I want to sincerely thank the leasing agents Whitney and Ahmeir who are phenomenal! They really helped me in the entire rental process and I am greatly appreciative! The concierge is always kind and helpful to me. The building is beautiful and the am...

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Winslow Jones

2024-06-19   Google

I love staying at Beckert’s Park! The staff are very helpful and kind. The amenities are fantastic. State of the art equipment in the fitness center. My wife and I do not plan to live anywhere else for years. We’re moving into another unit in the...

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Nana Henderson

2024-05-23   Google

My employer emotional support animal probably like it if was called Beckerts Bark🤣

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Josee J

2024-05-21   Google

Very nice apartment and it has come up a lot since Bozzutto took over! The maintenance guy Lahcen and Didrss do an amazing job. Super quick and always know exactly what they are doing! Really appreciate the nice events and whatnot that Bozzuto puts o...

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Dawn Gomillion

2024-05-17   Google

I was scheduled for a tour I was on time and no one was there to greet me or let me in the building that was very unprofessional and wasted my time but they suppose to have 24 hour front desk attendant where was they at I stayed there 15 minutes and ...

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Victoria gilchrist bowman

2024-04-18   Google

I love this place. My move in was sweet and I love that Beckert's has Wi-Fi for us. My unit is 720 square feet a nice size for a one bedroom with washer dryer ,dishwasher,, a big bathroom. Beckert's park has breathtaking lobby with a gorgeous lounge ...

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Zarriah Williams

2024-04-13   Google

This building is amazing from the cleanliness to the concierge staff that work Monday-Friday being so welcoming

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C Personal

2024-04-11   Google

Horrendous place to live. If you can avoid living here, AVOID IT. Fire alarms go off many times a month, often in the middle of the night, still haunting my nightmares to this day. The $175 a month parking garage had a broken door for nearly 5 months...

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Taya Wright

2024-03-08   Google

Living at Beckerts Park is a nightmare they are unprofessional this is a “luxury apartment building “ with no luxury quality & they don’t keep you updated on what’s going on inside of the building or around building it’s very stressful & un...

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A Long

2024-03-01   Google

This is my first time at a comedy show & I’ll say 4 corners ent. put together an amazing show! Can’t wait to go to their future shows!

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Lori Judy

2024-03-01   Google

Happy hour comedy night was amazing. Never ending drinks and comedians. Love to have them back again soon.

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Mattao Pepe

2024-03-01   Google

Brock’s comedy show was greatttt a great way to end a long week!

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David Rondon

2024-03-01   Google

Thanks for hosting the comedy show tonight! Very unique and fun! Let’s do more of it.

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Bean Lee

2023-12-16   Google

Beckerts Park has been amazing. Ahmeir went above and beyond to assist me!!

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Lynette Holcomb

2023-12-16   Google

Excellent and great people, always assist when I have needs. Mr Mills, Shannon,Ms.Whitney,Ms.Roland Great Job to everyone!

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Thomas Benya

2023-10-23   Google

Living at Beckert's Park, managed by Foulger Pratt and Bozzuto, has been an absolute nightmare. Despite being a responsible and upstanding member of the community for two years, my experience has been marred by a litany of issues that have made this ...

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Charles Beneke

2023-09-23   Google

The management team has been incredible. So accommodating and helpful with anything I need throughout my lease. Would recommend highly.

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Doss Jackson

2023-08-24   Google


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Kaavya G

2023-06-08   Google

Great apartment building with super nice amenities. Located in a very good area with easy access to metro (~5 min walk) with 3 train lines coming through the stop at all times. Apartment staff is very friendly, helpful, and responsive.

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2023-05-20   Google

Good location, and secure building. Great place to live for singles between 24-39 years of age.

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Katie O

2023-02-08   Google

The amenities are upscale, the janitorial staff keeps the building impeccable and for the most part, the maintenance team is quick to respond to issues. Our biggest complaint is with the leasing team. They are consistently non-responsive to questions...

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Edwin Turner

2023-02-04   Google

I simply love this place, it has everything!

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Luana Pego Rhoten

2022-12-07   Google

Although the building itself is in a very nice location, the apartments are nice and spacious (although a bit loud from hearing neighbors), and the staff is super nice, we have now been moved out for more than 2.5 months and still no sign of our secu...

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Anthony Hughes

2022-11-08   Google

First of all it's a gorgeous property very clean the maintenance crew and the cleaning crew awesome

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Frances Rivera

2022-11-07   Google

Beckert’s Park is a fabulous place to live. The amenities are amazing and love to use the work space. The staff and maintenance workers are pleasant, helpful and friendly. It’s a joy living at Beckert’s Park.

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Daja Rogers

2022-11-07   Google

I love living at beckets park!! The staff has been wonderful and friendly, and they have made everything easy, the maintenance staff has been very responsive and the office staff has efficient and patient.. thanks to all of them

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Wesley Merritt


It’s the best. Lived here for two years. Great service

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2022-10-04   Google

ROACHES. Management is not helpful when issues arise and it seems to be a revolving door. I’ve had to deal with millipede and cockroach infestations and during one of the infestations they sprayed once a week and they still were not going away. The...

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Destiny Lowery

2022-10-03   Google

Amenities are fantastic and the facility is absolutely beautiful. The location is great with easy access to Eastern Market and several metro stations. Additionally, the neighborhood is family friendly and the building is nicely kept and quiet for the...

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Elizabeth Hale Simpson

2022-09-23   Google

My husband and I lived in Beckert's Park for about 14 months and it was a very average experience, considering the price tag. The lobby and amenities are beautiful and we did not have many issues with the apartment itself (aside from a persistent lea...

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Diane Rucker

2022-09-22   Google


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Jean-Luc Kreitner

2022-09-03   Google

I lived here for a year in a two-bedroom on the 4th floor. I really liked my unit, the facilities are nice, the building is well-managed, and the staff is kind and helpful. Special shoutout to Tina-- Thank you for everything!

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Abril Gray-Porter

2022-08-17   Google

My experience here has been less than pleasant. I would not recommend renting/leasing at Beckert’s Park. I’ve lived here for almost 2 years and have noticed the high, staff turnover rate and many inconsistencies in resident policy(ies). The staff...

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Lucy Reinhardt

2022-08-11   Google

My family and I have been living here for almost a year and we have really enjoyed it so far. The amenities are great and the location is perfect for young families. All the staff is very friendly and helpful, we especially love everyone at the front...

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Danni CM

2022-08-03   Google

Pros: -Beautiful building and neighborhood close to the Capitol and Eastern Market. I loved taking walks & going on runs. -Great gym -Very close walk to the metro Cons: -Expensive is a given because it's the district. -Terrible cell phone service in ...

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2022-07-20   Google

Made an appointment to tour the building. Somehow the front desk person had no idea and was completely unprepared for it. Amenities were nice but the apartments themselves were pretty lousy. On our way out the worker asked me for my email on a post-i...

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Anant Vijay Trivedi

2022-05-24   Google

Very nice amenities and leasing agents.

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Alex Barrett

2022-05-09   Google

When we first moved in, we experienced a few hiccups; however, the building was a lease up during the summer months and they had several move ins per week. As our time progressed at Beckert’s Park, I must say that the staff has been great to work w...

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Kenya Smith

2022-03-30   Google

My sister is a tenant it's very nice

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Steven LaBroi G

2022-03-29   Google

Noe and Abdellah truly Profesional repair men who took care of my issue with my refrigerator. Very knowledgeable in discussion of the issue so I can help prevent the same thing from happening again. Thanks guys.

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Katie O'Donnell

2022-03-16   Google

The building is currently dealing with a fire alarm issue. It’s gone off at least three times in the past week so far. A Tuesday night at 8:50pm, the following Sunday morning at 4:50am, then the next night Monday around 11pm. Each time the building...

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Jake Nimons

2022-03-01   Google

I just moved in within the last month and have had a great experience so far. The building is new and clean and the amenities are modern. Being an elevator ride from Safeway has been really nice as well. The new management team gets an A+ from me. An...

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Walter Thomas

2022-01-31   Google

This is a very nice place to live . The Management team is awesome. The door's are always open with a warm welcome and the lintier staff is polite and very helpful. The Head of management is very resourceful and willing to help at all costs.

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2022-01-22   Google

Great location, and friendly staff at face value, but be prepared for routine theft of mail and packages. Chose this building for the full service amenities, but it’s anything but what you’d expect for the price. Have had multiple high value pack...

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John Hancock

2022-01-11   Google

Bridget and Katherine are two of the best leasing agents I have ever had. They are very attentive, caring and polite. Always willing to help when needed. The even planned a cooking workshop for me here in the building!

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Tommie Thompson

2021-12-02   Google

I’ve been here 3 months and I’m not happy. (1) the floors are very thin, so every step made by your upstairs neighbors (even from reasonable normal walking) will vibrate through to your unit. Its enough to wake you up. This isnt just me. The buil...

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Zach Parkes

2021-11-30   Google

Bad experience trying to setup appointment for showing. Poor communication.

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Mia Dillard

2021-11-08   Google

There are consistent issues with delivery of packages. It’s highly inconvenient and they do not apologize.

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Lisa McChesney

2021-08-03   Google

Stunning apartment complex and nicely adjacent to the transportation hubs. However HUGE recent concern - vehicles broken into, car window shattered and the next week one vehicle stolen and vandalized from the "secure" parking garage in the complex. V...

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sandy s

2021-07-23   Google

Everything about Beckert's Park is fantastic, but the only reason I gave it less than five stars is that my experience with the guest suite was noisy and freezing, as the adjoining room (rented by someone else) had put the shared control dial for the...

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Denise Hall

2021-06-04   Google

I'm giving this property 2 starts strictly because it's beautiful and in a convenient area. I applied for a IZ unit and provided some very personal information. I then proceeded to do a self guided tour. I tried 8 times over a week and half to contac...

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Monica Rosales

2021-05-17   Google

I've only given 3 reviews on Google - so this should really tell you how enough about the amzing-ness that is Beckert's Park. I moved in about 3 weeks ago now and it has to be the best place I've ever lived. The amenities are awesome! Great pool, swe...

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Justin Jacques

2021-01-07   Google

I moved into Beckert's Park a month ago. It has been amazing so far! I love the staff, the beautiful property, and the amazing amount of amenities! I strongly recommend you come take a tour if you are in the market to rent!

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2020-12-13   Google

I had a tour today, I was helped by Navid C. The leasing consultant. She is AMAZING & cool as ever ! The apartments are brand new and very BEAUTIFUL !!! The Location is in a great area and the amenities are nice !!!! I Highly recommend these apartmen...

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Showing 55 reviews with content.

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