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Jodi N.


Things are definitely better than when Lincoln was the management company, and there are amazing individuals within the new Bozzuto management (Michael for instance) - but I’d like to see the water leaks addressed (as I’m guessing we are changed ...



We absolutely love living in Playa Vista and since we have moved in the staff has been really helpful in anything we might have needed or any issues/concerns. A beautiful location and still very safe which is such a gem here in LA. Our leasing agent ...

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Joumana K.


I love my community. Living here has been a dream come true. The amenities are amazing. Everyone is super friendly and so helpful. I love the level of security and all the accessible shopping.

Ubong O.


I like this place and it's proximity to all the nice places around Playa Vista. The community listens and the management has improved immensely. Response to tenants requests and empathy. Nice little events to spice up the residence

Rishin P.


Community is very nice, love the local spots to visit. Noise around our unit is fairly loud. Package room moving to another building altogether is inconvenient.

Deema A.


Nice community, although my neighbor smoked weed a lot and the smell made me feel nauseated 24/7 couldn’t enjoy my stay here because leasing office couldn’t do anything about it (it stated in the lease agreement no smoking in the building) other ...



We recently moved here and have had a great experience so far. The apartment is modern, spacious and has a lot of natural light. The amenities are also great and there are a lot of shops/bars/restaurants within short walking distance. Bozzuto recentl...

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sam elphick

2021-08-16   Google

We recently moved here and have had a great experience so far. The apartment is modern, spacious and has a lot of natural light. The amenities are also great and there are a lot of shops/bars/restaurants within short walking distance. Bozzuto recentl...

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J.J. Italiano

2021-08-13   Google

I recently moved into this community so I'm still sussing this out but this has been my experience so far - I came to look at a spot while the transition to Bozzuto was happening. Although there was a lot of confusion throughout the application proce...

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Lee W.


I had high hopes for Runway but sadly, so far my hopes have been dashed. A big reason I chose Runway was because of the amenities but so far I haven't been able to use them because they're not actually available to use: For example, the main amenity ...

Chelsea Turner

2021-08-11   Google

Bozzuto is a wonderful management company that goes above and beyond for their residents! Runway is lucky to have them!

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Ryan Riemer

2021-08-10   Google

The new property management is great. Lauren Maye and the rest of the team are always very helpful and friendly.

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Grace H.


Such a great community to live in. The people are awesome and the food around is amazing! My boyfriend and I love being about to walk everywhere too. It’s a great place to have people visit, always something to do or show them!

Menghan X.


Great location, nice landscaping and convenient shopping center. We love that there are bike roads and trails and beautiful dog park nearby. The resort is a also a great gym to workout and swim. The runway got pretty much everything essential to livi...

Anastasia E.


Been great so far, lovely neighbors and environment. The location is top notch and so close to the dog park and loving this dog friendly community. Everyone you see is so nice and friendly and welcoming. It’s such a pleasant place to live and alway...

Chris E.


I need 10,000 points to pay for a taco? The service under new management is lacking. And the rent is exceedingly high. My light bulbs went out and were replaced with garish fluorescent bulbs. My dishwasher still covers my kitchen floor in water even ...

Samantha H.


Love Runway, it has been my home for over five years and I cannot imagine living anywhere else. The maintenance is 10/10 and everyone is very friendly.

Marissa A.


While it’s nice to be walking distance to everything, our move-in process was unnecessarily complicated and led to hours of cleaning our new apartment, parking mishaps, and our bike being stolen.

Brooke E.


Just moved in, and the staff in the leasing office has been very helpful! Had trouble receiving packages when I first got here. The leasing office was very quick to help, this is very appreciated! All amenities appear to be cleaned regularly and are ...

Riley D.


I love my Playa Vista Runway community. I feel very safe and appreciate how well everything is maintained. I do hope we keep everything open and not have to revert back to any pandemic enforced rules.

La Quisha A.


We’ve been a part of the RunWay for 4 years I don’t think we’re going anywhere anytime soon! My son was 2 months when we moved in, he will be 4 shortly.

Linda G.


Lots of amenities and maintenance is very responsive. Leasing office is new and not too organized or up to date on overall apartment upkeep.

Scott N.


Pretty hassle-free, enjoyable experience at Runway. It’s well maintained. Lately, the grills haven’t really been working and many of the amenities are closed like lounges and common areas. And common area WiFi is not consistent. Either Spectrum W...

Brian C.


Very clean, staff is friendly. maintenance responds fast and clean, but took a while for problem to be found and fixed. facilities are clean and well kept.

Eleanor J.


Runway management is excellent, professional and as nice as can be. If repairs are needed in the unit they are done efficiently. Housekeepers do an excellent job of keeping the premise clean.

Donald J.


Contemporary well run apartments with many amenities including community room, Game room,, pools and gyms. Lovely outdoor spaces and barbecues. Clean, very nice staff, responsive maintenance team and well located. Steps to restaurants, shopping and s...

James I.


Everyone here is very friendly. The process of moving in was easy. Lauren in the leasing office is one of my favorite people I've met this year. However, here are the issues: - The sound from the neighbors upstairs is nearly unbearable. I can hear li...

Brittany N.


I love living at Runway! It’s such an amazing community with so many incredible amenities and people. There are multiple parks for outdoor activities and some great restaurants within walking distance!

Bryan L.


I love living here, feels like vacation every day! The new management company is much better and friendlier than the staff here previously and it's awesome!

Lindsay W.


The location is great but my unit is tiny for the price. Covid put a damper on being out and about and enjoying the property and surrounding area but that’s starting to pickup which is nice. Would love if we had more cultural events around here and...

Esi B.


I have lived here for under three months and the fire alarm has gone off in the middle of the night, waking everyone up at least 4 times and 1-2x during the day. The apartments are nice and modern and the shared community spaces are well kept. The ne...

Irene Vargas

2021-07-14   Google

I presently live here. Our apartment faces the street on McConnel. People living or not living here bring their dogs to do their necessities in the artificial grass and are not picking up dog’s poop. This is very unhealthy for tenants living on thi...

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Dean B.


Love the runway apartments. The spacing and apartment amenities are amazing. Only feedback is the NB (12571) building common area on the main floor has been closed for a long time with little to no work happening in the room. An update on when this s...

Zeke V.


I love the location of the runway apartments. It's absolutely wonderful to be so close to all these restaurants and shops. Reason for the 3 star rating is for the absolute worst washer and dryer ever. They're the worst quality I've ever seen. It's so...

Jason B.


Great community! With more amenities reopening, the complex feels more and more like a resort. Just wish the fire alarm did not seem to go off so often.

Emily J.


The Runway apartments are conveniently located in a secret paradise of LA. You always feel you have community around you, something new to try, and sunshine. The apartment complex is kept up well, always clean, and the staff ensures a positive, excit...



I recently moved into this community so I'm still sussing this out but this has been my experience so far - I came to look at a spot while the transition to Bozzuto was happening. Although there was a lot of confusion throughout the application proce...

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Since Bozzuto purchased the building I will say that they are doing a great job listening to tenants and their experiences. I have enjoyed some of the kickoff events thus far (cupcakes, champaign, tote bags, free ice cream, etc...) I feel like I'm be...

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Chris Sharp

2021-07-10   Google

Since Bozzuto purchased the building I will say that they are doing a great job listening to tenants and their experiences. I have enjoyed some of the kickoff events thus far (cupcakes, champaign, tote bags, free ice cream, etc...) I feel like I'm be...

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Great location of contemporary, secure, well maintained and clean apartments. Steps to everything we need in a wonderful surrounding community. Runway has a great professional, friendly and accommodating staff from the front office through maintenanc...

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2021-07-08   Google

I will start with the good. 1) It’a a beautiful location with shops and restaurants very conveniently located next to and behind the buildings. 2) The shared community spaces like the lounges and gym are well kept and clean with plenty of hand sani...

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Verified R.


Lovely spaces indoor and out .Safe and well managed . Convenient !

Emily Jordan

2021-04-23   Google

Living here is really the best. Everyone is so kind, it is always clean, we are right in the center of all the cool happenings in Playa Vista, and there is always something new to try. I would highly recommend living here!!

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Tal R.


Amazing neighborhood, nice people, beautiful parks, many amenities. The local restaurant Sol brings in traffic at night that is sometimes loud at late hours (drunk people)

Emily J.


Living here is really the best. Everyone is so kind, it is always clean, we are right in the center of all the cool happenings in Playa Vista, and there is always something new to try. I would highly recommend living here!!

Mark J.


It’s great. Love the amenities, cleanliness, and location. Only thing I would change is maybe more charging stations for EV, as there are only 8 for 4 buildings

Jason B.


Love the community and now that everything is opening up it is only getting better. Looking forward to trying out the apartment gym and pools

Verified R.


Beautiful grounds, excellent location, modern units. Depending on actual unit, you may be subject to noise from ongoing construction. Unable to use amenities due to COVID, yet still pay full rent.

Verified R.


Safe ..convenient..loaded with amenities .beautiful buildings and grounds .clean and carefully maintained property

Henry K.


Runway is in a convenient location, great area for shopping, food, pets, and walking. Public areas are very well maintained and cleaned daily. Would recommend to other potential renters!

Stephen U.


The location and neighborhood are very nice, unfortunately due to covid, the past year, amenities have been almost inaccessible. The main reason for the 3 stars is due to the poor construction of the building. I can hear my neighbors talking; my ceil...

Avanta C.


Great location. Great amenities. Great maintenance service. Love that they did everything they could to keep residents safe during the pandemic.

Emmanuel F.


It’s hard to give 5 stars as I missed most of the amenities due to COVID closures during the majority of my lease. Everyone is very nice though.

Jodi N.


I do love many things about runway but... the appliances are outdated and have zero energy efficient options, the washer runs for an hour on delicate (should be 35 mins max), my upstairs neighbors stomp and slam doors at 10pm - 1am though I’ve aske...

Rhonda S.


Always feel like I’m taken care of and extra special. Anita and Carla are always very responsive and the entire team is a great crew. Love living here

Zeke V.


While I love Playa Vista and the neighborhood. I can't take the alarm testing anymore, especially before 8 am. Btw washer and dryer is the worst of I've ever come across.

Kayleigh M.


We recently just moved in and any problems we have had with anything inside the apartment it was fixed immediately! Can’t wait for the pools to start opening up now :)

Michael S.


So far, everyone I’ve met here has been excellent. The people and amenities are fantastic, as well of the location of the unit we are in. The restaurants, the stores, parks and pools are so convenient and accessible.

Connie M.


It’s different from a single home living. We like the community and the activities around , the farmer’s market excites me. The restaurants , shops, grocery store , pharmacy are very convenient and just within a walking distance. I don’t have t...

Kathleen W.


Great office staff, beautiful apartment, and friendly neighbors! Absolutely been a pleasure from moving in to now. Thanks for making Runway home! :)

Karina M.


Loving the environment at Live at Runway playa vista! The staff is super friendly! The farmers market on Saturday’s are the best! I love buying my produce there!

Yu-Hsuan L.


It's been great! The staff is always so wonderful and helps me with the smallest asks that I have. They always respond promptly as well which is wonderful.

Emily J.


This is a wonderful community, filled with a great crowd of people. The community is beautiful, safe, friendly, and very unique! I love the location, the area, and all of the benefits that come with living here!

Carola D.


Favorite building I’ve lived in. Love how modern it is, the location, and especially the view from my apartment! Very calm and quiet. I don’t have a single bad thing to say about it so far.

Longying Z.


Pretty good experience. The maintenance is amazing! They always come the same day I submitted the order and they get things done so quick! I like the security guards too. I feel safe here.

Jason B.


Excellent community. I love the convenience of just walking out to all the great shops and restaurants nearby. And the maintenance and leasing teams are amazing

Aroob K.


I have been waiting a week for maintenance to come fix the issues found during my move in inspection and still have not heard anything from them. I emailed the leasing office and they also did not get back to me.

Kendall M.


I just moved into Runway and am very satisfied with the residence so far. I love the location of being right next to all the shops and restaurants. The property itself is so clean and feels safe.

Sarah N.


Love the building and location. Staff has been very helpful and pleasant so far. I have unfortunately experienced multiple security issues which have made me very uncomfortable since I have moved in, which I notified the leasing office of today and a...

Jason L.


Moved in on the 1st and I absolutely love Runway. The move-in experience was seamless and the place provides exactly what I was looking for.

Katherine S.


We just moved in but so far Runway is absolutely wonderful! Everything is clean, beautiful, and convenient! We are so happy to have joined this community!

Courtney C.


Love this community and our neighbors! It has been a tough year between construction and Covid19. Made it very difficult to enjoy what we have here. Being stuck at home and listening to the banging all day was not enjoyable. I'm happy it seems to be ...

Nicole F.


Maintenance is always prompt, efficient, friendly, and professional. Anita is amazing and works so hard to make us happy here. She’s a HUGE improvement to Runway. I love the amenities when I can use them (go away, COVID). I wish the fake grass were...

Alexis V.


Really great people around. I love how there are people who care about having an environment that is aesthetic and it looks nice. Thank you to everyone who makes this place awrsome

Dania S.


Challenging times in the world today, our society is masked and filled with precaution. There is no greater feeling than returning to the safety and comfort of home, I appreciate everything our community holds right now.

Zeke V.


What can you say about this place. I love Playa Vista. So clean and pristine. Walkable to Whole foods, CVS, dog parks and so many great places to eat.

Marcia Davis

2020-11-24   Google

I really enjoy it.The equipment here are fantastic. There are swimming pools, basketball courts, media rooms, music studio and a great movie theater!It's also safe and the security staff is always working.There are also free meals on every Tuesday an...

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Karina Lozano

2020-11-20   Google

Amazing place to live!

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Cristyn J.


I really like the community feel. I enjoy the activities planned. I enjoy having restaurants and shops in walking distance. It feels safe and clean.

Karina R.


I have the most amazing time here in Playa vista. Everyone is very lovely and love being by the pool and doing Pilates right around the corner. Everything I walking distance from me.

Mark J.


Just moved in but so far, so good! Move in process was a bit stressful given Covid and cross country move, and complicated by the person that was helping me leaving the company, but in the end Karla made sure things were ready accordingly and ended u...

Patrick C.


Very early but well kept building with friendly staff and neighbours. Also lovely that there are events organized on a regular basis I including music

Maxim P.


Great apartment building, location is perfect, you have everything you need walking distance. Good neighbors, all young with kids.Also love the events, live music, farmers markets. Good vibe.

Humoud A.


I moved down from Montecito apartments right across the road and i couldn’t be more happier being here. I felt so welcomed and the staff and management working here are extremely professional and nice.

- Youngish -

2020-10-22   Google

Overall, the building is very nice and the neighborhood is lovely. That said, the package delivery system is completely broken and unacceptable. Almost daily now people are reporting stolen or missing packages. The delivery services are not using the...

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Yu-Hsuan L.


Amazing! The community is gorgeous and I like the lighting of my apartment. Love that the Whole Foods is close by and has so many restaurants in the area.

Alexander Y.


Overall, the building is very nice and the neighborhood is lovely. That said, the package delivery system is completely broken and unacceptable. Almost daily now people are reporting stolen or missing packages. The delivery services are not using the...

Taylor T.


The construction is really putting a damper on things. It’s also hard to get in touch with the property managers. Other than that, the place is beautiful.

Heather L.


We love the apartment and neighborhood. Many mishaps and misinformation leave me with less than a 3 star review. Looking forward to the next few years here.

Laura G.


Great just wish pool were open longer hours and I was given information that Alfred was free when it’s not. Neighborhood is nice and the parks around

Joni E.


Hands down— the best place I’ve lived in LA! Great community. Amazing property. Just a short walk away from anything you need. Highly recommended!

Ubong O.


I like living here and its diverse and people are lively and cultured. Its very modern Its close to the business area and central to everything in Playa Vista



I wish I could say that management has performed well during covid, but unfortunately, they have withdrawn into their cave, pretty much eliminated common area maintenance (garbage cans are overflowing in the common areas and garage and garbage blows ...

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Sara S.


So far so good! Great amenities and great staff!! My daughter loves the rooftop pools and close proximity to NiceCreAm! The security also feels very secure!

Nicolette M.


Currently waiting for more amenities to be opened. Management needs to be more receptive. The neighborhood is great but I wish they would find a way for us to utilize the amenities for the amount of rent we pay.

Zeke V.


Great apartment with superior location. Everything you need like Whole Foods , CVS and many restaurants and services so close to you. Very convenient.

Anjali I.


Love everything except the parking garage space I got! Everyday I am so happy I moved here, it really helps make working from home much more pleasant!

Chris S.


Really nice place in the heart of Playa Vista, quiet and well-maintained. The buildings are safe and secure. Very close to town. The amenities are awesome.

Katherine G.


I love living here. Everything I need is right here. The beautiful grounds, walkways, dog park, shopping. It is very beautiful, peaceful and I always feel safe.

Verified R.


not safe, many people not wearing a mask and it's not enforced. Official policy of management is that "Facemasks are FASHIONABLE!!" Signs that used to say face masks are required were replaced by signs that say "Face masks are fashionable, and prefer...

Jaren G.


We’ve enjoyed our experience so far at runway playa vista! The team has been great, and the community is beautiful! We’re excited to make this home.

Rhonda S.


Jordan has been great in helping me move into my new home. The area is so beautiful and the people in the community are very nice. So far so good 😊

Nancy B.


My move in was smooth. Leasing office staff is very friendly! Lauren was extremely helpful throughout the entire process. Excited to live in this beautiful community!

Michael J.


Hi there, Runway has been great so far! Unfortunately we have moved in during COVID 19 and all the amenities are not available so that lessons the experience. We love our apt. It is spacious, modern and well maintained. The grounds on the runway and ...

Adam Y.


pretty nice but the shops could use some work now that panini is out. Also very unsure why there is constant construction. Would be nice to know what purpose it is serving while we are dealing with the inconvenience.

Mariah W.


Living at Runway Playa Vista after being in San Francisco for the past 3 years has made me remember how much I LOVE living in LA. The Leasing office staff members are always friendly, helpful, and informative. It's such a pleasure to live in a truly ...

Prestin M.


So clean, so organized, I love it here. The pool is absolutely gorgeous. The surrounding area literally could not get better. Theres so many restaurants and I walk to get groceries. The location is definitely my favorite part. But also, THE WINDOWS!!...

Dan C.


Love PV. Clean w/ community feel. Great amenities. Management can be tough, too many dogs & construction is annoying. More gym cards needed!

Pierre G.


Great community, but price is a high. Also, sometimes a little bit too much noise from downstairs neighbors. Bummed that all the amenities are closed for Corona, but understand that it's the right thing to do.

Barbara B.


I really appreciate our Leasing/Maintenance/Front Office. They are always friendly, professional and helpful. Looking forward to our next community event!

Zheng Z.


Great amenities and community! The apartments are clean and maintained well. When anything needs fixing, a handyman comes within 2-3 days (once even day of) to fix things. The restaurants and studios across the street are super convenient; I barely n...

Luther M.


Family orientated. Great for business with networking. Career goals can be prepared and enlightened here. Definite positive atmosphere. Community characteristics are absolutely respectful and professional. Love it here.

Kathryn Elise D.


I love living at Runway PV! Always a pleasure to come home to great amenities, beautiful grounds, and a well-appointed apartment. Sometimes I wish the leasing staff was more responsive, but otherwise, things here are perfect and I couldn't be happier...

Ling G.


Nice apartment. Great community. Convince location. Everything is so close. Close to beach area and have a free shuttle bus can go there. People are so friendly. Also, every Saturday from 9am to 3pm there are farmers market on the Millennium Dr., whi...

Alexander Y.


So far, so good. Jordan and the team have been wonderful in introducing me to everything. Am excited to get started and enjoy the entire Runway experience!

Katherine G.


I just moved in and I love it here! Friendly people, beautiful community areas, wonderful dog park and everything I need is right here! It’s the perfect place to live

Amr S.


Very modern and beautiful and great leasing staff! A lot of amenities available and the neighborhood is very peaceful and quiet. Pet friendly too.

Rachel P.


Wonderful people who made this move easy and a completely positive experience. The leasing staff is courteous and eager to help in any way possible.

Ranhui A.


Overall, the location and environment is great! BUT the sound proof is really really bad and it affect my life so much. I can hear music and footsteps from the ceiling every day and night especially at night! Even 2 or 3 am in the morning!!! Driving ...



The leasing office staff has been the best it's been in years. We've seen quicker responses to complaints and more helpful solutions / feedback. The amenities have improved a lot, especially those surrounding the pool areas. The community is absolute...

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Melanie Lilly-Buster

2020-01-28   Google

We've lived here since 2015. The leasing office staff has been the best it's been in years. We've seen quicker responses to complaints and more helpful solutions / feedback. The amenities have improved a lot, especially those surrounding the pool are...

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Melanie L.


The leasing office staff has been the best it's been in years. We've seen quicker responses to complaints and more helpful solutions / feedback. the amenities have improved a lot, especially those surrounding the pool areas. One suggestion would be t...

Lisa B.


the leasing office made the move in process seamless providing me with all the necessary check lists, etc. In addition, the property is very quiet and well maintained

Kingsley A.


Over priced, small, cheaply made apartments about sums it all up.

Amy Salamone


We've been at Runway Playa Vista since 2015 and love it just as much as the day we moved in! We came here for the beach modern architecture, multiple resort-style pools, gyms and common work/entertaining areas. We've stayed because we continue to enj...

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Michael B.


Overall this is a great place to live. Maintenance takes care of issues quickly, there are always fun little events, and everything is really convenient.

Dania S.


Jordan and Jaimie are amazing! They listened to my needs, hopes and paid attention to the small things that mattered..... and delivered. I love my community❤️

Kingsley A.


Runway Playa Vista is a terrific place to live and even more conveniently located than I thought it would be. The grounds are beautiful and immaculate but do so without feeling stuffy the building has a very welcoming and comfortable vibe. The floor ...

Emmanuel F.


Great! Small room for improvements! But nothing that would make me think this place isn’t top tier. The amenities and location are unmatched

Jeffrey I.


I love this community! It is so beautiful! The staff is ALWAYS so nice and helpful! AND it gives us access to so many luxury amenities! I LOVE living at RUNWAY!

Jade J.


Love living here, nice staff, great amenities, Responsive. Very close distance to everything you could want and only eight minutes from the beach

Belinda K.


Love living here but the noise factor is a bit bothersome. The construction, the Friday evening drum sessions, the fire alarms... it all becomes too much, especially when you live facing the retail side. Aside from that, location is key and it’s gr...

Lisa L.


Pros: great location, friendly staff Cons: people let their dogs pee all over the place. Alarm system can be too sensitive since it’s connected to the lower businesses and go off randomly.

Kristine W.


Everything's been great, just the fire alarms have been a detractor. Other than that, love the safe area, the weekly farmer's market and the convenience of having the shopping experiences downstairs :)

Irving R.


Friendly staff, clean property. Exactly what we were looking for in a home. Being near the airport as well as near the water was also something we were looking for.

Ryan S.


Great space very modern. I love the new gym too already used it and very happy here . Also the parking area is very large which I love. And it’s a great area I feel very safe here

Edmund L.


Just moved in, so far it’s good. The community is clean and it is near The airport which is good for travel as well as being very close to all of the major sports stadiums and downtown LA.

James M.


Being living here at Playa Vista Runway since its been open . Love the unity,the atmosphere, the security and easy access to the metro LA area. The friendliness, respect u received from every resident neighbor and entrepreneur,the educational system ...

Anna B.


Love our apt with the vaulted ceiling. Everyone is nice, we barely hear anything. Very peaceful and we enjoy all of the perks downstairs and the dog park

Kingsley A.


I can't say enough about my love for the Runway Apartments. I've lived in Los Angeles for almost six years and have never been so overwhelmingly pleased with a living arrangement. From the farmer's market mere feet from my door to the amazing, person...

Humoud A.


Community, building, and staff are really nice. I really felt welcome as soon as i walked into the runway complex. The tour was very thorough and the apartment itself was clean

Kingsley A.


We are just getting through our lease there is zero price value here.

Narine M.


Everything is very very nice. I’m glad to live in playa vista because there are a lot of pools and gyms. Also I like Whole Foods Market where i can buy organic food.

Craig S.


I love living at the runway. It is filled with extremely friendly people and its in a great area. The pool and gym are my favorite part of Runway. Its a beautiful place to live.

Sophia M.


I love where I live, the perfect area for a college kid who doesn't want too much college. The neighborhood is super nice, people are friendly, and the amenities are awesome!

Grace P.


Everyone here is so welcoming and kind! I love how I have everything I need within walking distance, especially the farmers market on Saturdays! Runway hosts some awesome events too, like races and luaus. I love it here!

Hans M.


Runway is a great building in a great area. Love the farmer’s market each Saturday, the many parks around as well as the proximity to the beach.

Sid P.


I love living here with one notable exception. For the insane amount of money I pay, the soundproofing between the floors is so embarrassingly bad that the builders should be ashamed of themselves. I have had to make 7 noise complaints against my ups...

Verified R.


I've been living in new apartment communities since 2011 in California. Runway Apartments is one of the best apartments I've lived it due to the plentiful and great amenities, good selection of shops, restaurants and workout places close by and the a...

Masah A.


Living at Runway has been wonderful. Staff is great, always very helpful and have a smile on their faces. Im very thankful that I got to choose this place.

Christopher H.


Almost a month in, so far so good :) The only complaint I have is the mail: I've lost so many packages here and the Parcel Pending service barely helps. The delivery people give a 50/50 chance of leaving it on the floor or in the storage unit.

Doerte Sennecke-Chow

2019-08-19   Google

The outdoor landscaping is attractive. The buildings are adjacent to WF and other shops. There is a mine park with a pond, outdoor seating. It features a climbing dome for children.

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Alyssa C.


Very nice and safe, also very clean. Neighbors are all very quiet and friendly. Lots of events and efficient with mail delivery. Issue with notification of mail.

Solme K.


Amazon jewel in LA with her everything you need available in walking distance. Family friendly and full of activities. I can’t imagine living anywhere else.

Alex L.


Building and facilities and rooms all fantastic. Surrounding area is perfect, close to Whole Foods and movie theater. Lots of young families around, peaceful yet not boring

Verified R.


I love living at Runway, Playa Vista. Spectacular management and maintenance staff and a beautiful community.. My apartment home is my sanctuary, sitting on my patio, enjoying the wonderful weather and location, always consider this a blessing!

Samantha F.


Amazing area! I swear it's magical. I was sitting in the hot tub with my friend and a humming bird came and hung out right next to us! I've never seen something like that in my life!

Verified R.


Runway Apartment's amenities are top notch and plentiful, the staff is amazingly friendly and responsive and you can't beat living near the beach.

Verified R.


Maintenance staff is always polite and true professionals.

Michael B.


So far, so good. We just moved in so still getting used to it. But we are happy so far. There are a couple things I have to put work orders in for, but that’s ok.

Mallory W.


We are new to the community and the leasing office was wonderful to work with! Rebecca made the process so seamless and she was wonderful to work with!

Anqi C.


Excellent,good people, good environment, my room is very quite, and close to my favorite movie theater. Playa Vista plaza is very convenient.

Bedford1 C.


Excellent leasing team, very helpful and consistent. The amenities are fantastic and walking distance to Whole Foods and other restaurants is very convenient

Elliot Joelson

2019-06-27   Google

Excellent community and wonderful staff. I would highly recommend this property. That why my company, Bedford Corp Housing decided to provide furnished apartments at this location because of its walkability to Whole Foods and shops but also the unbea...

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Christopher W.


Lived here for less than a week and I love it. The apartment quality is definitely higher than other properties I’ve lived at in LA. I also enjoy the community as a whole.

Verified R.


Beautiful community and a great location with easy access to the beach and freeways, extremely loud apartments that rattle with steps from neighbors .

Reema D.


So far, it's been great! The move in process was super easy and Rebecca was so helpful and efficient in getting us exactly what we wanted. I'd highly recommend!

Jean-philippe G.


Great infrastructure, communal areas, lots of space, friendly staff. Hate that I am forced to pay for both internet and Tv, that shouldn’t be allowed.

Hans M.


We moved in recently but it has been a great experience so far. It's a great building and lovely community. We very much feel like home already.

Cameron A.


This community is pretty amazing. Design, perks, amenities, and a private movie theater? If you're a silicon beach employee, you'll feel right at home.

Anna Burton

2019-05-23   Google

We lived here for a year and absolutely loved it. The community and service you get at runway is the best. Karla and Rebecca are amazing to work with. Very friendly and very professional. Anytime I had a question or concern they were my "go to" girls...

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Verified R.


This is a wonderful place to live. Love it here . Been here 18 months And it doesnt get much better than this unless your on an island vacation

Natalie G.


I have loved living here so far, the location is awesome and the amenities have been great. The one thing I have an issue with is the lack of guest parking in the buildings. It is simply unrealistic that guests are forced to park in a 20 spot parking...

Sarah M.


I love it . We moved from Santa Monica and couldn’t be happier. Even with the longer drive to work it’s worth it. We plan to stay here for a long time

David N.


Location is convenient to stores/restaurants, safe, near Green space and parks, clean and beautiful. Can hear noise from the hallway and street, but generally quiet so it's not an issue. They do a great job keeping the community clean and in good sha...

John B.


Being able to wake up and walk to the Farmers market and get a coffee has been great. It’s almost to convenient. Weird thing is, I never see anybody walking around the building during the day. Must all be at work?

Darcy L.


just moved in - very easy move in experience and prompt responses from the management team. Really great location and Whole Foods nearby. Great initial experience so far.

Verified R.


A lot of issues that should have been addressed prior to moving in .

Kevin S.


I really love living at Runway. I am able to walk to Whole Foods, cvs and the nail salon. There are so many amenities I haven’t even had the opportunity to explore yet. Staff is always incredibly friendly and responsive, could not ask for more

Tony Yoo

2019-04-11   Google

I like the community and it is very clean. The staff are very friendly and attentive to your needs. The only thing I'd like to note is although the apartments are dog friendly, there are some nights where there is a lot of barking late at night.

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Anthony Y.


I like the community and it is very clean. The staff are very friendly and attentive to your needs. The only thing I'd like to note is although the apartments are dog friendly, there are some nights where there is a lot of barking late at night.

Estella R.


I don't like the fire alarm going off in the middle of the night, my infant grandson gets awaken and it scares him, the staff is very friendly but that doesn't help when no one can figure it out...

Melissa E.


Love at Runway. Living at Runway great location and neighborhood. Quite apartments. Near the farmers market and shopping. Also a movie theatre

Verified R.


Very easy process / Rebeca & the entire staff were great to work with / responsive to my many questions and always helpful

Verified R.


I would highly recommend Runway apartments. This is a very well maintained apartment community in the heart of Playa vista by all the shops and whole foods. There aren't many communities in LA where you can have all your daily needs within a short wa...

Nicole L.


Peaceful, private, wonderful staff, beautiful landscape, cool neighbors. I really love how it’s a great combination of urban and suburban. Great place for kids.

Danielle C.


Runway Apartments is quiet but in the middle of everything! I just love it! There are residents in the community that have nothing else to do but complain, but I just ignore the ridiculousness. ;)

Kyle L.


We enjoy the really nice neighborhood and diverse amount of community activities that the resort center offers. Everything is in walking distance A+

John B.


The staff here is nothing like any other apartment building. They are dresses nice, everyday, always a positive attitude, the vibe around here is high. We just moved in, haven’t had anytime to explore but can’t wait.

Daniel C.


My move in went extremely smooth thanks to the great leasing staff. I like the basic apartment amenities and the layouts of the apartment. Being part of the playa vista community is fantastic as well as I love the community amenities. The maintenance...

Katherine T.


The complex is very nice and well cared for. Neighbors are respectful and the environment is very quiet/ peaceful. The complex has nice amenities with few drawbacks (fire alarms go off once in a while and I wish that each resident had unlimited acces...

Paige N.


I have enjoyed living at Runway. There are a lot of nice amenities that the community offers. My one critique is the office staff are not responsive. They typically do not follow through with their promises without multiple reminders.

Cody R.


So far my experience has been great. My family loves all the amenities and I love the Starbucks coffee machine. Looking forward to using the new pool cabana.


2018-11-12   Google

Great looking place unfortunately somebody cut the corner in construction process place is very noisy you hear your neighbor Flash the toilet and you pay almost $5,000 for one bedroom it's big one bedroom but still expensive. I really like Farmers Ma...

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Cameron W.


Like the neighborhood. Amenities are great. And the Resort is very good. The theatre and Whole Foods market bake things very convenient as well

Sean michael E.


Perfect so far! The staff has been incredibly accommodating and friendly, our new home is phenomenal and the loft style living can’t be beat, especially coming from New York City.

Carol B.


The apartment is nice. Management is weak. New people every other month. No consistency and no enforcement of rules. Maintenance staff is excellent

Sophia M.


Love the community. Everyone is super nice and friendly, the amenities are wonderful and the service is superb! It's also so clean and it always feels super safe.

Alysen R.


I’ve lived here for two year. It is really nice. There are some downfalls about strict rules against holiday decorations and there seems to be a high turnover rate. But the apartment is great. The maintenance team is super nice and always quick to ...

Paige N.


Playa vista is beautiful. The community is kept up nicely and there are many fun things to do that are close by. I have enjoyed living here and feel very lucky that I do live here.

Vincente G.


Great experience - excited to be a resident. The customer service I got from Day one from Alfonso made me confident in my decision that runway was the place for me.

Noha El Hosseiny

2018-08-20   Google

Cozy and situated in a nice neighborhood

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Jennifer S.


Living here is the best! It's been over a year since I've lived here and I've loved every minute of it. They really create a great community where you can meet people and feel safe.

Maher M.


Awesome set of amenities and great community where you don’t even need a car. It’s siper safe and something for everyone in playa vista. What a great place

Courtney Culligan

2018-08-17   Google

Runway is a beautiful place to live! Between walking the nature trails & taking my dog to the park, i can walk over to whole foods for groceries or SOL for a relaxing delicious meal. Beside driving to work, my car stays parked since everything i coul...

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Steve B.


Great place to live and work. Would like to see more retail to support the community. The community events are fun and entertaining. Pets urinating everywhere is disgusting.

Courtney C.


Runway is a beautiful place to live! Between walking the nature trails & taking my dog to the park, i can walk over to whole foods for groceries or SOL for a relaxing delicious meal. Beside driving to work, my car stays parked since everything i coul...

Loretta susi D.


Love the central location and proximity to walking everywhere for food, movies or hiking trails at LMU...LOVE LOVE LOVE everthing about the place!!!

Linda G.


Great apartment. great amenities, great neighbors, great maintenance staff. Just renewed my lease for the second time. Wouldn't live anywhere else.

Cody R.


Very nice property with great amenities. All the staff are polite and friendly. Overall a modern and comfortable place to live. Great for kids as well.

Anthony Y.


Lovely community, nice people. Leasing office was very helpful and kind. The apartment units are brand new, clean, and maintenance is always helpful

Cameron W.


Great staff. Great neighborhood. Convenient to everywhere. Very pet and family friendly. I wish there were better high schools around though.

Paige N.


Playa vista is a beautiful community. My only complaint is my washer isn’t that great and after having maintenance “fix” it 3 times I just gave up and accept it

Sophia M.


Amazing place, great location, really nice community, super awesome staff and leasing office employees, apartment lobby smells so good, super clean, great amenities.

Alexis E.


so far have had trouble getting timely follow up to requests. Other than that the other guests are friendly and the amenities are amazing!!!

Vickie D.


Beautiful community and property! It’s perfect for my active and on the go lifestyle. It’s like a hip techie creative confined community! So happy I’m home.

Matthew W.


Runway is an amazing apartment complex with access to many amenities and shops. The noise is quiet and there is alot of open space to bring your children and pets.

Connie D.


Great friendly staff. The apartment community is well maintained and has lots of amenities for residents. I love that it is walking distance to many stores and restaurants.

Antonia H.


I love living at Runway. The apartments are lovely and have huge open windows. The staff are very nice and assisting, the maintenance is very on top of things and efficient. I have lived at multiple apartment buildings in the area and Runway is by fa...

Timothy P.


Overall a great community. Would like to see: -Subsidized/free vehicle chargers for residents in all garages -Wifi in all lobbies -Coffee machine in all lobbies

Danielle C.


Beautiful, Convenient, Fabulous! My husband and I moved in when Runway first opened and we just love it! I don't see us leaving any time soon!

Xing S.


It’s very clean and morden. So many restaurants and shopping stores. Whole Foods is just downstairs. There’s a reason for such expensive price

Deepak G.


Amazing neighborhood and amazing facilities with every necessity on footsteps! The pools and jacuzzi are well maintained! The gym has all the equipment

John L.


Really enjoying the commmuity and the events. Some issues with the apartment but the staff has been helpful trying to fix items that we have had some issues with. Hoping they continue to be helpful in rectifying however they can. We love our new home

Irina C.


The leasing office cares more about getting new customers into the community than taking care of the existing ones! Lost packages, newly introduced fees to use their amenities, miscommunications between them and the repair crew, etc. are very, very c...

Stephen S.


Apartment prices are rather high for the quality of finishes. Also, e-mailing the main staff rarely results in a response. There have been some improvements recently, but at the same time many basic functions of the building are routinely broken.

Caitlin B.


We love living at the runway. It is hands down the most convenient location in Playa vista. The staff is always helpful and looking out for the residents best interest. The maintence is always quick to respond as well. We feel so welcomed and valued ...

Murray S.


Great location, helpful staff, desired amenities. I appreciate the efforts to create a sense of community and hope that as time goes on we become better neighbors and a More closely knit neighborhood.

D B.


Great place to live. People are really nice ans the area js very beautuful. Everything is so close and so many stores and resturants are located close by.

Sid P.


The building is really nice and I love my particular unit, with some glaring exceptions. Hands down the worst sound proofing I have ever seen (I worked in real estate for 15 years and also own 4 other properties). The neighbors playing music, walking...

Melissa A.


The building is always super clean and the staff is so helpful. Only annoying thing is the gym. The Resort passes are always taken and the building gyms don't have enough Leg equipment.

Adrienne G.


As a new resident, we love it. The community is inviting and diverse. Shops and services are super convenient and the neighborhood is close to airport, West LA and the beach.

Loretta susi D.


Love my unit’s location!! It is like a NYc brownstone in the heart of Playa Vista... anything and everything needed is within walking distance...Awesome!!

Janet K.


I love living at Runway in Playa Vista! My neighbors are great and everything is very convenient. I enjoy the various events that take place in our community as well.

Zhaniya S.


Moved in yesterday, loving the new community so far! The only setback is that the floors were extremely dirty in our unit. I spent the night scrubbing them.

Borys K.


Everything is great, we love the building, area, and the community. Staff is very helpful. We are excited to be here and enjoying the location a lot.

Steve B.


Excellent building and facilities. Maintenance and management take care of any issues. Playa vista is a nice community with a lot of amenities.

Daniel S.


Moving here was definitely a great decision. The amenities and location are unparalleled in the area! The community is quiet, neighbors are friendly, and so many restaurants are merely steps away from your front door!

Wendell Lee D.


We love it here! Staff is friendly and helpful, place is beautiful (expensive, though!), maintenance is good and usually responds quickly to requests.

Kimberly H.


We are going on our third year here at Runway. We have been very happy with the quality of service from the staff here! Our repair requests are completed right away, the leasing staff is here to help us at all times, the property is maintained extrem...

Nicoletta M.


So far the experience has been good. Upstairs neighbors are a bit of a nightmare but I think that may because shoddy workmanship on the building structure itself ie thin floors. The amenities are amazing though, love the gym, pools, park area etc. an...

Ken P.


I really enjoy the facilities and the amenities as well as the proximity to retailers. The apartment is well lit and has enough room for the things I enjoy.

Kelly T.


Really great place to live. Love the community and how convenient it is to be able to walk to all the shops. The dog park outside is perfect! The only thing I would take one star off for is responsiveness of the staff. I’ve asked about parking many...

Alysen R.


Just renewed my lease for another 18 months! Already been here 13! Good neighborhood with easy access to restaurants, yoga, spin, grocery stores!

Farah D.


Love the amenities but hate all the construction noise!! Also wish the amenities were open later. Particularly the game room. I also think residents should Have access to the resort at all times.

Jose C.


Great community - shops and restaurants right below our unit. Unit with 18' ceilings makes the units feel so much larger. Beautiful design and layout.

Thomas N.


The leasing staff is fantastic. And Debbie is always there to help whenever we have a question. They all love having our little Sammi Rose visit the office too.

Tyler S.


My girlfriend and I Just moved in this past weekend. So far, been nothing but an amazing experience and transition. 5 stars from us no doubt! Thanks!

Cameron W.


Place is nice. I do have a complaint about never being able to get a Resort Card. I’ve gone 4 days in a row and been denied. Not good. It’s the main reason I chose the place.

Suzanne T.


Love living at runway. Only downsides: we need some gym classes. Check in the office today and they are on their way! We get access to the resort but only have a 3 day limit on the cards and often the cards are not available.

Michelle P.


Runway is run smoothly, management is attentive, neighbors are quiet and grounds are kept up nicely - it’s a great community with local amenities nearby.

Rachel H.


I knocked off a star for loud neighbors (college students) when we were sold on the quietness and family oriented community. I also wish the gym was cleaned more often and that there was more basic equipment such as a foam roller or we could play wor...

Michelle E.


Over the moon with this small town within a big city. Quite beautiful living with everything you need or want within a few steps. Light and bright

Carol B.


Elevator has been down for a week. Dirty common areas. People smoke everywhere. Staff is friendly but not ver effective or proactive. Broken front door leaves building unsecured.

Jennifer M.


Great amenities. Clean and modern apartments. Looking forward to EV Parking options! Wish the office was open earlier or later one day a week

Luis T.


The complex is relatively new and have all of the conveniences we need (washer/dryer, elevator/pool/gym). It is maintained immaculately and the location cannot be beat,

Mary D.


Just moved in and extremely happy with my new apartment. Great location, ammenities and staff. Welcoming and relaxing. Nice escape from the husstle and busstle of los angeles.

Ting-Huei L.


Called and submit a maintenance service but the Maintenance never came. Happened not only once. The previous apt I lived in the maintenance came the same day after I submit a work order.



Best place I have ever lived! Everything you need and more within walking distance or a short drive. Very dog-friendly community. Common areas and parks everywhere. Beautiful landscape and architecture. Farmer's market every Saturday. Seasonal commun...

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Stephen P.


Best place I have ever lived! Everything you need and more within walking distance or a short drive. Very dog-friendly community. Common areas and parks everywhere!

Justin C.


Gorgeous development with everything you might need within a couple of blocks. We moved from NYC and didn't expect to find anything as walkable as this is. It's a dream.

Jennifer S.


I love the lifestyle and the people at Runway. It is a family community feeling. We have a theee year old and he has parks and playgrounds and tons of fun all over Playa Vista - all thanks to Runway and the events they host, the design of the apartme...

Patrick L.


Beautiful, safe & close to the beach! We have lived at Runway for over a year and absolutely love it. The ammenites are extensive and the proximity to the aiport unbeatable

Tyson I.


Everyone seems very friendly! I've only just moved in, but the lifestyle here seems great, close to shopping and extremely convenient for my work.

Christopher W.


Love the community and location along with the staff, who have been very friendly and helpful. Can't beat being so close to all you need with restaurants, Whole Foods, etc. right across the street.

Linda G.


Quiet building with lots of amenities. Exterior is kept clean and tenants are respectful of others in the building. Very happy living here.

Ehsan S.


Excellent experience! Very helpful staff. Helped with my transition and settling in. Fun community events. Love the Starbucks coffee perk and location!

Jason K.


The location and ameneties are top notch. The rent is astronomical. Maintenance is quick to respond. Some neighbors tend to incredibly entitled and there is little "community", but this really isn't surprising given we live in Los Angeles. Overall I'...

William C.


So far so good... I am still moving in but staff and property are awesome so far..4 stars to start as I don't want to jinx it. My place is awesome it opens up to the pool!

D B.


Great place to live. We Enjoy area people and location to get to everything in Los Angeles and surrounding areas did work and for to have fun.

Jennifer S.


RUNWAY is a great place to life! The staff is attentive and really nice. One of the best places to live in Los Angeles in 2017! Runway beats the Villas any day :)

Sid P.


really bad sound proofing in the buildings. really friendly staff though. i wish they didnt cut corners on the sound, considering how much money we pay to live here.



Great staff in leasing office - always helpful. In particular the staff that go above and beyond the call of duty are Ashley, Gina, Debbie and Karla - but everyone is great. The property is well kept and tidy.

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Roksana K.


Everyone’s very friendly. Great responsive management. Clean area. Accessibility to grocery shops, restaurants etc . Love Playa vista community

Darric T.


The experience of living at the Runway has been amazing. The staff, the atmosphere and the environment has become perfect in every way possible

Jade W.


Great building. The issues with the garage door, gym doors and alarm system take off a star. The issues just don’t seem to get resolved. Enjoy everything else!

Seungbin L.


The best ever neighborhood. The living condition in the community is amazing. The amenities that is offered by Runway is top value. Definitely recommend my apartment

Suzanne T.


Amazing Staff! The facilities are brand new and the location can't be beat. Living at Runway has been great and I highly recommend it if you are considering living in Playa Vista.

Hector C.


Community is great, fire alarms always sound which is very enjoying. We're at the point where an alarm goes off and we reach for headphones instead of the nearest exit.

Farah D.


I am really enjoying the community and the amenities provided. The few improvements I would suggest are to grant residents 24/7 access to the resort at any time (without needing to borrow a key from leasing office which is very inconvenient), fix fir...

Alishan J.


Good place but neighbors on top make loud noise and wish the management would do something about it over alll the experience has been a positive one.

Susan L.


Love living here!! The staff is awesome and the property is amazing! Can walk to everything! When I get home from work I don’t take my car out again until I have to go to work again!!

Alysen R.


Good community, quiet neighborhood, convenient living! Best part is everything in walking distance. Grocery, banks, restaurants, dry cleaners, nails, & pharmacy

Jesus A.


Very nice, very peaceful place to live in. I like that we have access to pools, a gym, and recreational areas where we can keep ourselves entertained and our guests.

John C.


Really nice staff and apartment architecture is well thought of. The noise can be an issue, but that's typical for apartment living. Location is top notch.

Marisa V.


I loved this community before we even moved in! I had a family member that lived here 1st. My husband and I were looking for a place in LA. after looking for over a month nothing beat Runway. The apartment with its flooring and fixtures, the layout, ...



The shine of a new building has worn off. Multiple changeovers in the leasing staff means no one knows who you are when there is an issue, nor do they even bother responding to email requests. For the price point, finishes are super cheap. Cabinet do...

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Murray S.


Proximity to services and a wide variety of community sponsored events means that Runway is a “small town / big city” quality of life experience

Stephen S.


The attention to resident issues is minimal. Emails are never returned. Overall communication on events/ construction in the area is also minimal. Also, the security force that walks around the area does not appear willing to ask people to leave if t...



Great view of the sunrise and moonrise. Nice to hear the LMU tower bells chime. Lots of charm in addition to convenience. So many dogs to pet! I never hear my neighbors. Biggest challenge has been the maintenance team. Seems like all my apartment app...

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Kira L.


Great view of the sunrise and moonrise. Nice to hear the LMU tower bells chime. Lots of charm in addition to convenience. So many dogs to pet!

Thomas N.


The staff in the Leasing Office, especially Gina & Karla, have been so helpful and supportive. They have become great friends too. They always s have time to talk with us about good things and any problems.

Ileana M.


Great experience. The apartment is conveniently located close to all the action. It’s clean and they are responsive to whatever your needs are.

Mark C.


Awesome employees at Runway offices - Ashley, Karla and Gina and Aaron all made me feel welcome. The pool and gym are kept in good condition too.

Karmela S.


Everything is walking distance and great. I like living here there are a lot of activities and plenty of things to do. People are nice and feels like a great community.

Sofia S.


I have been living at Tubway for 8 months. Amenities are excellent, the location as well and I love that we can use the resort. From the apartment itself I don't like that it is poorly insulated, I can hear everything my upstairs neighbor does

Rusti G.


The community is unique! There are so many convienences , friendly people, dogs lovers everywhere! A pleasant community to be a part of. Starbucks, Whole Foods, a Cinema. Restaurants like Hal's, Hop Daddy's, Panini Kabob Grill, and many more all with...

Tricia N.


Incredible, beyond expectations. Love the location, the staff, the unit design, and the neighbors. Buildings are new, and everything is maintained perfectly.

Abdulaziz A.


Great resident, great ammenities, and great staff as well. Runway Playa Vista has never failed to find the comfort of every resident. Thanks!

Rodney H.


Most amazing place I have ever lived and the staff is fantastic. Amanda, Gina, Rebecca, Carla, Alfonso and Debbie are great. I get the opportunity to live in this fabulous place for the next year and a half.

Devin G.


Leasing staff unresponsive to tenant concerns. Commercial side of property get preferential treatment. Maintenance staff is great. Pricey for what tenants have to tolerate living here.

Chris B.


Everything is great except access to the gym that was promised and the fact that my front yard smells like a kennel because all of the dogs dedicate on the fake grass and it doesn’t get cleaned up.

Shad A.


Best kept secret in LA as far as I'm concerned. Convenient to the beach, tons of amenities. Essentially living in a close community in a rather large metro.

Fiona B.


Excellent experience except for excessive lights that shine and flicker all night long. Love the conveniences and ability to walk in a neighborhood

Daisy S.


Overall it has been a good living experience, but with new openings come glitches that need to be smoothed out (fire alarms going off, parking issues, checking out card for gym, etc)

Jonah O.


I love living in playa vista its a great area and has great people. Also the best dog park, and gyms. Everyone keeps to them selves but are friendly.

Christine Syquia

2017-05-24   Google

Great move-in experience with Rebecca. Aaron was my leasing agent and was out sick when I moved in, so Rebecca jumped in. Rebecca's follow up has been great and she took time to show me around and was very patient with all of my questions. There are ...

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D B.


Great cimmuty to live in and work close too. People who work and live there are very invcredible and very nice and professional. Everything is so close.

Alicia H.


Nice, fun and friendly community to live in. Lots of group activities and events planned. They have everything you need for fun and relaxation.

Chris E.


Good. It's a nice and clean community that is well equipped. There are plenty of great restaurants and shops. Great location. Nice pool. Very modern and a lot of activities.

Review System T.


We have recommended Runway to our near by neighbors from nearby apartment buildings who are reaching their end of their leases.

Iasiah W.



Devin G.


Great looking property. Not the greatest neighbors. Can be loud at times due to commercial businesses and common fire pits. Lots of park space and very dog friendly.

Review System T.


Price. Nice neighborhood, nice apartments but pricey. Small apartments, cheap appliances. But, great location.

Review System T.


I would highly ecommend this apartment community because it is very safe, walkable, and has great amenities

Ronald W.


You are doing well. Very good at creating "community" oriented events and sharing cumminty news. Also very response to any issues I have had.

Renee S.


Runway is a great place to come home to. You can really get spoiled because there is plenty to do without ever having to get in your car. I look froward to 2017 living here. :)

Linda G.


This is a very smart incentive for soliciting resident feedback to promote the property. The rewards are appropriate for this kind of promotional website,



Everyone is super kind and helpful. However, logistics and execution haven't been great. There have been many issues as a resident of runway that have been frustrating.

Natalie K.


new so don't have much to say right now. looking forward to earning my first reward and many more. maybe have some more rewards from the runway community like Cinemark Theaters.

Abdullah A.


great apartmens... very spacious and roomy...very new... great location and beatiful area... easy to reach and access to go all around Los Angeles.

Daisy S.


Great building maintenance and the folks in the leasing office are super nice. The facilities - the pools, the work out spaces, are great. Love the farmers market!

Lucille Baxter


Highly recommended. Staff are friendly and helpful. Everything within walking distance. Awesome community and neighborhood.

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John Flavia

2016-12-10   Google

It's where the people are at, beautiful place always something fun to do

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Ali S.


The apartments are decent but lack some insulations in the wall. The leasing office staff are amazing and are very helpful. The area is impressivly clean and feels very safe

Nicholas N.


Only complaints I have are building/mailroom security and call-box issues. In addition, I've noticed that there seems to be people that live in the building that take up all of the guest and visitor parking spots in the garage of Runway A.

Review System T.


I'd recommend the community because of the location and Runway's retail space proximity. I'd also recommend it because it does feel safe. And I'd recommend it because the apartments themselves are quite pretty. But I would definitely caution people t...

Alicia H.


I love living here! It is so dog friendly and there are lots of great shops and restaurants. The walkabikity is ny favorite part about this community.



I've loved the convenience and simplicity of living here. My commute is great and the leasing office staff is always on the ball with things. :)

Amy D.


Runway Playa Vista Apartments are amazing. Runway is a great community to live in. Resident events, friendly staff and gorgeous amenities are a few of the valuable components.

Mostafa E.


Besides minor inconveniences with pest control, maintenance and scheduling of those and noise levels, no major issues. Everything is good so far and has improved from before.

Shirley Y.


Overall great, but I sometimes get mistakes / errors on my monthly bill and the fire alarms go off on very inconvenient times (late at night or early morning)

Inna F.


Enjoying the community. Staff is great. Clean and fun. Love the farmers market on saturday. I live in a single and its very spacious, although would live another cliset

Raymond K.


Overall, I have been pleased with my experience at Runway. Nice staff, clean; however, wish there was more security around the complex - doors where bike rack is, cameras in the garage, etc.



Runway a great place to live. Beautiful apartements and great neibourhood. Professional staff and very convinienent location. Love the community living

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Sarah C.


Runway a great place to live. Beautiful apartements and great neibourhood. Professional staff and very convinienent location. Love the community living



Everything is perfect! Love the modern architecture and interior.

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Ting W.


Runway is fantastic. Great community. I love its modern architecture and interior. Staff are friendly. And I like BuildingLink app where I submit maintenance requested on my phone. Super convenient!


2016-10-26   Google

modern safe comfortable

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Jim K.


Love living here! It has everything I want nearby including a walking comute. The access to Whole Foods Market, Starbucks, Eighteen Eight, R. O. C Kitchen makes it even better.



Easily accessible neighborhood. Everything is just around the corner. Friendly and helpful leasing managerso and maintenence staff. Love to stay here.

Brenda Maeda

2016-10-18   Google

Love living here. Its expensive but you get what you pay for. They are not perfect but they do the best they can to make it interesting and safe. Ive been here for 6 months and its been really great.

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Luc H.


The experience of actually living here is great and it is easy to make sense of the numbers. The initial process of leasing the apartment was dysfunctional.

Brenda M.


I love living at Runway Playa Vista. The convenience and the quality of life living here is pretty awesome. The stores around the complex are high quality and they keep making it better by adding more stores that are great. They also have the Farmers...

Natalie H.


The community is fun, clean, and friendly. I love the vibe around runway and it is always nice to have perks and events going in the area. Especially having stores, gym, restaurants beneath the building is so convinient.

Irina S.


Great community to live for a single expat) Fantastic landscape and design, lots of parks and recreation areas, walkable, everything you need for life is here, very friendly people.

Cynthia B.


We love living here! Coming from San Francisco, I really appreciate that the whole community is walkable and the essentials are easily accessible.

Ariel R.


So far everything has been going well. Even when minor problems have occurred it's easy to reach out to management for assistance. I'm pretty satisfied so far.

Jamie C.


Been here about 4 months and LOVE living here! So many friendly people and great amenities. Looking forward to staying around for a while and enjoying everything that RUNWAY has to offer.

Christine M.


Great so far. Just moved in 2 months ago and loving it. Beautiful neighborhood, super convenient, great shops and restaurants. All we need is hot yoga!

D B.


GREAT! Love it here. Incredible place to live and to eat. So close to everything and area is so beautiful. Staff is awesome and very professional

Carol B.


Love the community but would like to see better security in our building. Also need to work with post office. They dump mail in mailroom. Building amenities are awesome otherwise.

Alden G.


It has been a great experience so far. The amenities are great, the area is safe and quiet, and the staff has been helpful. It's also great to have so many dining and shopping options close by.

Clint S.


Love it here. Beautiful units in great neighborhood. The mail room situation is the only thing I dislike. I also with that the Resort community was more easily accessible.

Jessica C.


Loving the community so far! Would love to see more community events to get to know the neighbors and support the local businesses. Particularly when 800 degrees opens up!! #partymusthave

David Weigand

2016-10-09   Google

I have lived here 2 months now. It's ironic as I was one of the original home owners in Playa Vista 14 years ago. This place sure has come a long way. Just a great location with great neighbors. I love having all of the restaurants and shops right ou...

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This place rocks! I have lived her 2 months now. Everything has been absolutely positive. Great location! Great neighbors! Just overall a great place to call home!

Frank M.


Amenities are fabulous and well cared for. Two gyms, two pools, loaded game room and theatre area! Starbucks machines in two lobbies! Pet friendly!

Review System T.


I would recommend for the location and amenities. I would not recommend for price or anyone looking for a smooth transition. There are still some kinks to work out with the leasing office.

Mariam A.


Great experience so far. I love the area and how cozy and safe it is. Its so new and clean and the people are all so friendly. Its perfect location too

Francois C.


Really enjoying the experience thus far! Happy community filled with nice people. It's too bad about the construction noise but what can you do! It'll be over soon.

Darren W.


We've had a great experience with Marques Brooks. He has helped us turn bad situations into great ones and we're happy living here at Runway. I'd recommend Runway for the young married couple that wants to have clean neighborhoods and upscale living.

Khawla A.


We love our apartment at Runway.. great place.. spacious.. very convenient.. safe.. although it still needs some improvements in the services section

Devin G.


Love the apartment complex & it's amenities. Most tenants are respectful of their neighbors but occasional parties can be loud beyond reasonable hours. Commercial side can have loud music playing on ambient speakers & loud groups late at night.

Review System T.


It feeling like a small town is extremely desirable. Plus having staff respond to needs so well. If there is an issue, they handle it in a prompt and timely manner.

Review System T.


Overall the positive generally outweighs the negative. I have had friends look at living at Runway on there own and per my recommendation but the response has been the same: it is definitely considered overpriced. In talking with friends in the commu...

Justin Allen

2016-09-13   Google

Fantastic place. Love the location with restaurants and parks all within a few steps.

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Review System T.


As this is a smoke free facility, maybe more crackdown on them as they discard them on the sidewalk and lawns. Traffic is very fast through the area and coming down the ramp to the lower parking lot we have almost been hit 5 times as there is a blind...

Review System T.


I'd say that you get what you pay for in the area. But most people's jaw drop when they hear what rent is for a 1/1.

Jordan Gullo

2016-07-17   Google

Nice building and staff

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Shakaryan Alexander

2016-06-26   Google

One of two or three nicest buildings I've seen in Playa Vista.

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Review System T.


Yes Would recommend but Rent are high compared to surrounding communities.

Review System T.


I think the area speaks for itself. I would fill them in on the details (like the dirty floors, etc) but the place is very dig friendly, people friendly, and is overall a great place to live.

Review System T.


Rent is really on the edge of "fair value". Perilously close to crossing over to the "too expensive" range,

Review System T.


It's difficult to strongly recommend due to the Runway value proposition of luxury beach living against the asking price.

Review System T.


Beautiful apartments. Amazing location. Fantastic staff (office and maintenance.)

Review System T.


I would definitely recommend this apartment complex not because of the leasing personnels but because of the location, amenities and maintenance. I just really hope they don't have to talk to the leasing office during their stay.

Review System T.


Runway Playa is great for families and community. I would recommend to anyone interested in living here.

Stephen W

2016-04-08   Google

I like it here. It took a while at first to really relax and start enjoying myself. Great neighbors make it even better. Now that restaurants are opening all around the area, it's great to just walk out, grab a bite to eat, and head back to the apart...

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Traci Mettler-Bradbury


Awesome new community and Leasing Team! Close to EVERYTHING!! Love this Building!

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