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    Elegant features in our modern kitchens.

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    Open living spaces filled with natural light.

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    Plenty of room for entertaining.

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    What's cooking?

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    Sophisticated finishes in a contemporary design.

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    Large windows provide plenty of light in living spaces.

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    Private balconies for warm-weather evenings.

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    Relax, recharge, repeat

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    Elegant fixtures and modern counter tops to start your day in style.

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    Constant care from the full-service concierge.

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    Live surrounded by beautiful design.

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    Spaces for great conversation and better company.

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    Stretch out and relax.

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    Rooftop relaxation? Yes, please!

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    Sit by the water for a relaxing evening.

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    A place to unwind.

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    Welcome to a green rooftop like no other.

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    Relaxing water features bring nature to you.

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    Breathtaking in every detail.

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    Outdoor seating for every occasion.

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    From parties to hangouts to solo relaxation, we've got the space for you.

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    Grill out and chill out on our green rooftop.

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    A rooftop with a view

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    Get cozy and enjoy a spectacular skyline.

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    Sweeping views are our specialty.

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    A gorgeous place to spend every moment of every day.

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    When the sun sets, the party begins.

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    A place to relax at every hour.

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    Sparkle and shine, no matter the hour.

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    Cozy up by the rooftop fire pit.

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    Turn an ordinary evening into an extraordinary one.

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    Beautiful sunset? Check.

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    880 P is your place for just about everything.

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    Enjoy the rooftop deck and get down to relaxing.

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    A rooftop lounge for every occasion.

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    Feel like a swim?

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    Swim with the city skyline.

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    Amenities for your furry friends, too.

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    A space for our four-legged residents to run and play.

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    Private balconies offer a fresh-air space for everyone.

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    Gorgeous windows in a refreshing, modern design.

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    Beautiful design at every hour.

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    Take a stroll down 8th Street.

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    Bright colors, brighter lifestyles.

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    Where sophistication meets stellar design.

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    A sight for sore eyes.

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    Welcome home to City Market at O.

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    Style meets history in the heart of DC.

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    The historic City Market at O sign.

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    Local favorites and convenient retail destinations.

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    Get your shopping done at City Market.

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    There's always something happening at City Market at O.

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    Grab some grub at Ben's Chili Bowl.

  • Photo 75393 resized

    Say hi to Duke Ellington on your way to the next show.

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    Who's playing tonight at the Howard Theater?

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    Giant Grocery

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    Local conveniences for everyone.

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    Easy access to the Metro.

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    What's for dinner?

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    Gorgeous art on U Street.

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