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    Mariner Kitchen Island

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    Mariner Kitchen

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    Mariner Living Area

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    Mariner Windows

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    Mariner Bathroom

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    Mariner Cardio

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    Mariner Lobby

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    Mariner Lounge

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    Mariner Fitness Center

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    Mariner Resident Lounge

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    Mariner Roof

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    Mariner Rooftop Lounge

  • Photo 63845 resized

    Mariner Rooftop

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    Mariner View

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    Mariner Water View

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    Mariner Aerial

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    Mariner Dock

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    Mariner Exterior

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    Mariner Promenade

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    Mariner View from Water

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    Visit the neighborhood Whole Foods to find the perfect inspiration for your next meal.

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    With the train station just steps away, you can find your commute to be a breeze.

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    Find the charm of Port Chester right out your front door.

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    Get shopping or go see a flick at the Water Front Shopping Plaza.

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    Grab a bite at the Heartland, a beer hall with great eats.

  • Photo 69255 resized

    Plenty of beer varieties at the Heartland.

  • Photo 69256 resized

    Get a taste of Colombian cooking at Aqui Es Sante Fe.

  • Photo 69257 resized

    Head to Copacabana Steakhouse for a great night out on the town.

  • Photo 69258 resized

    Walk by the scenic Port Chester Marina.

  • Photo 69259 resized

    Take in some great Mexican food, right on the water at Bartaco.

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    Find the perfect bottle of wine at Tarry Wine Merchants.

  • Photo 69261 resized

    Pick up some specialty food items for dinner from Tarry Market.

  • Photo 69262 resized

    Have the perfect cup of coffee with a great pastry at The Kneaded Bread.

  • Photo 69263 resized

    Take the whole family out for some great Italian at Tarry Lodge.

  • Photo 69264 resized

    See a great show at the historic Capitol Theatre.

  • Photo 63839 resized

    Port Chester Main Street.

  • Photo 63840 resized

    Port Chester Metro North Station.

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