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    Open-concept layouts let in all that natural light

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    Game day party or just hanging out? You've got the space for it!

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    What's cooking?

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    Open-concept kitchens and living rooms

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    Unleash your inner gourmet

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    Get cozy in your own apartment

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    Modern bathrooms with elegant design

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    Sleek modern finishes make every day a treat

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    Start every day in style

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    Extra-wide vanities for your inner interior decorator

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    Your sanctuary for a snooze

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    Spacious closets

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    In-home laundry for that extra bit of added convenience

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    Relax in our beautifully landscaped courtyard

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    Take a break on the terrace

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    Feel like a rooftop swim?

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    Evening relaxation on those perfect summer nights

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    A cozy spot to chat with neighbors

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    Where city lights meet a beautiful rooftop getaway

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    The separate yoga studio is the perfect place to find your center

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    Work out in a state-of-the-art fitness center

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    Wind down with a game of billiards

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    Spaces for neighbors to become friends

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    Interior design worth showing off

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    Sleek, polished, and all yours

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    Chic modern entryways

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    Where every community space feels like home

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    Artistic features and modern finishes

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    Plenty of room for everyone!

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    Working from home or just chatting with friends? The perfect spot for both

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    Host your next event or cocktail hour at the resident bar

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    We put the "art" in Art Place

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    Welcome to The Modern at Art Place

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    Close to Fort Totten, close to everything

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    Artfully designed, inspiring architecture

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    Come home to this at the end of the day

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    Beautiful at every time of day

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    End your day in a place that feels like home

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    The Modern at Art Place Neighborhood

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