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Ratings & Reviews

Here's what our residents and prospects are saying.

Mohan Prasad

2022-07-02   Google

The best comedy that I’ve had in a long time absolutely amazing. Events like this make me want to live here. I hope events like this come here monthly.

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Like the amenities and neighborhood. Need to do a better job getting the Conservice bill out on time. Also, I notice it takes several weeks before rent checks are being cashed. The maintenance staff is outstanding.

Anna Vollmar

2022-06-22   Google

My tour of the apartment was by far the best I have had. And my wife & I toured 8 places that day. We are eager to move there & cannot wait!

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The apartments are very nice and maintenance is very quick to respond when requested. The complex is located in a nice quiet and safe neighborhood.



Quiet community where I feel safe coming home too. Everything runs through the portal which allows me to track all my payments and maintenance request.



Been here for almost three years and I enjoy the stay. Some things I would change but overall can’t complain. I think we need more handicap planking on the floors. We



When the new Property Manger let me upgrade to a 2bd apt with loft, with 3 months rent free, a new dishwasher, a new washer and dryer and a wet bar. Gosh. She's the best!!! :-) Just kidding. I can dream, right? Real best moment was when OZ gave huge ...



Parking is always pretty annoying when theres hardly any spaces available after 5 pm. Especially when the majority of the reserved spaces are empty. Also not a fan of how much it costs to reserve the common areas when rent is so expensive already. Be...



I love the community and living areas. The staff is helpful and responds quickly to any problems reported. The maintenance staff is very responsive and knowledgeable.



The ladies in the office are wonderful, the up keep on the grounds is amazing and I love my apartment. It’s quiet and spacious no complaints at all.

Pamela Logan

2022-05-19   Google

Imana The maintenance/up keep has met our expectations since Bozzuto has taken over this property. Imana, as the maintenance Supervisor has responded to our concerns and completed all work projects.

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Everything is great here :) staff is friendly and quick to respond, grounds are well-kept, and my apartment is beautiful!! I’m so grateful to live here



I enjoy living in the area it’s very peaceful and like the community engagement events that are planned. I would like to see a little more events that help get to know the neighbors.



So far so good 😊 we live 10 short years and we feel safe, happy and tremendously blessed. This place is very quiet and a little bit expensive but gives you peace and happiness



Great place to live. Close to shopping, schools and additional restaurants and grocery stores coming soon. quiet neighborhood, and the amenities like the gym and pool are great.



The management is very helpful! We really like our apartment. Anytime we need maintenance on appliances or just anything in the apartment we rarely have to wait long.

Linda G

2022-05-02   Google

Bozzuto is starting to impress, I had a great customer service experience today. I placed a service request A/C and bath tun spout. A technician responded within the hour. Imana was able to resolve the tub issue by switching a piece from each bathroo...

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Excellent customer service, excellent maintenance staff, and great amenities! A special shout out to Kelly and Elizabeth who has always been very attentive to all of our needs.



The transition from Kettler to Buzzoto there was many delays in the front office and very minimum response after multiple follow emails. It seems like it is starting to improve.



Nice community in Lorton. Really like the folks in the office. Maintenance comes out right away when tickets are put in and I enjoy the covered secure parking.



Stay here for the past two months has been excellent and peaceful ! As my first one bedroom apartment ! Kelly the assistant property manager is kind , patient and welcoming ! The front desk is excellent too !



Mgmt is not personalable or approachable, not very responsive to direct emails, or phone calls. Prior Mgmt took the time to know the tenants (by name). Held community events which neighbors enjoyed



It is a very quiet place to live, it is a pity that it does not have a place for children to play (only the pool in summer ) everything is very clean and I like the new management



Like living here but seems to be some issues with maintenance. Occasionally end up with the fix from a ticket needing them to return to actually fix.



The staff have been super professional and attentive since the first day I moved here in 2019! I love how they keep the grounds and how well the communicate with us!!



I have been enjoying my experience so far. Very few annoyances, super fast maintenance and responsiveness. Knowing this apartment complex was a Bozzuto property definitely had a positive impact on me leasing here.



I’ve lived here before, moved away and now I’m back. I love it here. The new staff is great and doing a great job so far. I’m the Northern Virginia area, this is the first place I would recommend/refer people to.



The take over could have been better with letting the current residents know in advance. Knowing your property in full before taking over instead of guessing what’s going on.


2022-04-22   Google

Iman and John came in and fixed my washer and dryer and they did an awesome job getting it done!

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It appears that everything is being kept up such as the landscaping, common areas and even scheduled maintenance such as the recent cleaning of the dryer vents.

Sandra C. White


It's a great safe place to live. It's well hidden which increases the safety.

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I think the team has done a wonderful job during the transition. I would like to see the food trucks back on Thursdays; also the problems with the fire alarm system was beyond annoying. I almost work on edge not knowing when or if the alarm will go o...



I must say each and every time I have a call for service the staff responds quickly and most efficient. I can count on when I or my brother submit a service request the work is completed within 24 hours or the same day. I truly appreciate it. All my ...



Friendly safe community. Helpful staff. Nice pool, gym, grill area and indoor lounge to host parties. Movie theater and office area as well.

Natalie McGrail


I love everything about living at vista highlands. The community is great. maintenance is fantastic! And the apartments are beautiful and spacious.

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Nic W

2022-04-18   Google

We have lived in this complex for about a year, we just transferred to a 2 bedroom with a loft from a 2 bedroom and absolutely love it!! The ceilings are super tall, we have lots of natural light and the skylight helps with that tremendously! Kelly m...

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Semsem Semsem

2022-04-18   Google

I managed is the service manager he doing great job thus building after bozzuto take over the did lot of maintenance approved so am happy to stay here .

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Very nice experience Near 95 and would definitely recommend it to anyone. Clean apartment and good staff is wha t any resident dream of. Thumps up



I love everything about living at vista highlands. The community is great. maintenance is fantastic! And the apartments are beautiful and spacious.



Thus far Buzzuto has demonstrated a desire to offer and maintain an affordable housing experience to it's tenants. I like that they now offer some incentives to the tenants and monitor unhealthy situations and disruptive neighbors.



The garage needs to improve safety . With large vehicles parked on the corners it can be dangerous. No lights on the 2nd level of the garage.



Main office could have more people to help with Mail and help tenants more efficiently. Buildings and parking are should have more security cameras for the safety and security of the tenants are there belongings.

kori clemons

2022-04-13   Google

Imana is the service manager here at Vista and I must say that we have been very pleased with the way that he helped us through a few situations making sure that things were taken care of and we were completely happy.

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Absolutely love it! Especially since the Bozzuto staff took over, communications and updates with resident are always timely and respect since. If there are issues they are quick to work with you to resolve them. The community is in a quaint neighbor...

Tanis Davis

2022-04-12   Google

Imana the service manager and his team are life savers. There was an odor in my apt. (Not the properties fault) and they worked so hard to find where it was coming from. They checked everything to make sure my apartment was safe, and took very good c...

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Some of the changes made have been good, but improvements are inconsistent and office staff with hours are not conducive for working residents.

Alma Withrow

2022-04-06   Google

Imana is thw services manager he doing great jobs this property after Bozzuto take over he did lot of maintenance approved this building and personally he fixed my dishwasher and microwave very quickly and solved problems. I am happy to stay this pro...

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I love my apartment and the amenities. The office staff is incredibly welcoming and willing to address any issue. I think the office staff is doing everything they can to ensure residents are happy. Unfortunately there are residents that don't respec...



Nice place to live most of the time. Management does a good job. Maintenance is timely when repairs are needed. Only downside is sometimes the noise and inconsiderate people in the community.



I’ve had a great experience with Bozzuto and Laurel Vista. We are in a beautiful apartment, the move in process was super easy and maintenance is always wonderful. The front office team is super helpful, we’re happy to be here.



So far so good living here. It's quiet, clean and peaceful. So far the neighbor I met is friendly and respectful. The staff is great and helpful.



Beautiful property with beautiful amenities. Great office staff. Extremely convenient location. Residents are pleasant and respectful. The dog park is a great feature on this property. Wonderful school district.



I always feel safe at Vista Laurel Highlands. The staff are very welcoming and willing to help with anything. My only complaint is rent payment. When I drop it in the box, it can take up to 6 days to be processed and online has a $10 fee. Other than ...



The office staff has been friendly and helpful and the maintenance people have also been friendly and accommodating. The neighborhood is quiet and kept up very well. It is a nice place to live



Honestly the difference between Bozzuto and the previous property management is night and day. Every one of my concerns, that used to be ignored or given band aid solutions, have been addressed immediately and sincerely. Everyone in the office from m...

Matthew Collins

2022-03-29   Google

So glad bozzuto took over and very excited to see how they improve the property. I've known Kelly Clemens for many years and know she is going to do great.

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Dana Williams

2022-03-22   Google

Imana, service is excellent and his attention to detail is beyond approach. His customer services is great!

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Telesha Robinson

2022-03-22   Google

Imana is the service man at Vista at Laurel Highlands. He was very professional and made sure the work was completed and made sure I was satisfied. Good job!!!

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Olga Choquet de Isla

2022-03-21   Google

Imana Tareke’s services were amazing.

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Vicente Asuncion

2022-03-18   Google

Imana is the service manager, very professional in taking out my necklace stone that was accidentally dropped at my bathroom sink. Very polite and good service. Thank both to Imana and Kelly for the fast service.👍👍👍

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Shannon Judd

2022-03-17   Google

Hi Kelly, I would be happy to come by the office later and talk with you. Most likely I won't be able to come by until this weekend. Thank you for your reply and offer to address the issues.

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Kacey Green

2022-03-09   Google

1st year was great, 2nd was not. Parking garage is annoying can get loud overlooking the entrance, buy a little red wagon (folding) if you buy more than a few bags of groceries at a time. Consider not self-moving due to the layout. Kiss your deposit ...

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Sindya Roberts

2022-01-11   Google

I have just had my first interaction with the office staff since Bozzuto took over and WOW! A lovely and pleasant lady answered the phone, her name is Cassandra, and helped me with a key fob issue in no time flat!! I have lived here for 18 months and...

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2021-12-18   Google

Just moved out about a month ago. The apartment itself is very nice, but dealing with management on anything is a nightmare. . Trying to get my security deposit back now and they're confused on whether or not I made my last payment when I have the pa...

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Hyun Kyu Park

2021-06-20   Google

I lived here for 3 years and moved out last year 2020. While my stay here was great, there were still some shortfalls the management could improve for its future and current residents. I agree with the parking garage security issue. I also want to me...

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Amanda R

2021-05-27   Google

My husband and I lived in the apartment complex from June 2020 through January 2021. We rented a 2 bedroom/2 bathroom on the first floor. We were very satisfied with the apartment and staff especially Oz! Oz would greet residents by their names and m...

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Raoul Diaz

2021-04-10   Google

Clean and operated by a nice staff. The maintenance crew and janitorial team are good people. Lots of inconsiderate tenants. Parts of the property and grounds can really use some attention. Expensive. Lots of fees. Overall, good for short term in Nor...

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Marisol Burnett

2021-03-31   Google

I walked into the office, without an appointment and was seen right away. I knew immediately that Apartment Assistant was Oz from the amazing reviews I read, his professionalism and knowledge of the Apartments. He gave me a tour of the apartment comp...

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Theodore Blunt

2021-02-21   Google

Very nice community in a prime location! Had a tour today with Jennifer and the experience was the best I’ve had thus far in the area! Will definitely consider calling Vista my home in the near future!

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John Barnes

2021-01-11   Google

Refer to Ozzie Khan's experience below. I had a short lease stay and experienced much of the same. They tell you to email them regarding any difficulties you might face, but you keep getting the run around. Because of the way they have it set-up, the...

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Jack Likeness

2020-12-29   Google

I would like to share my review and experience with Laurel Vista Highlands. I have been living here in the apartment complex for approximately 3 months so far. I am not sharing my actual name due to fear of possible retaliation. The apartment garage ...

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Michaela Martin

2020-12-24   Google

We loved living at Vista Laurel. Maintenance was always friendly and prompt. Management was amazing and always addressed any issues, (there really weren’t many at all). Oz was amazing to work with. He’s very responsive and friendly. He’s an exc...

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Kyla Charles

2020-09-15   Google

I could not have gone anywhere else once I met Oz. I was on a search for 2 months trying to find a place that was not only beautiful and well maintained, but a place that I would feel looked after as well. Somewhere that my concerns would not fall on...

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Stanton Halterman

2020-06-29   Google

Vista Laurel meets all the standards for a 3-4 star review based on location, look, amenities etc. However, the reason I put it at a 5 out of 5 is because of the management staff, specifically Oz. His dedication towards his residents and hard work du...

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Hunter Neubarth

2020-03-13   Google

The staff are all extremely warm and welcoming, the service staff from the cleaners to the maintenance works are top notch. The spaces are well utilized and feel quiet large. We had a one bed, however it did not feel small at all. Community spaces an...

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Lila Omar

2020-01-08   Google

I had an amazing experience at Vista Laurel Highlands. Next time Im back in Virginia I will stay here again. Clean and friendly place.

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Godly Dating 101

2019-08-12   Google

Stayed here for two years and enjoyed every bit of it! I only wish I wasn’t below a very noisy neighbor, but I understand that isn’t the apartments fault. Only leaving because I’m moving, but I recommend this place to anyone searching for an ap...

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Tabatha Pepin

2019-06-17   Google

Not impressed with this apartment building at all. My rent and security deposit was messed up and had to ask several times to fix it. When I got my apartment it was 86 degrees bc the Freon was empty. My shower makes a loud squealing noise during cert...

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Michael Ackerman

2018-10-22   Google

I've lived here for the past several years and the experience has been nothing less than outstanding! The management and maintenance staff are awesome. If it were possible to rate it higher than 5-stars, I would!

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Joseph Griffith

2018-10-08   Google

LOCATION. LOCATION. LOCATION. Give this apartment community a shot if you're moving to the DC/Northern Virginia area. Close to Ft Belvoir, Pentagon, and Quantico. Couldn't ask for a better management team. The professionalism, courtesy, and prompt su...

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Nita M.

2018-08-03   Google

I lived at Vista Laurel Highlands for three years, and the staff here was/is AMAZING! In reading the reviews below, I have to say that these reviews must have been written in a moment of haste/frustration, as this was Not my experience at Vista Laure...

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Carol Angel

2017-07-14   Google

Apartment started off as a luxury apartment but is now just average. Kettler is not keeping up with wear and tear. There used be 2 computers in the business center and now there is just 1. The computers always seem to be full of viruses and feels uns...

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Richard Waddy Jr


Quiet environment plenty of parking easy access to 95 north and south clean apartments reminds me of a timeshare tho !!!

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Mime Getachew


I have visited as a guest of a resident and it is a wonder place! Definitely will look into moving.

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John Doe

2016-01-30   Google

This place is great. I don't personally have any complaints. I think that people fail to realize or forget, this is an apartment. You are going to have neighbors possibly to the left, right, top, and bottom of you. With that said, you really have to ...

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Earl Delauder

2016-01-25   Google

Currently a resident at Vista Laurel Highlands. Moved in May 15. So far, have had to complain about noise of neighbors multiple times due to kids running and jumping, loud music, etc. from above. Stepped in dog poop outside my door, in the indoor hal...

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Minh Nguyen

2014-06-11   Google

Very nice but space is limited for very very high prices

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Showing 87 reviews with content.

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