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Ratings & Reviews

Here's what our residents and prospects are saying.

David Babilonia

2022-09-15   Google

Awesome Staff

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Jack R Sparacino

2022-07-18   Google

Greg in Maintenance did a great job replacing the front wheels on my electric scooter. The manufacturer sent the wrong size but Greg was patient, skilled, polite and persistent. Best of all, he got the new wheels on and I'm back in scooter action. Th...

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2022-07-17   Google

If you want to live in a nice place that you can smoke in whenever you want and upset other tenants, then this is the place for you! Management does not follow through with “lease violation” threats. Be warned if you have a smoke sensitivity.

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bethany bromley

2022-07-06   Google

This is the inside of my apartment, you know where water shouldn’t be. Where I shouldn’t have gaps from the counter to the wall, or cracks. Welcoming the maintenance team back again (they come on an average every month and disrupt my workday). Di...

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Kevin Curry

2022-06-19   Google

Great food and nice staff....

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Grace Ells

2022-06-16   Google

Comedy night was so fun!!! Comedians were absolutely hilarious, free drinks and fun people! Can’t wait for next event

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jack pilon

2022-06-16   Google

Great place to live. Great events. They even had Four Corners come for comedy show which is amazing!

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2022-06-16   Google

4 corners comedy tonight was amazing! We got bottomless drinks, great service, and great laughs. Bring them back once a quarter please!!!

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2022-06-16   Google

I saw this amazing show today! Everything you could ask for bottomless drinks, hilarious comedians definitely need to book them more often 👌🏼💯

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flaunt boston

2022-06-16   Google

@4corners good laughs!! Bring ‘em back more often

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2022-05-16   Google

Never been here.

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2022-04-23   Google


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Lee Bond

2022-04-06   Google

It's currently 9am and I am sitting here listening to the following: plane traffic (this is definitely under a common approach to Logan), cop motorcycle training in the parking lot (apparently routine occurrence that goes on for weeks at a time with ...

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Su Dong

2022-02-16   Google

On year two with Meriel. If you think being water front and luxury is all this place has to offer. Then you are missing out. The staffs, make this place more home than any apartments you had been. Leroy, Greg, William and Jessica… thank you so much...

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Carol Carlson

2021-08-27   Google

We have an apartment at Meriel Marina Bay and last night they hosted a free comedy show for all the residents. It was fantastic. There were 12 different comedians and they were hilarious. The show was held outdoors, it was a beautiful evening. They e...

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Maria Richard

2021-06-01   Google

Thank you Jamie Thompson for your follow through on our concerns!

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Carol Vasconcellos

2021-05-17   Google

Be aware the loading dock elevator has a relatively low ceiling; tall pieces of furniture will have to be carried upstairs. The maintenance people are super helpful; it would also be helpful if the apartments had a manual detailing appliance operatio...

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Eileen Sherman

2021-04-28   Google

I have a feeling your experience at Meriel is really based on the location of your unit. I have been very disappointed. The hallways always smell horribly- stale pot smoke and the trash that people leave outside their doors (there is a nonsensical tr...

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Jennifer Gannon

2021-04-17   Google

Great location. Nice aesthetics entering and apartments are well appointed. The smell of animals urinating is profuse on some floors.

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Tommy Boudreau

2021-04-06   Google

Greg from the maintenance team is incredibly quick, effective and as nice as can be. He came to our unit to replace lightbulbs and before he left I mentioned we had a sink and shower drain issue, not only did he take the time to handle these problems...

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Mariana Carvalho

2021-04-04   Google

Living at Meriel has been a great experience! We moved in August 2020 and everything went well, from visiting the apartment to signing the lease. The staff are gentle, the amenities are great and my dog simply loves the buildings, the area and the ne...

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Patrice Adeline

2021-03-31   Google

I love living here! The management is superb. Perfect location (close to Boston, on the water, restaurants to walk to). I have lived in other apartment complexes and this is by far the best experience I have ever had.

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Dylan Evans

2021-03-15   Google

I just moved to Meriel 2 weeks ago and have really enjoyed the experience so far. Great facilities and people, and I am looking forward to being able to enjoy the outdoor spaces this summer.

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Richard Walsh

2021-03-08   Google

The rental agent Kayla Mobarak was very helpful & professional in explaining the options available for renting at Merial . Kayla made the process very smooth . Richard Walsh

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Julie Platz

2021-03-04   Google

My husband and I have lived at Meriel for almost 3 years now, and we absolutely love it. Yes, the location is amazing (right on the water with a beautiful view of the Boston skyline, next to the Marina for fellow boat owners out there, restaurants/ba...

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Tom Williamson

2021-03-04   Google

After living here for just under 3 years I dread the day I have to leave. I cannot say enough about what a great living experience Meriel has provided. The location is amazing, my friends think I live on a vacation in the summer. The boardwalk, skyli...

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Christopher O'Shea

2021-03-02   Google

Really a great spot to live. Great amenities and staff, and it's a better price than living downtown. Very happy I made the decision to move here.

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Erica Cadigan

2021-02-28   Google

We love living here! My fiancé and I have loved here for going on 3 years, and we are so happy to call Meriel home! The staff are wonderful and always willing to help out, and the location is beautiful! The apartments are spacious, and the amenities...

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Don Eash

2021-02-12   Google

A beautiful residence with a great team! I've only been here a short time, but it is by far the best residential experience I've had!

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Thomas Walls

2020-12-23   Google

Great location with some good views of the skyline and harbor. The staff is very attentive. Highly recommend.

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Tessa Isman

2020-12-11   Google

The management staff here is amazing! They made the application process so easy and answer very swiftly! Eager to move in soon! Thanks Meriel team!

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Guillaume Sayinzoga

2020-10-27   Google

Living at Meriel Marina Bay feels like living in a resort. Love the amenities.

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Bruce G

2020-10-15   Google

Very happy with everything about this apartment building. Clean, modern, great amenities, attentive/friendly staff. Highly recommended!!

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Jeni Rosenberg

2020-10-13   Google

I love living here. The location is amazing. There are so many great restaurants on the boardwalk all right in walking distance. As well as the little market for any quick essentials you might need. Also our apartment is perfect. So much space and it...

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Halit Bayrak

2020-10-13   Google

my decision to move to Meriel was made easy by the amazing office staff. I was unable to tour in person (due to my hesitations with COVID) and the office was very helpful in making my move go smoothly. I’ve noticed that despite social distancing st...

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Lisa Sundean

2020-09-11   Google

I lived at Meriel Marina Bay for 3 years. It was well maintained and always clean. The management and staff were responsive and friendly. Above all, I always felt extremely safe living there as a single female. There were frequent organized social ga...

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2020-09-02   Google

Meriel Marina Bay is truly a wonderful place to live. The building's location is unparalleled and the amenities are incredible. I feel like we're on vacation every day (really!). The staff is super friendly and they do whatever they can to make the l...

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Michael Raskin

2020-07-13   Google

We love living at Mariel Marina Bay! The Mariel Team is very responsive to any requests we make. Also, the sunrises and sunsets are amazing!!

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Lauren Coriale

2020-07-06   Google

I would 100% recommend Meriel at Marina Bay to anyone looking for their next home. The management team was by far the best I have ever experienced. They always get back to you in a timely manner and make things as easy as possible for residents. (Sho...

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libbie ducharme

2020-03-28   Google

I love living here! Its especially fun in the summer being able to walk the docks and eat at the restaurants with friends and family!

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Rachael Bondy

2020-03-11   Google

Fantastic place to live! Wonderful views, great sense of community, and tons of fun events! The staff is extremely attentive to residents’ needs.

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Zba Dj

2020-02-28   Google

It has been an absolute pleasure to move to Merriel. We love the location and the amenities but what makes it special is the people, specially the staff, and everyone at maintenance. One feels taken care of and part of a community. We are lucky to be...

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Lauren Salmon

2020-02-10   Google

I have lived at Meriel for a year and a half now. I’ve never enjoyed living anywhere else as much as I do here. The apartments are modern and the grounds/common areas are always kept spotless. Meriel is close enough to the city yet you get all the ...

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Barbara Queiroz

2019-11-06   Google

After living abroad for nearly a decade and moving back to Boston after a big life change, I am happy to call Meriel home (I've renewed my lease twice now). The management team is extremely friendly, accommodating, attentive, quick to respond and bey...

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Tim Dougher

2019-11-01   Google

My wife and I lived here for a year after moving from the West Coast and have really nothing but positive things to say. The management team is extraordinarily great compared to complexes I’ve lived in (even other “luxury” buildings). They’re...

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Jack Lyons

2019-10-14   Google

Same issue as Kimberly. The noise from the construction is ridiculous. Also they do things in the parking lot like training for police motorcycles. If you have a unit facing out the constant loud activity is very annoying. Also they finally got a new...

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2019-08-08   Google

Good meal together with a terrific view!

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Kaitlyn Swierzewski

2019-07-12   Google

I just renewed my lease for a second year at the Meriel and there's no building I'd rather call home. The property is beautiful and in a bang up location right on the boardwalk at Marina Bay. You're incredibly close to Boston yet also in a great loca...

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Kimberly Rogers

2019-07-05   Google

This community does an excellent job maintaining the buildings and apartments. The lobbies are always sparkling clean and any issues in my unit were immediately addressed. The garage parking is a nice plus and pets are very welcome here. The leasing ...

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minghao ru

2019-06-27   Google


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2019-06-10   Google

I really enjoyed my 13 month lease at Meriel. Great location. Leasing and maintenance were prompt/helpful. Noise from construction of new restaurant downstairs really sucked towards the end but it was the last few weeks of my lease. Honestly probably...

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james romero

2019-05-15   Google

The management is very nice and extremely helpful. The property is kept clean and nice.

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Tom Pasquarella

2019-05-10   Google

We moved from one unit to another so we could be on the water. The new unit had several issues, a broken cabnit, kitchen faucet, stove drawer, and a smell coming from the utility closet. Torrey made sure everything was fixed and followed up to insure...

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Daniel Oot

2019-04-03   Google

The apartments are nice, the pricing is reasonable. Marina Bay is a fantastic quiet community that's close to the city. It's awesome. The facilities at Meriel Bay are really fantastic, the public spaces are very nice. With that said, there are a coup...

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An Nan

2019-03-26   Google

Really nice apartment, good management team!

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Judy Billotte

2019-03-22   Google

As a new resident I couldn’t be happier! Beautiful place it live.The staff is so accomadating! The Meriel makes marina bay a better place. :)

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Preston Repenning

2019-03-08   Google

What a wonderful place. An island of sanity amidst the overall chaos that is "Quincy in Transition". Quincy is undergoing a transformation at the moment; Three 'T' station overhauls; apartments springing up like pimples on a teenager, all causing tra...

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Kenny Choi

2019-02-18   Google

Responsive and well organized staff.

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Monique Rossi

2018-12-03   Google

Meriel is our second home as we live in South Florida. We have a beautiful ocean view apartment with amazing views of Boston. There is no question whatsoever that Meriel is a first class building. What makes Meriel unique though is the amazing manage...

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Deirdre S

2018-11-24   Google

Meriel has been an amazing place to call home for the last year and if it wasn't for a work relocation, I would have renewed. With all the resident activities the management team coordinates, I was able to make a group of friends here! Leroy has been...

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Showing 60 reviews with content.

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