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Live Within Reach

At Monroe Street Market, you're always in the mix. Enjoy easy access to public transportation, including the Brookland-CUA Metro Station, several bus stops, the Metropolitan Bike Trail and plenty of bars and restaurants.

Just Downstairs

  • Potbelly, &pizza, Barnes & Noble, Busboys and Poets, Filter Coffeehouse, The Back Rack, Brookland Pint, Chipotle, Wardman Wines, and Starbucks.

Around Town

  • Restaurants: Menomale,Little Ricky's, Brookland's Finest, Brookland Pint, Busboy's & Poets, Steel Plate, San Antonio Bar and Grill, Brookland Café, MGM Roast Beef, Sala Thai, Sweet Mango, The Looking Glass, RedRocks, Murry & Paul's, Cafe Sureia
  • Bars: Smith Public Trust, Steel Plate, Brookland's Finest, The Looking Glass, Lace on the Avenue, Domku Bar & Café, 9:30 Club, Tonic, Marvin, The Gibson, Wonderland Ballroom
  • Stores: Target, CVS, Home Depot, Yes! Organic Market, Giant
  • Hotels: Comfort Inn & Suites
  • Theaters: Dance Place, Howard Theatre, GALA Hispanic Theater
  • Museums: Franciscan Monastery, President Lincoln's Cottage, Pope John Paul II Cultural Center
  • Parks: Fort Bunker Hill Park

Getting Around

  • Metro: At Brookland-CUA Metro Station
  • Bus: Directly across the street from Metrobus station
  • Airports: About eight miles from Reagan National
  • Train Station: About three miles from Union Station

Educate Yourself

  • Elementary School: Brookland Elementary School
  • Middle School: St. Anthony Catholic School
  • High School: Luke Charles Moore Academy
  • Colleges/Universities: Howard University, Trinity Washington University, Catholic University of America