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Frank Besson

2024-07-11   Google

The Morgan has been such an incredible place to live. What makes this building stand out among the rest is the incredible staff. Everyone is SUPER friendly and knowledgeable. They are always willing to help. (Updated) so the elevator situation is pre...

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Linyue Wang

2024-06-25   Google

I am extremely disappointed with the ongoing elevator situation in this building. As a resident, I received an email stating that three out of four elevators are currently out of service, leaving only one elevator operational from the ground to the t...

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Elliot Alderson

2024-06-25   Google

Elevators do not work, it's worse than ever. Routinely have NO elevator service, you're literally just stuck unless you want to walk 30+ floors. Best case it takes 20 minutes to get up or down one way. Good luck going to get lunch or the gym on your ...

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Justin Barbeau

2024-06-15   Google


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Natarajan B

2024-06-09   Google

Good amenities & helpful concierge team! However, the elevator situation is HOPELESS. Not once have I seen all four elevators working. This is unacceptable for a property charging premium rates.

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Simon Yang

2024-06-09   Google

EDIT: IF YOU ARE READING THROUGH REVIEWS, IGNORE 5 STAR REVIEWS PRAISING LEASING AGENTS. I don’t know the full situation myself, but I imagine due to the abhorrent public image of this building they’ve been offering incentives for positive review...

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Wamika Iyer

2024-06-09   Google

The elevator situation in this apartment building is HORRIBLE ! WORST ELEVATOR SITUATION!! Typically, only two elevators are operational, with one often reserved for move-ins. There are times, like today, when all the elevators are down for a few hou...

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Chris Liu

2024-06-08   Google

I have been living in the Morgan for last one year. This is the most wonderful building in the region. I really enjoy living here. Marwan at the leasing office is really nice!

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2024-06-06   Google

Marwan is super great person when you need help with apartment living. He provided detailed information on rent and utility when I was moving, and he is always ready to assist with any difficulties and cares for customers sincerely. Thanks to him, st...

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Bruce Bai

2024-06-01   Google

The Morgan is an awesome community that I’ve been in for years. The building is nice but most importantly people here are amazing. Marwan Elsaid at the Leasing Office is the greatest, always there to help with questions and everything. Carlos and A...

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Shubham Saraswat

2024-05-21   Google

Good rental building by toll brothers! Apartments are well thought designed and have nice furnishings.

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Blair Gao

2024-05-17   Google

We have been residents at the Morgan for the last 3 years. It was an amazing time. Other than the elevators (being renovated) it is a great building. Leasing Agent works really hard.

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Brandon Jung

2024-05-17   Google

I recently became a new resident at the Morgan. I had a the pleasure of working with Marwan the leasing agent. He was very helpful and made sure that we found the perfect apartment

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Vinayak Iyer

2024-05-17   Google

Been here for nearly 2 years. Maintenance is very good. The elevators can be down sometimes. Marwan at the Leasing office is absolutely amazing and really awesome to talk to!

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Konark Patel

2024-05-14   Google

I recently had the pleasure of working with Marwan, and I couldn't be more impressed with his professionalism and dedication to help me with leasing options.

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John Beasley

2024-05-02   Google

AVOID MOVING HERE - the elevator situation is awful. This building has not had fully functional elevators in 2 years now because of ongoing elevator renovations. At this point, it can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 25 minutes to get to/from a higher...

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Paula Moldovan

2024-05-01   Google

Do not get trapped into this building!!! This morning I waited for 45 minutes for the elevator (at 8 am). It came two times and it was completely full, I couldn’t get in so I had to take the stairs with the stroller in one hand and my three year ol...

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Nidhi Saraf

2024-04-18   Google

NOT WORTH THE MONEY. They claim to be luxury rentals and the elevator situation sucks. If you leave during daytime it takes 15 mins to exit the building and apparently looks like it’s their policy that 2 out of 3 elevators will be functional for hi...

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Linda Lin

2024-03-19   Google

I have been a resident at the Morgan for the last three years. Spacious apartments and great amenities with cute building events. Madi and Marwan (Leasing Agents) are the best to work with. I have never met a leasing team in the tri-state that is mor...

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Tim Blake

2024-03-18   Google

Alex T. Is a great, I have needed several maintains request while living here. He took care of all of them quickly and efficiently. His very knowledgeable and knew exactly how to fix all the issues without a problem. His also friendly and a great guy

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Candice Wan

2024-03-13   Google

The apartment is overall good and they are trying to improve the elevator system. Marwan from the leasing office was incredibly helpful. His professionalism and friendly demeanor made the experience seamless. Five stars!

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2024-03-04   Google

Alex and Victor are very helpful, requests for maintenance are always responded and taken care of within a day

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Jack Long

2024-03-01   Google

Will and Alex are the best maintenance guys. They are always so helpful, friendly, efficient, and professional! Love them and this building.

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jatin kalra

2024-02-28   Google

Great place to live!!! Will / Alex from maintenance staff are grear

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Chris DeLucia

2024-02-27   Google

I wanted to give a quick shoutout to the Morgan Maintenance Team, specifically Will who came in a fixed my Thermostat, as well as reinstalled the shelf in the Main Bedroom, which we have been issues with forever. Will was courteous, professional, cle...

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Ashish Dore

2024-02-22   Google

Alex is always very polite, helpful and goes out of his way to help us out. He was able to quickly resolve the issue and also helped me with a minor issue in the bathroom as well. Truly appreciate his help!!!

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Obdulio Hernandez

2024-02-20   Google

Great job done by both Alex and Will. They executed the task requested effectively and efficiently. Very professional overall!

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Cordell Silverman

2024-02-05   Google

Will and Alex in maintenance are fantastic! Every request is addressed quickly and efficiently

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amir ashtiani

2024-01-24   Google

Alex and Will where here and they did an amazing job

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Taylor McCoy

2024-01-23   Google

Alex and Will from the maintenance team are the best! They come quick, resolve everything & are out the door! Great at their craft and always pleasant to work with.

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Rem Brar

2024-01-22   Google

Alex, Will, and Jesus did a great job with maintenance.

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Jennifer Bakal

2024-01-16   Google

Wonderful maintenance - so diligent and efficient !

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Mike So

2024-01-09   Google

The highest rent , the worst management. Especially the 2 of 4 elevators are always out of service.

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Yongze Jiang

2024-01-04   Google

I want to express my appreciation for Marwan Elsaid, the manager at The Morgan. He effectively solved various issues I faced and kindly offered his contact for any further assistance. His professional and polite manner was notable. Living at The Morg...

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Xinping Zhu

2023-12-28   Google

Great that Madi and Marwan help me with the super smooth and successful move-in process. Madi is professional in touring the unit and was so thorough with the introduction. While she was away on holidays, Marwan took wonderful care of me by arranging...

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purva chopra

2023-12-15   Google

Alex was amazing and very adept at fixing our problems around the house - recommend his service 100%

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Yang Wu

2023-12-12   Google

Marwan is awesome, so vibrant, very professional and helpful! I would also shout out to Madi, she also provided me a lot of help! Awesome management team. I have been living here for almost 2 years now. Beautiful building with great amenities.

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2023-12-05   Google

The leasing team is amazing. I was in an emergency situation they are very helpful and thoughtful and I was able to move in at desired date! Marwan the leasing consultant was very helpful, also Medi helped me when he was off, amazing team!!!

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Christopher H.

2023-12-04   Google

For all prospective tenants when you take a tour- ask about the elevators and how often they are broken. Don't let them lie to you. At least one elevator is broken the majority of the time. They are so bad, they have to be replaced. One of the three ...

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Lily Lee

2023-12-03   Google

The Morgan is awesome! They throw such wonderful monthly events from Halloween costume parties with delish beer tastings to casino night where they literally bring a casino here with yummy treats, so much fun!!! Everyone is so welcoming. The concierg...

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2023-12-01   Google

Since we moved into this building 8 months, for now, the elevators just keep breaking almost EVERY WEEK!! There was just a very few weeks that all elevators works at least among the 8 months. The thing always like this- the elevators are down and the...

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Julie Yan

2023-12-01   Google

Our leasing & living experience at the Morgan has been wonderful so far. The on-site property manager is such a gem and Madi Wyatt is friendly, organized & quick to help and/or point you in the right direction when you have a question or request. The...

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James Connington

2023-11-30   Google

Great staff, amazing amenities and super convenient. Highly recommend.

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Wenyan Tuo

2023-11-20   Google

The maintenance staffs are super nice, especially Will and Alex. They responded very quickly and professionally to my request, in about 20min! Very helpful!

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Jesse Rogowsky

2023-11-15   Google

Great building with a great staff! Always willing to help you as much as they can. Been a really good couple of years living here. Thanks to the entire staff!

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Zhen Lin

2023-11-14   Google

The maintenance people here, Will and Alex are super good. They came right after I called the office, and they quickly figured out the issue and switched a well-working refrigerator for me. Appreciate their help!

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Amanda Miller

2023-11-13   Google

Will from the maintenance team is great! Once I put in a maintenance request Will came right away and was very helpful

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Geri Valderrama

2023-11-09   Google

The staff and atmosphere are amazing. the apartments are spacious and the furnishings are beautiful and well maintained. The Property Manager on site Zarmina is incredible and helpful for anything and everything! The leasing staff is always a lended ...

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Mari Gilmore

2023-11-07   Google

Maintenance team is awesome and very efficient!!

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Nicholas Riley

2023-10-27   Google

Building is great and staff couldn’t be nicer!

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Ni An

2023-10-25   Google

We had a tour with Marwan on a Friday evening. He is one of the most passionate leasing agents I’ve ever met with. He cares about his guests and he knows what he is doing. He is full of energy and he is willing to take extra steps. If you are also ...

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yj g

2023-10-21   Google

I recently had becoming a tenant at the Morgan at Provost Square. My entire experience, from the first time inquiry to the moment I moved in, was nothing short of the outstanding, and it’s all thanks to the incredible agent, Marwan Elsaid. The comm...

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Birju Amin

2023-09-06   Google

The only good thing about this apartment building is the doormen were amazing and friendly, always on top of packages. The proximity to path station as well. However the elevators broke down often, and the morgan will take you security deposit and ch...

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2023-08-20   Google

The elevators never work. I don’t feel like writing a whole review because enough other people already have. I would suggest not moving here unless you are below floor 12. It’s a 15 minute commute just to and from the ground floor from my apartme...

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2023-07-22   Google

Love living at the Morgan. It’s such a convenient location right next to the Path. I love that there’s a nail salon attached to the building and a delicious bakery right across the street that I get my cappuccino every morning. The staff is very ...

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ankur Patel

2023-07-10   Google

ELEVATORS ALWAYS BROKEN. I’ve lived here about 2 years and at least 1 of the 3 elevators breaks down every 2 weeks or so and they take weeks (one time 6 months) to fix. Whenever one breaks down it can take 20 minutes to get up and down the building...

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Siddharth Mehra

2023-06-13   Google

The help desk and the concierge is the best at this building. I love them. They are family to me. The apts are spacious for what the other buildings have to offer. So, I would recommend if you looking for a reasonably spacious apts for what other apt...

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Rachel Xue

2023-06-11   Google

Staff: The staff and leasing office here is so welcoming. The staff at front desk greet to me every time when I pass by which can makes my day. Once I told the leasing office that the hot water in my room is not hot enough, and they fix the problem i...

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Riddhi Shah

2023-06-09   Google

Been here for almost 2 years and its perfect location being close to the path station and bars/restaurants. Maintance is quick and the concierge is attentive and kind. Rooftop is big with enough space for everyone to hang. Only con is one of the elev...

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Thomas Gallo (Tom)

2023-06-09   Google

UPDATE 6/9/23: went to visit a friend who lives in the building and management is encouraging residents to leave reviews for a chance to win a TV. TAKE THE RECENT POSITIVE REVIEWS WITH A GRAIN OF SALT. This building is horrible! Elevators are constan...

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Sara Katherine

2023-06-08   Google

The staff here is amazing and will go above and beyond to help you. The only reason I deduct a star is because there has been construction going on in the building for years now and the elevators always seem to have an issue. I’d still recommend th...

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Kenneth “Kenn” Ryant

2023-06-07   Google

This location is amazing, from the front desk staff to the management everyone is all helpful. i would recommend this property to everyone i can, the location cant be beat.

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Matt Ferrara

2023-05-31   Google

We have been in this place for 4 months now and we have fallen in love with it. Everything is easy and accommodating and the staff here is unbelievably nice and friendly. We love it here and can’t wait to see what the future brings!

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Kelsey Coupe

2023-05-27   Google

I am beyond happy living at The Morgan! The building is new and is kept very clean, the staff is so attentive and friendly, and I feel very safe in my home. I plan to stay in this building for awhile!

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Michael Kenney

2023-05-26   Google

I've lived in a lot of different upper-scale apartments in a few different cities. I'm sure that other people's grievances are valid, based on their own experiences, but my experience with The Morgan has been fantastic, especially when compared to ot...

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Amar Patel

2023-05-25   Google

Living in this apartment building has been a great experience. The location is fantastic, offering convenience and access to various nearby facilities and restaurants. The apartment itself is comfortable and well-maintained, meeting all my needs. The...

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Dhara Trivedi

2023-05-22   Google

The building staff is pretty good. The concierge staff is great about packages, managing amenities and welcoming. Good place to live especially location wise.

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Angelo Buffa

2023-05-20   Google

I have been living at The Morgan since 2019, and despite the few problems I experienced, I still recommend living here. PROS: - Location: the location is the best for Jersey City, 3 min walk to the PATH, and right next to JC Downtown, with all servic...

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Chandani Patel

2023-05-19   Google

Great staff! Always welcoming and super friendly! Maintenance stuff is always there when you need them

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Catherine Wang

2023-05-17   Google

The facilities are very good. I like the thoughtful design of the TV screen in the lobby broadcasting the PATH situation in real time. Basically all public facilities areas have a faint fragrance. Madi is my Leasing Consultant this time. She was very...

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Jean Sun

2023-05-16   Google

I come to visit here and Maddy who bring us to see the apartments is very nice and kind, and she explains the details to us clearly. The apartment is very big and I really love the layout

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Richard Song

2023-02-22   Google

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE listen to all the reviews about this place. I'm not one to write reviews of any kind, but people need to be informed about The Morgan before deciding to live here. 1st the elevators. Wow. They have 3 elevators that service floors...

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Stella Liu

2023-02-07   Google

Feb 2023 update: The building has not been shaking after the foundation was done. Latest update that was not included previously: the elevators suck! Add 30 min waiting time per trip for your daily travel. I’ve been living here for 2 years - there ...

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Hawk Wang

2023-02-07   Google

Don't live here. Worst apartment building in the neighborhood. The elevators not working, the line is so long, and the situation get worse and worse.

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josh gilkenson

2023-01-07   Google

Elevator service is so bad I would recommend any other building Update: Elevators service has gotten better as of late, but it still feels like management could do a better job communicating with residents about issues etc. Additionally, they have be...

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Ying Zhou

2022-12-22   Google

In short, don’t even consider this building if you’re about to pay rent for a ‘luxury apartment building’, it doesn’t live up to ‘luxury’ at all besides its rent. Elevator system is the WORST I’ve seen. I don’t understand why only 3...

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2022-12-18   Google

The hot water system is poor and often broken, no hot water for bathing in winter!

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Ivet Ellis

2022-11-21   Google

Do yourself a favor and don’t live here they have absolutely no consideration for your packages

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ankur goel

2022-10-31   Google

I have been staying at this place for 6 months + and it is an amazing building with great amenities. The Leasing office and front desk staff is very welcoming and super helpful. I have stayed in 3+ other buildings in Jersey downtown but this building...

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Their elevator situation is so bad it makes the building a worse option than pretty much anything else around here. It can take 20-30 minutes to get out of the building when things get busy because elevators are constantly out of service. They always...

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2022-09-16   Google

Overall I wouldn't recommend living in this building. This building is the worst among all of the rental buildings I've stayed in NYC and NJ. Front desk and staff are friendly but this is the only upside. The quality of the building is low. 1. Elevat...

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corey marx

2022-09-09   Google

The elevators at this apartment are non-functional often. This causes extreme wait time for those on higher floors. Any mention by leasing office that situation has improved is false. In fact the building will be experience repairs for the next year ...

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Lauren maccarone

2022-08-18   Google

I like my apartment but the elevators never work. Ever since I moved in there is always at one of the 4 elevators not working… it’s a 40 floor building. For the outrageous rents they charge, this is not worth it, and it is unacceptable for a so c...

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Ahri Zhang

2022-08-15   Google

the worst apartment. if you don’t want to be mad all the time, don’t even bother coming here.

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Greg Wertheimer

2022-08-01   Google

Laura is a consummate professional. She has been wonderful to work with. Made the entire process easy. Thank you.

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Jonathan Carvalho Pruna

2022-07-28   Google

My overall experience here is good. The reasons I don't give five stars is the elevators were an issue (but have improved the last few month) and the finishes in my apartment felt cheap (eg. the laminate on my kitchen cabinets peels off and there wer...

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Sadana Balachandar

2022-07-11   Google

Enjoyed my time at the Morgan - it is in a perfect location. We lived in both the 2 and 3 bedroom apartments and if there was ever any issue, it was taken care of immediately. Service requests are handled quickly, staff is very helpful. Outdoor areas...

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Neil Goradia

2022-07-11   Google

My time at the Morgan is a time I will never forget. Great location and people. Everyone who works there is kind an helpful. Can't say enough kind words. I would recommend the Morgan to anyone and I live there for 6 years!!

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Divya Arora

2022-07-06   Google

I have been a resident of this property for almost one and half years. Here are few things you would experience: 1. Service request gets addressed quickly in almost 24 hrs. 2. Conceirge service will try their level best to make address your daily iss...

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Xauen Zirpolo

2022-07-02   Google

EDIT: I'm amending my review to 3 stars. Despite all the problems we've had over the course of our lease, things have gotten much better towards the end. The building office completely cleaned house, and the new property manager and leasing team have...

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Ellen Xiaoyue Sun

2022-06-17   Google

Unfortunately I have to side with every other recent comments here. Let me start with this : STAY AS FAR AWAY AS POSSIBLE. I’ve lived in 3 different rental buildings in JC and this is by far the worst one. Lots of comments liked the concierge servi...

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Lava patel

2022-06-14   Google

The assistant property manager Maylene Rodriguez is always warm, welcoming and ready to assist residents in a timely fashion.

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2022-06-07   Google

Just moved in. I requested for move in 3 days ago and Laura and Maylene were super helpful in getting me the apartment. Amazing hospitality and had a wonderful experience. Very friendly move in. Would recommend connecting with them if you are looking...

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Varun Malhotra

2022-06-06   Google

Maylene is hands down the most amazing apm at the Morgan. Always super helpful and most of all kind. If you need anything at all she is always happy to assist. She makes this building a better place to live. Thanks Maylene!

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Kevin Lee

2022-04-25   Google

Frequently only one of the three elevators servicing the top thirty-something floors is in service, which results in cascading wait times as things get backed up. We have taken to timing how long the elevator takes and it is frequently around 10+ min...

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Kaushik Margabandu

2022-04-24   Google

I pay close to $4000 for an abysmal apartment. Since I moved around a year back, the elevators have constantly been out of order; peak of Covid waves and the remaining 1 elevator would be jam packed with annoyed, tired and angry residents. The window...

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cuocuo little

2022-03-14   Google

The building is good and people in leasing office/maintenance are nice. However, the company charged me quite a few hundred dollars for so-called "cleaning", when I moved out. It is insane. I have lived in multiple different apartments. The "cleaning...

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Anna Kim

2022-02-28   Google

Review update! Still no refund even though i contacted VP, Brand, Marketing & Leasing. Terrible. To start, do not lease this apartment or attempt to purchase a condo from this company. As you can see from all of the below reviews, they are all true a...

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Krupesh Patel

2022-02-19   Google

Here is an update. I don't know how there are new 5 star reviews? They might not be real to be quite honest. Package access has worsened now I wait longer to get my package - even though I have Amazon Prime. The pool is the pool. Location is still go...

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hm 123

2022-02-13   Google

It's a luxury apartment with a good view. That's why they have the elevators broken down every month so that we can really appreciate the time spent inside their lovely apartments. Yeah so prepare to spend about 10-15 minutes waiting for the elevator...

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I have toured a lot of apartment communities lately and find the Morgan to have the best location as it’s very close to the PATH. The apartments are large relative to the other buildings we looked at and the leasing team has been very gracious and ...

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Karisa Warford

2022-01-28   Google

I have toured a lot of apartment communities lately and find the Morgan to have the best location as it’s very close to the PATH. The apartments are large relative to the other buildings we looked at and the leasing team has been very gracious and ...

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Patricia K.

2022-01-22   Google

My daughter and I visited the community as she needs an apartment close to the PATH and we really like the apartments and amenity areas. The general manager actually toured us and was very pleasant and accommodating. We had a great experience- we liv...

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I highly recommend The Morgan! The building is in a great location, blocks from the waterfront, PATH station, and amazing restaurants. The building has great amenities (24 hour concierge, garage parking, fitness center) and my favorite, the outdoor a...

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Really enjoyed our tour- the manager was very professional and friendly! Beautiful apartments and amenities!

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Jennifer Ocello

2022-01-21   Google

Property is well maintained and kept immaculate ! Prime location for JC and upscale amenities.

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We lived in the morgan for 6+ years, first as a couple, then added two kids. We lived in a two bedroom and for the last year a 3 bedroom. The building has great amenities and the staff is great. Anytime we needed something fixed in the apartment it w...

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I love The Morgan! I just recently renewed my lease with Maylene and she was very patient and sweet. Great customer service!

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Justin Goldstein

2022-01-20   Google

I highly recommend The Morgan! The building is in a great location, blocks from the waterfront, PATH station, and amazing restaurants. The building has great amenities (24 hour concierge, garage parking, fitness center) and my favorite, the outdoor a...

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2022-01-11   Google

Amazing building in a gorgeous location in Jersey City. Staff is amazing and never fail to create an amazing environment! I love this place!

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nikhil keswaney

2022-01-05   Google

This is the worst building I have lived in! They take so much money and do nothing! Their elevator is always out of service it never works! Their staff in the leasing office is also very rude! They loose your packages!

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Kelly Kearns

2022-01-04   Google

I will try to make this review as detailed as possible because I would have liked to have all this information when choosing the Morgan. Pros: - Maintenance staff is AMAZING. They typically respond to requests same day. - The Concierge stafff is very...

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The building may seem nice and has a good location, but there are so many issues. Mainly there is almost always an elevator out of service, leading to extremely long wait times and crowds, which is beyond frustrating. Emphasis on always, as I have li...

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The elevators never work in this building. Currently, 3 of 4 are out of commission. This is a regular occurrence. Do not live here! On a good day, 2 of 4 elevators are working. A truly horrible building and place to live.

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Jessica Trento

2021-12-21   Google

Will definitely not be renewing our lease here. This building is a joke. The elevator is always out. I have literally missed multiple appointments waiting over 5 minutes for one to come and i live on a high floor so i taking the stairs really isnt an...

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The elevators are always broken. The building regularly blames residents for this and fails to take responsibility for this reoccurring issue. Do not move here!

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Malcolm Yang

2021-12-16   Google

Pros: - Nice amenities, the pool, gym, in-unit laundry - Great location, very close to PATH, shops and restaurants - Front desk is friendly - Maintenance requests are completed quickly Cons: - Elevators: There seems to be ALWAYS an elevator down ever...

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Jinwei Zhang

2021-12-07   Google

From the second you move out they’re gonna treat you terribly. I’ve been asking for my $5000 deposit refund but they just keep ignoring me and looking for excuses for three months. Wasted so much time on phone calls and emails with them. One star...

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Shanshan Liu

2021-11-15   Google

The construction of a building next to Morgan is still going on, which is incredibly loud during day time and you cannot focus on work if your work from home and give you stress. If your windows are facing pool and closed to the 8th floor, you will a...

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Paul Barnes (Takeitfrompb)

2021-10-27   Google

Things you should know before moving in. At least one elevator in always down. Be ready for long wait times. Constant construction noise in the area and the fire alarms are going off on some floor at least once a day. If someone is cooking, the smell...

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Stella Rui

2021-10-21   Google

As a current resident, I would say the package system of this apartment is a disaster. They do have lockers, but they seldom use them. They leave your packages in a room (sometimes even place them outside the package room in no order!) and let you lo...

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Alicia Cho

2021-10-19   Google

The elevators are so so so slow- I cannot emphasize enough. Also, if you are looking to work from home, avoid this building as there are massive constructions all around and such constructions are incredibly loud (to the extent that it’s hard to fo...

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Sunny Patel

2021-08-23   Google

Worked with Joel and Maylene. Great service and awesome views. Love the layouts of the building especially.

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Roxanne Kovall

2021-08-16   Google

Maintenance and leasing office extremely helpful when there are questions or work orders. Maintenance can’t respond any faster to work orders which is truly appreciated!!

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Vanessa H

2021-07-23   Google

The building is shaking every 1 minute during the day time. We have been reflected the issue to leasing office, but no one pay attention nor provided any technical valuation confirmation to the residents. Don't excuse with construction, cause there a...

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Matthew Wu

2021-07-07   Google

Place is a joke. It's dusty and moldy. I wound up in urgent care twice during my stay here due to breathing issues associated with that apartment. I ended up purchasing over 1,000 in medical grade air purifiers to be able to breathe properly. The ele...

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2021-06-25   Google

We’ve been living here almost 3 years and couple months ago we just extended our lease to the end of next year. I should have given a 5-star rating as all workers here are very friendly and the overall living experience is really good. However, thi...

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2021-06-21   Google

You’ll see a lot of nice amenities when you tour, unfortunately they are broken frequently and take months to be fixed. A big reason I picked this building over nearby competitors was the very nice fire pit on the roof but I’ve only been able to ...

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xin xin

2021-06-18   Google

It’s a horrible place to be during construction, especially if you do work from home on weekdays. The floors keep vibrating and the noise outside drives you crazy — I found myself in a much worse health condition after a short period of time livi...

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Anna Hong

2021-06-18   Google

If without the constructions around, especially the one just started next door, I would give a 5-star without doubt. All the stuff here are excellent and nice high rise building. However. The constructions around create too much noise which makes it ...

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Sophie Li

2021-06-18   Google

There are constructions around the building for almost 2 years. Since a few weeks ago, the building starts to shake. It's shaking everyday and more and more frequently. I called the management. What I was told is there is no solution. The shaking wil...

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Steve Smith

2021-06-16   Google

I lived here from 2016-2021. Overall great place. Apartments are beautiful, location is great--close to coffee shops, bars, restaurants, and PATH. The first few years had awful management, but current management is better and also the new automated p...

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Joseph Kim

2021-05-24   Google

Noise level due to construction is unbearable

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We lived in The Morgan for 4 years and really enjoyed it! Our apartment was very comfortable/spacious and the amenities are all you need, especially the outdoor/roof area. Ryan, Alex and the rest of the building management team are incredibly helpful...

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Maggie Wang

2021-03-01   Google

We met Ryan at the Morgan who is the maintenance manager at the building. he is a very nice guy, friendly, does the good service for the tenants, and help dealing with the issues we have efficiently.

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I've lived in this building for 4 years and the ongoing maintenance issues are the same. No water due to pipes bursting and the elevators are always down. You're not truly a resident until you've walked your dog up and down 20+ flights of stairs to r...

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Meng Wang

2021-02-19   Google

If you wanna experience random water shortage or a 2-meter long line in front of the elevator, live here! Can't imagine why the pipes keep exploding and elevators keep out of work when they always "trying hard to fix it." Worst of the worst!! Can't w...

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Drishti Gupta

2021-02-09   Google

The stay during the pandemic has been flawless so far! All the service requests are answered and attended within 24 hours. Ryan ( Maintainance Manager) has been very helpful and thorough to attend to the service requests. Thank you!

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Na Xue

2021-01-29   Google

I've lived here for over a year and really like this building. The concierge is warm and welcome, and maintenance team is very helpful. Ryan (maintenance manager) and Alex responded very quickly and helped me fix all issues in a day. Leasing office i...

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Munah Gomes

2021-01-28   Google

My experience dealing with this leasing team was initially positive but it quickly turned into a terrible experience. I paid a deposit and two application fees for an apartment on Nov. 22, 2020. My partner, the leasing agent and I signed a document i...

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Meihe Wu

2020-11-22   Google

I was a resident here for 2 years. I like how convenient it is. It is close to subway, and varies markets and stores. The apartment got a nice view. The staff are very nice and friendly. The leasing office management team is helpful, responsive, and ...

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I lived at the Morgan for 4 years in two different apartments, and it's a lovely place. The amenities are great (gym, pool, lounge) and the apartments are beautiful (I was in two different studios for two years each and a close friend was in a 2br, 2...

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Mitchell Morgan

2020-09-27   Google

My wife and I lived here for 4 years, and it was a great experience. The building is clean with many great amenities (very dog friendly), and the staff here are always friendly and helpful. The location is also great — there are several good restau...

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Move in process was great, no issues. The building is well maintained and staff is super friendly and responsive. I would highly recommend The Morgan if you are looking for a place in Jersey City!

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I’ve had nothing but good experiences here and I couldn’t ask for a better location. The employees are extra friendly and helpful. Apartments are beautiful as well. Highly recommend.

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Luna Spazioso

2020-07-25   Google

The apartment is nice, the staff is friendly and always helpful. One big watch out is that although they have a nice pool if you move in with young children they will not be allowed in the pool if still wearing diapers. We have been living in the bui...

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Connie Hecht


Poorly run property Shoddy construction and finishes No hot water for a month Elevators constantly out of service unresponsive property managers Property is currently surrounded by 4 different LOUD construction projects Do not live here!!!

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Alex B

2020-02-24   Google

Lived there for a year and highly recommend this rental building. I still use their wine cork opener that Gigi presented me after I signed the lease! Such a positive group of people! The building is modern and well maintained. The 2BDR corner apartme...

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David Hale

2019-11-13   Google

Expect 9% per year rent increases with no flexibility to adjust by leasing office as well as at least one elevator down at all times (very long elevator wait times particularly during peak commuting hours). They price winter rent increases based off ...

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2019-09-18   Google

My wife and I just moved in last week. Working with the leasing office (Val was our relationship contact there) was smooth. Move-in day was also smooth, the apartment itself is nice, and the concierge team has been warm and welcoming. So far, so good...

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Santiago Fernandez

2019-09-16   Google

My wife and I have lived at the Morgan since 2016 and we love it. Blerina and her team are amazing. They have completely changed the culture, not only in the Leasing office, but also the relationship between management and tenants for the better. The...

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Jorge Stevenson

2019-08-09   Google

Great location and well maintained building

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Simon Jones

2019-05-29   Google

I’ve lived hear about 6 months and have really enjoyed it. The place is clean and well kept. Leasing staff was responsive and maintenance has been good to us. Elevators get a bit crowded but since I live on a lower floor it’s not an issue. No neg...

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2019-05-13   Google

Good with new manager

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Vuk Susulic

2019-05-03   Google

It’s very telling that a building rated 4.2 stars when we moved in (2 years ago) is now rated 3.1 - a rating that is still too high. Avoid this place at all costs, you certainly will feel the pain of living here at some point and management will si...

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Sotirios Gountas

2019-04-14   Google

This place is a joke. The elevators break on a weekly basis and that isn't an exaggeration. The mailroom is one of the most disorganized I've ever experienced. We pay for 2 day shipping yet it may take another 2 days to get the package from the mailr...

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Matthew Gabor

2019-02-15   Google

EDIT 2/15/2019: The Morgan cleaned house in the leasing office sometime in 2018 and the new building manager rocks! From sometime in early 2018: Love the building and concierge 5 / 5 stars. The building manager and her assistant receive a -4 / 5 nett...

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Ed Wilkes

2019-01-31   Google

I have lived at The Morgan for the past year and it has been a great experience. The location is ideal for commuting into NYC because it is right next to the PATH. It is also a great central location for the Jersey City nightlife and restaurant scene...

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Joseph Doll

2018-12-03   Google

Building management has screwed up our online payment system, resulting in my roommates and I needing to cut a certified check every month and drop it off during business hours (10am - 6pm if you're lucky). This is very inconvenient, and is yet anoth...

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haohan ZHAO

2018-10-26   Google

I am resident here. I keep lost my packages with delivered records from post office. Elevator were a big problem as people mentioned in other reviews. Floor are cheap material. Windows are not sealed well. Electrical billing can go up to 500/600 doll...

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David Caudill

2018-10-13   Google

This building apparently has no trash room or dumpster. They do not depend on the city to pick up trash, but use a private company instead. This company leaves disgusting messes all over the sidewalk at least weekly - pictured is a pile of dirty diap...

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Building management is an absolute disaster. My roommates and I have had repeated problems with being double charged for rent. Management applies a credit to the account, but charges in addition to the credit, leaving a perpetual credit.

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Asif Billa

2018-09-20   Google

Nice community

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S Li

2018-07-19   Google

The apartment is super dusty (the is also part of the reason we moved out for health concern) because it's right next to 2 construction sites. The view was completely blocked by 90 columbus, and there is another high rise being built right now in bet...

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I never thought that a modern building could have such severe elevator problems but that is the case in this building. There are only 3 elevators that serve the whole building, which would be ok if all of them were working. Unfortunately the elevator...

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Mike Reid

2018-03-18   Google

Nice new building with good amenities.

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Juliet Chen

2018-02-15   Google

We started reading reviews after putting in an application for a beautiful unit at The Morgan and got worried reading complaints about babies not being allowed in the pool. So I asked our leasing agent, in the same email we sent our paystubs, to have...

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The leasing office will ONLY ask you to pay check, NEVER work.

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Angela Yu

2017-12-22   Google

Bad leasing service,we successfully made an appointmemt with the staff and arrived on time,but nobody in leasing office at all!!!No idea how its managment system work,wont come again!!!

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Robert Ellis

2017-12-17   Google

The Morgan was a nice place to live when it first opened, but definitely better options in the area. Not worth the constant headaches that come with living there. The building has a lot of issues and the management is truly incompetent. The elevators...

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2017-10-03   Google

The worst management i've ever seen, the most unprofessional stuff in town, even after the lease, it took me forever to get my security deposit back. I am tired dealing with these people. Avoid them.

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Athena L

2017-08-27   Google

Worst management ever. Have to wait in lines for elevators during busy hours & weekends.(only 3 elevators go up above 12th flr, one of them is used for move-ins or out, the other goes down often) Definitely not baby friendly. They don't tell you befo...

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Vivienne Cui

2017-08-19   Google

Worst management I have ever seen. They only care about money and made many ridiculous rules like people can't moving in and out on weekend. Come on. Make no sense.

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Nishant Shah

2017-08-10   Google

Great building to live

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Kluger Typ

2017-07-29   Google

Ausstattung gut, aber definitiv Preis Leistung stimmt nicht!!

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I don't recommend this building. We have lived here for about a year and the management has gotten worse and construction is not good. We moved in when the unit was brand new and since then we've had two air condition units break, multiple light bulb...

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2017-06-16   Google

This building doesn't provide lease contract to resident after the resident signed. Leasing office treat resident as air after clients become residents.

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Ophir Haim

2017-06-13   Google

Families beware! Not a family friendly building!

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Horrible management and treatment of residents. No regard to the community of residents and what people care about. Management does not care to even listen to people. Typical wait for elevators is 5-10 minutes during rush hour. Much better options ne...

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Red Dacquel

2017-06-06   Google

Nice spot. Great views. Sweet amenities for residents.

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Kelly Meade

2016-08-01   Google

Very nice layout with awesome amenities.

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Vengata Subramanian

2016-07-29   Google

Its very near to Path station. Easy to move anywhere. Nice area with all amenities.

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2016-07-05   Google

Bright Side : Very helpful concierge and leasing office worker (Tarique for me). Whole view of the Jersey City. Great indoor washer and dryer!

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Stella Wang

2016-06-23   Google

The worst leasing office I've been to. We made appointment to check out the apartment after work on Thursday, which they were supposed to be open till 8pm. But when we got there, the leasing office was closed! Without any notification to us, I just w...

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Showing 184 reviews with content.

Showing 184 reviews with content.

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