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    What are we whipping up tonight?

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    Beautiful kitchen spaces perfect for your inner gourmet

  • Photo 73677 resized

    Designer finishes for your ideal kitchen

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    Space to relax, unwind and recharge

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    A great place to entertain friends or relax at the end of the day

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    Modern finishes in a contemporary bathroom design

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    Start the day by getting ready in style

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    Relax, recharge, repeat

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    A stairway to the Central experience

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    Sleek, stylish, modern

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    From our design to our friendly concierge, every detail is meant to impress

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    Take a breather before a long day or get cozy at the end of one -- it's your choice

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    Work up a sweat with every workout

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    Get your daily exercise with our on-site gym

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    Perfect spaces for entertaining, socializing or working from home

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    Room for everyone, no matter the occasion

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    Fancy a game of pool? Try the resident lounge

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    Our resident lounge is the ideal space for every occasion

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    Poolside relaxation is moments away.

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    Outdoor spaces for every event

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    Beauty in the smallest details

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    For that fresh-air feeling, no matter the weather

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    Looking for some fresh air? Try the private courtyard

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    Make Silver Spring transit a breeze with on-site bike storage

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    Pamper your pets at our on-site pet spa

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    Welcome home to Central

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    Central to you

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    A home in the center of everything

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    Enjoy drinks and outdoor dining with friends at the many dining options in downtown Silver Spring.

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    Relax with a warm cup of coffee at the cafés nearby

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    Take a talk or a bike ride through the nearby parks

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    Downtown Silver Spring is the perfect place for date night or a night out

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    Dining options are endless in downtown Silver Spring

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    Check out the AFI Silver Theatre for a fun night out

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    Sit down for casual drinks with friends at any of the bars or restaurants in walking distance of Central

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    Enjoy a movie at any time with multiple theaters within walking distance

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    Get some fresh air while exploring the nearby parks and trails

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    Enjoy the multitude of shops and malls nearby Central

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