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AO Santa Monica

Susan L.


I have lived here since 2010. I feel that the Bozzuto Management Team is doing a fantastic job, taking care of this diverse community. Many of us come from different backgrounds however the Bozzuto management team does an excellent job of treating us...



Please note that this positive review and 5 stars are for since Bozzuto Management took over, NOT BEFORE. Before they came this place was a -0 in so many ways, except for being in a lovely neighborhood... Ever since Bozzuto Management took over the b...

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Very unsafe building. I have lived here for only a few weeks and my place has already been robbed! I came home after couple hours to find my apartment door unlocked (without tempering) and my precious items were stolen. There are no cameras installed...

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Parastoo S.


New management is amazing. Helpful and hardworking. Keep apartment complex clean and safe. When we call the office for any reason they answer and follow up as soon as Possible

Chloe P.


Overall the experience here is great. I think some of the appliances should be replaced/renovated considering the price of rent here, but I have no major complaints.

Ali P.


People smoke marijuana, dogs pee in hallways, crazy people keep yelling in hallways (Mostly on weekends). Parking is good and secure. Apartments are clean with hardwood floor and W/D in unit.

Kelley B.


The new maintenance team had a hard start but I see the change. Looking forward to the future changes. Also thank you for keeping the food trucks... We love it. I'm excited for the new color scheme.

Ingrid D.


I've found the new management team to be polite and responsive. I like how the swift notification of community news, like the repairs to Salt & Tart.

Alec P.


AO Apartments at Santa Monica is a great location in the heart of Santa Monica, away from the hustle and bustle. The community has 2 pools, a hot tub and a small gym and feels like a mini jungle with the trees inside the complex. Apartments are cozy ...

Mona K.


Ever since the new management took over the environment has been much more peaceful. The public areas smell better and the people at the pool are not as noisy.

Kaylin B.


There are a lot of Nice people, but my apartment has a lot Of maintenance problems that haven’t been addressed. Hopefully they will be fulfilled soon

Andrew H.


Amazing start to my lease and seamless signing process. I was incredibly impressed with the attentiveness and professionalism of all the staff.

Pearl T.


Everybody has been helpful as I move in! Management has been responsive and made my experience smooth. The grounds are well kept and my apartment is newly renovated. Iook forward to exploring the community.

Ryan J.


The AO residency is beautiful. I love their amenities. It’s a place for anyone. I love the swimming pool and the jacuzzi. Plus the gym is like paradise.

Nathaniel J.


I’ve been living her for 8 yrs! This is a positive place to live ! I’ve been Blessed with doors that open for me that can’t never be closed , MY LORD GOD , Created for me AMEN🙏🏾🙏

Lori L.


I love it here! I love AO Apartment’s! The maintenance are quick and get the job done good! The staff is kind and friendly! The neighbors are loved by me! I love the people in the businesses and I love the people at Ralph’s!

Jason J.


I've enjoyed living here because of the amenities. The property management staff on the other hand... have made life difficult to say the least. I will not be resigning here because of this.

Lori L.


I love living here at AO Apartments! I love the neighborhood and the businesses and the neighbors and the Office Staff and Ralph’s too! It’s Great!

Verified Resident 909138


Very soothing apartment complex. Love all the amenities and its a great neighborhood. Perfect for pet owners. Great layout and good neighbors. Pool is great as well. Gym good. Definitely have enjoyed my experience so far here. Would recommend.

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Verified Resident 909156


Superb complex. Accessible to almost everything. There is Ralph's grocery, Starbucks, Colorado Park, MRT, fastfood, hospital, and clinics. I feel safe in this apartment. The office staff are very helpful. 5 stars!

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Robert A.


Just moved in, there were a couple issues with the apartment upon move in but we’re ironing those out. Everything about the place is dope though and I like the pool!

Nathaniel J.


Hello everybody! I’ve been living here for 8 yrs now ! My living here has been a blessing to me! Since I’ve lived here, I’ve become an Author , ACTOR, and I ran for City Council of Santa Monica! I made a good running at the polls! Thank God! I...

Lisa G.


Good experience, but the apartment had some issue that could have been taken care of before we moved in. Extra characters, Lorem Ipsum Lorem Ipsum

Manav B.


Just recently moved in and have enjoyed the amenities the most! Could be a little cleaner, but that’s an issue at any big complex. Really like how spacious the unit is.

Brandon P.


The community has been nice so far with things being mostly quiet. The guest parking passes are a little annoying since we have to get them in person. It would be nice if we could grab them from online. The apartment staff have been very professional...

Verified Resident 903803


The experience has been good so far. The unit is nice and the complex in a good location. The staff I have worked with (such as Robert) have been very professional and friendly every time we have been in contact.

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Kaitlin M.


I just moved in, but so far I am very pleased! I only have a few qualms! I really don’t like that the package concierge charges $5 after 24 hours. I am out of town a lot & can’t always time when packages are going to come. Vacation mode is a grea...



The service is exceptional. Especially our maintenance staff. Miguel is especially responsive and even follows up after the work is completed. When work is required beyond the scope of their skills, they immediately call outside specialists to correc...

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Alek N.


So far so good! Everything here is top of the line and Starbucks is right down the hall:) All the amenities are amazing and we’re so close to the beach!

Fahad J.


I've lived at AO Santa Monica for about eight months and it's been a very good experience. I moved here during COVID and though many of the amenities have been closed during most of my stay, the property itself is beautiful (almost resort like), it's...

Verified Resident 819138


There were a lot of items not ready when I moved in, which took a lot time to get addressed. And, there has been a lot of trash in hallways & at trash shoot issues, that has improved, but there really needs to be recycling bins at trash shoots. Extre...

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Verified Resident 895904


Well constructed mid-luxury apartments that has great location, quiet residents and a sleep-away resort vibe. Management's communication and friendliness can certainly be improved. Pricing is also usually higher than the apartment's worth but COVID p...

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Leah G.


loud and not many community social events to meet other residents. lots of flies in the hallways and inconvenient access into the apartment for guests

Josephine K.


It looks amazing. I Was impressed when I went on tour. I fall in love with the first unit I saw. It's location and the floor plan. The management great! Very pleasant and accommodating.

John L.


Nice place to live. The safety, cleanliness, and proximity to a lot of amenities makes this a very good place to stay. I so love how this is close to my office

Chasen W.


Leasing off is a little slow and needs to improve with their application process. It was very frustrating to deal with that. Hopefully soon they will figure it out.

Nicole S.


Very happy with our new apartment thus far. Robert has helped us throughout the entire application process and continues to assist in anything we need. Love the unit and the view and the pools.

Fahtema S.


Apartments are modern and the jn unit washer dryer is such a big plus. conveniently located by 10 freeway, grocery within walking distance and pretty close to the beach.

Izael M.


I fell in love at the first moment I step in the building ... the decoration , the big hallways , the education of the leasing workers , the beautiful apartments , the huge pool , etc everything looks almost perfect ... more perfect would be if the b...

Sonat U.


onboarding process was so welcoming. Jessika explained to me everything thoroughly and made feel like AO is home so the rest of it was really easy for me to decide.

Moazezi A.


The apartment is great but I am barrier communication with the elevator always issue Everything else is good. Hall need to be clean. Thank you

Nathaniel J.


HELLO EVERYBODY WISHING ALL IS WELL! I’ve been living here for 8 yrs ! It’s been a very interesting time living here! I was Blessed when I first moved in and the Blessings I know will keep on coming ! When I moved in there were people working her...

Lori L.


I love it here! My residence experience is really good ! I love the neighbors! I love the office staff! I love all of the employees here! Everything needed gets done! It’s clean!and I love the businesses and Ralph’s too.

Ingrid D.


My residence experience has been pretty normal. Like everyone else I'm trying to maintain my sanity during the pandemic. I really appreciate seeing other people occasionally (at a safe distance) in the building. We all seem to be keeping up our spiri...



This review is for both Miguel and Kaitlyn from the Greystar Management team. Kaitlyn was extremely helpful and accommodating during the leasing and move-in process and thoroughly answered each question that I had. She even went out of her way to mak...

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Alec P.


My experience here at AO Santa Monica has been good, despite living here during a pandemic. Maintenence is great, the staff is a little rude and people don’t really care about the building. Lots of things break/don’t get fixed/animal feces always...

Verified Resident 542024


The apartments have great amenities. The location is great because it is right near the metrolink station and there is a Ralph's next door. There are several food places, including Starbucks, connected to the building. The staff is available and frie...

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Leah G.


lots of screaming from outside that keeps me up at night. i don’t know any other residents living here/ don’t know how to meet. lobby is always closed and it’s hard to get in touch with staff and agents.

Heideh Z.


Nice people in the front office They are very helpful. If they can’t answer u they go to their supervisor and ask and assert ur questions!

Alina J.


We love the amenities here (when open) and all of the other residents and staff are very nice! There is sometimes an issue with residents not picking up after their dogs in the hallways, but maintenance is usually pretty quick to clean it up. Overall...

Anh N.


The leasing agent is very informative and helpful! The leasing process is simple and easy. The only problems is the apartment seems not clean on the date I moved in and I had to ask for cleaning service again.

Brett H.


So far so good! Everything was great touring and seeing the community. This is definitely going to be a very fun and exciting year for me coming up.

Verified Resident 844579


Very nice clean .staff respond right away . Maintance is very accurate and clean very quiet . Very healthy apartment love the pool and the gym very friendly. Close to the grocery store I love the washer Frier in the unit and dish washer very convinie...

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Zack W.


The experience of getting the apartment was very easy. The staff especially Kaitlyn is very nice and helpful. I am looking forward to living at AO Santa Monica

Lori L.


I love it here! The people are really kind in the businesses! The office staff is exceptionally excellent and helpful! The neighbors are friendly! The environment is clean and the pool is great to look at! I love everything about this place!

Nathaniel J.


HELLO EVERYBODY, Since the pandemic, I’ve notice people are more people friendly, it’s sad it would have to have a pandemic around the world for people to start extending their friendship to others! Instead it should be like that at all times ! B...

John C.


Kari, at the leasing office, has been so helpful through the move in process. The entire team has been great! Moving across the country has been stressful and the AO staff made us feel very comfortable right away settling any doubts we had about our ...

Verified Resident 837176


Top notch service, it's only been a few months but I am very impressed. If you're looking for a new place to live that's got everything for you (and a furry friend) to feel comfy at home (especially if you're also stuck working from home) this could ...

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Verified Resident 836263


So far the experience we have had at AO Santa Monica Apartments has been positive. The location of the building is in a safe and centrally located area, away from the hustle bustle of Santa Monica and the staff here has been very helpful. Residents d...

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Kelley B.


Great location & amenities. AO is centrally located to all ur needs. On a clear day, u can see the beach...which is always a plus. Ralph's is downstairs, nice walking trail takes u straight in.

Ali P.


Clean apartments, hardwood floors, W/D inside units. Panoramic view, close to grocery store and school. Walking distance to metro. Starbucks, restaurant under the building.

Jason J.


I am enjoying it so far, for the most part. We moved in on Saturday, but our AC unit was broken when we arrived. It is annoying because AC was a big selling point for us, and we have yet to use it, because it was broken before we moved in.

Jessica M.


We've had a wonderful experience so far! There is plenty of storage between the outside closet, big bedroom closet, bathroom cabinets and hallway door closet. Love the package concierge too, so much better than packages just being left on the street.

Sasha A.


It’s been okay. I wish other residents were more mindful of their surroundings regarding trash and noise volume. It is overpriced for what the building truly is. Closed amenities, trashy hallways, unruly neighbors.

Silvelie G.


This is not fun to deal with during COVID-19, since the gym, and many common areas are closed. I do enjoy the quiet, and that AO is doing what’s necessary to keep people safe.



I love this apartment. It is located in community that you can have all convenient resources. I like the people here. Kari helped a lot when we moved in last July and Spencer is helping with maintenance everytime I need. Pools are good and courts are...

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Stephanie A.


Love that we are within walking distance to so many places. I can walk to the beach and back home, do my grocery shopping, post office, lots of walking paths and parks. I am saving a lot of mileage on my car and getting a lot of exercise because of t...

Kaitlyn H.


My experience living here has been amazing! Such nice, attentive staff, beautiful surroundings, my dog loving the dog park as well as a starbucks around the corner. Loving AO!

Andrew M.


Great experience with leasing office! They were great about my late arrival. Excited to live here. Love the location and pool. Great location to metro and beach.

Jacqueline D.


We really enjoy living here. Great location & nice apartment. Spencer the maintenance guy has been really nice and responsive. The apartment is nice & updated. Only thing I would say is that we are constantly calling maintenance due to something happ...



I recently moved here and love it so far! The staff has been very friendly and attentive, particularly the maintenance staff. There were a few small issues with the apartment when we moved in that they quickly addressed and went above and beyond to a...

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Alec P.


The AO apartments in Santa Monica are good so far. We moved in in the beginning of September and so far all amenities have been closed due to COVID-19, but other than that, Spencer and the maintenance team are great and the people are very friendly.

Elizabeth R.


Plenty of parking, balcony, pool, jacuzzi, bbq, fire pit, gym, close to everything. Train is just across the street, pet friendly, nice neighbors.

Kacey K.


Just moved in a few days ago. So far so good, very excited to be living at AO and looking forward to what the future holds! Love the space and energy

Verified Resident 819138


There has been a lot of maintenance issues that the maintenance staff have not resolved, and there doesn't seem to be any urgency to solve the issues any time soon? Overall the remodeled interior are good and the pool view are better then most apartm...

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Julia N.


Nice place! Been here 2.5 years. Feels like there should be some sort of fixed price for the rent each year it’s renewed though when I’ve been here this long

Ali G.


It’s been great so far. Jessika specifically has been really helpful and welcoming. I look forward to spending more time there with my family. I am hopeful that we will stay there long term. :)

Chloe P.


The community has been very respectful so far, and a great place to live. It's quiet, clean, and everyone wears masks - which I really appreciate. I do wish there wasn't so much garbage left outside of the chute, because the parking garage does stink...

Ariel T.


Everything is mostly great, but the dog poop/pee all over the hallway every single day is ridiculous. If that's prevented then it will be 5/5 for sure.

Kevin W.


Solid Complex w/ good amenities. Would be nice if the "package" area was more organized / was an actual room. The apartments themselves are nice and spacious.

Jonathan S.


Overall a mostly positive experience as the location is great, except for the DMV being across the street and the homeless around Ralph's, and the office staff and maintenance people are great, but Graystar doesn't care about you as evidenced by not ...

Isabelle K.


So far, absolutely love it here! Great amenities, quick responses from office, easy parking, no complaints from me:) glad to be living here for the next year.

Lucila B.


I have so much space and the amenities are amazing! We have trash service, package service, easy gate code contact, pets can live here, the list goes on. I love having a balcony so I can have a outside area that is my own.

Brigid O.


Love the staff, some of my neighbors have been noisy, I like the location, I like the security, the pools look nice, and the elevator smells like trash

Morgan R.


We love our home at AO. All of the wonderful people in management are extremely friendly and helpful. Maintenance is prompt and responsive. There is male parking space. Most of all, we love being close to the busy beach while also enjoying a quiet li...

Chelsea W.


AO is in a great location. There are also local stores and the DMV is right across the street. It’s very quiet and there is a security guard for after hours assisting. There are some downsides to this complex as well. The gardening isn’t kept up,...

Verified Resident 807991


So far I really enjoy living here. Everyone has been very friendly and helpful. The property is beautiful and maintained. And I love the ease of the online platform. I can pay rent and submit a service request all online! Thank you!

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Nilo S.


I love living at AO Santa Monica apartment. I live at this building for almost 7years and I never had any problems. AO’s staffs are very carrying and nice! Also, this apartment is close to the most good places too like Santa Monica beach!

Verified Resident 542024


Living at AO has the extras many don't get to experience. There are many great amenities. Everyone does their jobs to make tenants happy. Housekeeping works hard everyday to keep AO clean. Maintenance responds in a timely manner and followup to make ...

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Elizabeth C.


My experience has been interesting.......aside from having to move into another apt.....I do like it because it is close to the market for one thing, love having a washer and dryer in the apt.......most of the residents are friendly.......the staff h...

Sara B.


So far I am really enjoying living here. It’s really beautiful. Everyone in the office has been very friendly and helpful. Service requests are dealt with rather quickly. Thank you!

Charlotte M.


So far I like the place, but the flies have GOT to go. There’s also this weird buzzing noice in my closet only when I turn OFF the light and it’s rather annoying👀

Lori L.


I love AO Apartment’s The community is great I love my neighbors And I love saying “Hi” to them every time that I see them all around this place

Nathaniel J.


I put God First in all I do! All I have is Love and Respect, for all humans and animals! I’m here to help not hinder! My heart is always open to speak highly of people, I keep and eye out around where we live, for anything that I think shouldn’t ...

Kelley B.


It could be a quieter with more visible security. The trash areas need to be cleaner or enforced. Enforce cleaning up after ur pets even if it's urine.

Ali P.


Close to school, washer and dryer, clean apartments, great views in 7 floor, close to grocery store. Good security with courtesy patrol at night. Onsite management.

Camila M.


The AO is in a great location, and easy access to grocery stores, Starbucks, the DMV, the metro and highway which is perfect, I love the environment with the 2 pools, the gym and The dog park :)

Zhe P.


I dont like this place because it is nosiy dirty. Package delivery is not efficient. Parking lot is so far. The wall doesnt block any noise.

Verified Resident 782991


Like the location, but expensive for what you can get in the area. Recently, lots of issues with tenants smoking and causing fire alarm to go off in the middle of the night. Trash chute is often jammed so you have to carry the trash down to ground fl...

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Marie A.


Great location, clean and safe complex at a great price with helpful and friendly staff. Moved here from San francisco and feels like a breath of fresh air.

Verified Resident 701558


The issue regarding my lighting fixture was quickly figured out and fixed, thank you ...........................................................

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It is amazing here! All of the staff are so nice and helpful. Thanks for that! I love having pools and having a gym right downstairs from me.

Matthew M.


The office staff was so friendly and helpful with leasing...even during a pandemic! The move in was smooth and easy. We love our new apartment.

Verified Resident 683025


We moved to Santa Monica, CA from Houston, TX on short notice. AO Santa Monica was perfectly located for our busy lives. The proximity to schools, churches and grocery stores were all an important consideration for our family. The staff is always hel...

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Jeffrey K.


Very well managed apartment complex. Clean, quiet, tranquil atmosphere in the great City of Santa Monica. I wish I could use the fitness room and pool areas. Hopefully soon.

Adam P.


I have lived at AO Santa Monica for a year now, and absolutely love it! I recommend it for everyone who is new to Santa Monica, considering there is immediate access to a grocery store and multiple metro expo lines. I also highly recommend this speci...

Sara B.


I loved the AO community. Its very nice and clean and the leasing management team was very friendly and helpful. I'm really looking forward to my new community.

Krystal D.


Nice place to live could be better at keeping communal areas clean such as hallways, stairwells, and grass in the front. People on office are friendly

Verified Resident 690293


I have had a wonderful experience living at the AO Santa Monica. The community is beautiful and filled with wonderful staff members. If I had ever experienced an issue, maintenance would accommodate me very quickly.

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Silvelie G.


This is not fun to deal with during COVID-19, since the gym, pool, and common areas are closed. I do enjoy the quiet, and that AO is doing what’s necessary to keep people safe.

Jing Yun H.


Other stuffs are good but water dropping sound from the bathroom ceiling kind of bother me a lot, even the worker already came check twice and promised everything is good, but the dropping sounds still exist.

Ryan J.


The AO apartments complex is amazing. It has all the perks you want and dreamt of. The gym, two swimming pools, jacuzzi, and the place is like a fresh start.

Nathaniel J.


I’ve been living here for 8 yrs! For the most part it’s been good as for laying my head down to get some sleep ! I haven’t been harass by neighbors, I don’t and never had roaches or rats! It’s a quiet neighborhood that’s good for me becau...

Jennifer L.


Excellent customer service at the Leasing Office here! The turnaround time was fast and efficient. They are super friendly and always available and ready to help!

Ergun K.


The maintenance is extremely slow. The garbage collection very confusing. Things could be a lot simpler. The BBQ's are not cleaned and they need maintenance.



After having several difficulties here, management has been working to make the overall experience better. Our refrigerator has been replaced. It seems that the staff has been improved and upgraded. Repairs in the common areas are finished and we loo...

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Rani T.


Nice apartments with great sq footage and comfortable amenities such as gym and hot tub. Package concierge is so nice to have to keep packages from getting stolen. The office staff is friendly and approachable. Only complaint would be that it's diffi...

Verified Resident 725835


Since I have lived here, I have had a security breach in my home, my packages have been stolen/misplaced, one of the maintenance techs hit on me while working in my home, the gate in the parking garage that was supposed to separate tenants from the p...

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Has been amazing!!! Everyone that works here is so nice and helpful. Great community and a dog park for our dogs to play!!! The pools are nice.

Silvelie G.


So far everything is nice, quiet and peaceful. I like having access to the gym into the late hours of the night, and that it’s also mostly nice and clean over here. Even though most dog owners are very responsible about picking up after their pets,...

YaTan C.


Great staff, nice neighborhood. Very convenient because there are Starbucks, Poki, salt tart. Wish there will be more restaurants or coffee shops offers down stair, so people could have more option to chose for the meal. Last but not least, sometimes...

Adam P.


From the day I signed my lease at AO Santa Monica, I knew I was making a great decision. Not just are the employees in the front offices wonderful people, but the neighbors you meet here are always presented with a friendly smile. This community also...

Ingrid D.


I really like living at 2200 Colorado, but my only complaint is that dog feces and urine is left in the corridors sometimes. The smell is pretty bad and it's a hazard for foot traffic.

Verified Resident 735588


Constant travelers coming in and out because of Airbnbs, bathrooms are disgusting with toilets and showers from the 60s, no sense of community, animal feces and urine in hallways and elevators, trash stinks near elevators. Would not recommend living ...

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Verified Resident 735348


There had been 6 days Dec. 6-11, 2019 when no hot water. So we weren't able to take bath. That was terrible and untolerable. AO the landlord should compensate us by waiving me the 6days' rent, which is USD858. Please refund ASAP. Experience here is n...

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Verified Resident 688876


A simple request to have a battery changed in my chirping fire alarm, made me appreciate what a pleasure it was to live in an apartment, versus my old house with its 10 ceilings, where I was responsible for all maintenance. I put in a maintenance req...

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Sasha A.


It’s been great living at AO thus far. We love the amenities and what the community has to offer to its residents. We’re looking forward to what’s in store for the rest of the year and can only hope for the best.

Jae Seok P.


I think that AO is good place. I want to live with good neighbors. I don’t speak English well. So you guys speak slowly to me. I need to you so many help.

Devan S.


My lease signing process has been amazing!! John was super helpful along the way and ensured i got what i needed out of the process and let me ask 8 million questions

Verified Resident 725508


Response from maintenance for anything needing repaired is the absolute worst. This place is so expensive, but what you actually get for your money simply doesnt add up. Cheap interior materials for a unit that costs so much to rent. Im not satisfied...

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Sean M.


So far so good but apparently I need one hundred and forty characters to complete this so there ya have it. Great example of getting what you asked for but not what you need.

Joseph R.


Great so far. Looking forward to the new experience in Santa Monica This is the new beginning to a beautiful new chapter of the rest of my life

Rani T.


Excited to start living here soon! Great location and wonderful space. Trash valet is unique and a convenient service that is offered to tenants. I think parking could have been made more convenient for guests visiting but at least they can get valid...

Johanna D.


The location is great for working in Santa Monica. Very diverse residents, quick maintenance response time and easy access to amenities. I would recommend these apartment s to anyone .

Ryan J.


The experience is excellent. I would recommend this apartment complex to my friendship. The pool, jacuzzi, the gym, and vending machines are the best perks here.

Silvelie G.


So far everything living here has been wonderful, my only issue is my broken heater, which I’m still being told that they’re waiting to get the parts so they can fix it

Jingyi W.


goodgoodgood very good excellent hahhaha good apartment good neighbor good view good experience good food good flowers good office everything are good

YaTan C.


Many staff is cleaning our community every morning. Always feel nice after they clean it! sometimes I can hear people were screaming past 12 o'clock, it is pretty annoying. Last but not least, if AO could add more locker for packages then that will b...

Haris V.


Amazing staff in the leasing office. Quick to work together with their clients and make sure their needs are taken care of the correct way. The community is very clean and modern.

Beverly B.


When walking through to view apartments I couldn't help but draw my attention to the luxurious amenities such as the fitness room, gym, fire pits, BBQ area, the pool and jacuzzi, and c'mon how could we forget mentioning the trash service (I hate taki...

Verified Resident 699346


Send out and practice how to be positive , with residents! Somebody has to be the better person ! If they cant do that theyre working in the wrong field! Truth! When youre working in a big establishment like this with all of these people, when youre ...

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Kerri D.


Clean building, maintenance staff are professional and friendly, great amenities. Fire alarm is constantly going off during the night, continuous issues with resident swipe gates in parking garage, some residents can’t seem to find trash cans or us...

Timothy D.


Great location but noisy and sometimes filthy. Please clean up after pets and the hallway smells like dog pee. I got a urinary track infection using the hot tub and had to go to Urgent Care. I was on antibiotics for two weeks. Please clean the hot tu...

Robert H.


The building always appears to be clean and welcoming. I also like how accessible parking and getting to your floor directly from the garage.

Lori L.


AO’sa very good experience.The security makes me feel safe.AO has a kind and helpful staff.The businesses are people friendly.I love it here

Soo jin K.


It's been great! Facilities people come immediately when there is an issue :) Everything gets fixed in one day or less than two days! I love it.

Ali S.


Love the place and the apartment. The pool is nice. Air conditioner is a bit loud. The staff is nice, cordial and professional. I would recommend it to my friends

Ashley L.


great apartment with resort style amenities. the walls are concrete, which means we never hear our neighbors- a rare perk in apartment loving. Some issues with our appliances, but the service has been fast and easy.

Gabrielle O.


love it here! I feel so safe and secure, i love how quiet it always is even with dogs. that’s a hard thing to accomplish. everyone pretty much stays to themselves but are very friendly. so happy that i chose this apartment complex

Joaquin A.


Nice place to be a part of AO santa monica, i am very excited to move in. My apartament is very nice. I tope to have a Great time and meet alot of people.

Adam P.


The apartment is beautiful and filled with tons of entertainment such as fire pits, pools and even a fitness center. This apartment complex has it all, making it very convenient for its residents.

Justina U.


Everything pretty good so far. It has nice pool, jacuzzi and gym. People at office are helpful. Perfect place for students just require good credit from parents. As well for professionals.

Ali P.


Very convenient location. Close to grocery store, schools, metro, beach and restaurants. New construction with balcony and washer/dryer. Pool and gym are local also.

Troy G.


Moving from another state, we did not have much time to find a place to live and found AO Santa Monica. Our apartment has been quite and well maintained. The outside is being cleaned up and makes the place look like a luxury apartment complex again. ...



Very friendly atmosphere, nice amenities, nice being able to stay healthy with the gym, and the swimming pool. So far everything is excellent

Nicholas H.


Pretty good, lots of stains on the floors that could make the place feel cleaner if cleaned up. Back gate slams loudly and can the gym open at 5 am?

Yuriko O.


It can be loud in the streets, but the apartment is super nice and the residents are super nice. The trash shoot in the parking lot can be dirty though. Other then that, the place is pretty clean and our apartment room is great!

Verified Resident 658022


Great apartment for people who look to live in the Santa Monica area. Great parking facility and amenities. The apartments are slightly old in their layout and upkeep. Cleanliness and waste management is a slight issue but everything else is good.

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Joseph Odisho K.


Not bad. Neighbors blinds need to be fixed. We pay $5k a month and it’s embarrassing when our guests come and see destroyed blinds on apartments on either side of us

Verified Resident 656757



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Teri A.


I have toured the community at 2pm during a Tuesday. It is a quiet community with cleaning people who were constantly at work. I look forward to living there.

Verified Resident 649225


Dryer and blinder broken when I moved in. Asked for management. A week passed by but still not fixed. I asked to call me before coming, but I got no call or msg. I heard today that management team stopped by my unit yesterday!! I'm suprised they came...

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Mariel R.


The apartment is great, the maintenance staff is very friendly, however, there are some problems: some tenants in the community, usually leave rubbish in the common areas (like food on the elevators´s floor) and they don´t clean it, they wait until...

Verified Resident 633507


Kindness of staff has helped color my overall impression to favorable despite the systems going down both personal and collective._.,;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;:;

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Alyssa Ashley R.


I really appreciate the response time to requests, especially given how many units are at the property. It’s nice to know I can get things fixed quickly.

Verified Resident 619003


Convenient location and parking for guests. Upkeep of exterior is well maintained, but interior windows/screens are very dirty, dusty and easily fall off tracks when sliding. Appliances are functional and reliable but not the best quality. Good desig...

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Frankie T.


I Love living here! Dog friendly, kid friendly! A beautiful, large yet quiet building, with a great pool with cabanas! Nice gym! Lotsa activity’s to participate in, if you desire. Friendly neighbors, attentive staff for any issues.. Close to the be...

Karishma J.


Friendly people, and great location! I love the space and the amenities that are in the apartment! Calm and quiet arra with the beach close by!

Zari T.


Very welcoming, clean, with great smell at the entrance! Very helpful, caring and kind staff! So happy to be part of this community! It was a great start!

Seth C.


Pool, gym and jacuzzi are great, but elevators and mail are under average. Service has been ok but laundry machines are very old, heater makes loud noises and hasn’t been fixed despite service request; I can’t sleep well and if I wake up I can’...

Evelyn D.


Move-in was made very easy with the help of Jessika! She was amazing in getting my documents approved quickly so that I could move-in in lightening speed! The maintenance was quick to address issues. Jessika followed up by phone to confirm that the i...

Lori L.


Everybody here is the best. Exceptional help. The service is excellent. The care is so nice. It feels so wonderful to live here. I want ice.

Caio Cesar S.


Amazing place to live. Very friendly staff members, great location and quite neighborhood. My brother and I have absolutely fallen in love with this place!

Verified Resident 603035


Its been a good stepping stone for me. I appreciate that its all luxury. Im not ever one to complain, but I do feel feedback can help the community improve for future residents. My neighbor is often drunk and loud. Ive seen sketchy people hanging out...

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Melinda L.


The community is clean and I love that there is controlled access to the building as well as resident parking. The amenities such as the Nest thermostats, trash concierge, and washer/dryer in unit are fantastic! My only negative is that the rent is a...

Jonathan G.


The overall experience has been good. The staff is helpful and the surrounding residents are friendly. The occasional smokers and trash in the parking garage is unfortunate, but infrequent.

Lundun M.


Nice place to live. Friendly and responsive maintenance staff. Package system doesn’t always work (have lost some in the past). Can be noisy at times but overall positive experience.

Verified Resident 590658


Generally speaking the environment and the amenities are quite good in this community, and AOs staff are very helpful and friendly. The only thing is the air conditioner which is a little bit noisy, and I wish it can be updated.

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Verified Resident 586083


Everything is great so far. The building sidewalks could be better cleaned. The smell in the elevators is so pungent that it lingers on clothing for a period of time after leaving the vacinity. There are a number of occupants with animals which I fin...

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Gintare P.


Everything is great except always out of order elevators. Clean and silent residency. Great to face security taking care outside. Amazing location

Nathaniel J.


All that’s glitter is not gold! I like next door because I’m a entertainment ! You should change staff, they’re not respectful to clients ! Find good workers

Kayla O.


Only problem is people very often smoke. We had to buy an air filter because our neighbors kept smoking out their windows and it would blow into our apartment Otherwise it’s great!

Lori L.


I love it here. Maintenance is not only right on top of everything but great people too.i love the crankiness and the white walls.The neighborly events.and the police meetings.

Lundun M.


Nice apartment and amenities. Management is upgrading the elevators, but they are often out of service. Can be noisy at times of the day with people outside, but otherwise a good community

Sabrina li-ting C.


Lovely neighbours. Excellent facilities. Super helpful and friend staff in the office. Moving in was so much easier because of all things listed above.

Soo jin K.


I'm moving in this weekend and am excited to move it. The amenities look great. The only downside is that I'm still waiting to see the apartment I'm moving it and won't know if it's carpeted or not. It would be good to know beforehand. Other than tha...

Verified Resident 542024


I have been living here since the beginning of the year and I thoroughly enjoy it. The staff is always friendly and helpful and my maintenance requests have been filled in a timely manner. The amenities are fantastic and I have everything close by th...

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Steven C.


This place is nice but very average for the cost. It is usually noisy and there are homeless people constantly harassing residents. The gym is severely lacking adequate equipment.

Dylan C.


Just moved in this past week and I love it so far. Everything is how I imagined ! The people are very friendly, all your stores that you need are in walking distance.

David H.


Nice staff that made the leasing process simple. Nice resort community with pools, spa, barbecue area, fitness center, business center and great lobby area.

Keisha W.


I love living here at least for me I have no problems with anything really when I ask for something to be done it gets done. The staff really are great inspire of how many residents they cope with on a daily. I have peace here I really do.

Joseph L.


Great and helpful staff. The leasing process was very easy and the staff was always there to answer any questions my roommate and I may have had

Verified Resident 524142


I have never met a more incompetent and rude staff than those who work at the AO. Through numerous issues that i have experienced liken fly infestation, harassment from other neighbors, no AC, getting stuck in the elevator, etc., the front desk staff...

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Ali P.


Sales staff are very helpful and care about residents. All paperwork can be processed electronically. They welcome you even with out appointment.

Verified Resident 519130


Not satisfied with cleanliness of hallways and parking garage...Quiet time noise complaints for Same units need stiffer penalties...ALL units upgraded to SAME amenities...Turn around time for maintenance work order requests can be improved. Package C...

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Lena Z.


We Have been lived in AO apartment for almost 3 years. We love Leaving here so much! It’s a very nice place to live. The staffs & maintenance people are nice and the friendly too!

Junghyun K.


We have lived in AO Apartment for 2 months 2 years ago. We are very happy that we made this right decision. All the office staffs are very friendly and helpful, the maintenance staffs mentain very good jobs, they are knowledgeable and work hard; quic...

Tina N.


I havent been there and met our neighbors but the place is really pretty. The commob area are nice and seems to ve well put togwther. Thabks again for this reminder.

Patricia angela C.


It has been a great experience so far being a part of the AO community. The location, amenities, neighbors, and overall space have made my stay here wonderful and convenient.

Lundun M.


Complex is nice and management is making progress to add more amenities. Can by noisy at times and doesn’t always feel 100% safe, but otherwise would recommend

Michael C.


Very happy with the unit and building amenities. I like the restaurants and eateries available outside of the building and the location along Colorado Ave. is terrific.

Beatriz P.


It is a good and convenient place however there is so much room for improvement. The gym definitely needs some additional items like a pilates ball, the trash need to be picked up more regularly and... the doors lock fixed as multiple door dont lock ...

Zhinos K.


I love the community and the way you are trying to manage the apartment. Before I see a lot of trash bags in front of the units and in the parking lots, but after I received the email about the rules I don’t see it any more and no more dirt of dogs...

Lori L.


Every time I have something go wrong in my unit. I am #218. The AO staff is always fixing it right away. Even when my bathroom light wasn't working and I was having an housing authority inspection that day. The maintenance man left to go pick up the ...

Sheila M.


My experience has been phenomenal. I have been treated very well by all the staff here. The complex has a relaxed, mello vibe. The amenities are awesome, especially the heated pool.

Verified Resident 471991


en varias ocasiones tuve problemas y la solución a los mismos deja mucho que decir.. en este momento mi apartamento se encuentra inundado y la solución fue hacer tres orificios en el techo de mi bañera donde cae agua constantemente y dejar dos maq...

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Michael Z.


Great staff, beautiful pools, and a nice neighborhood. The Starbucks and nearby restaurants are very convenient. The staff responds very promptly and they are friendly and helpful.

Verified Resident 459401


i just want the staff to work on pacific jobs that I contact them online for 2 days but no one gives me to reply that made me mad. Please check email regularly that do not miss any residents' messages.

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Lundun M.


Apartment amenities are good. Complex is loud sometimes with people screaming or cars screeching through parking. Maintenance requests take too long to get completed, but staff is friendly.

Verified Resident 456368


It's not the building or the staff that's the issue. It's the residents who think they don't need to clean up after themselves...leaving trash and making messes without cleaning up after themselves. I feel their needs to be ramifications for resident...

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Julia N.


Great community and beautiful complex! Nothing to complain about as of now. Nice clean gym and lobby, the pool area is nice as well, haven’t tried out the pool yet but I sure will.

Verified Resident 215616


It has declined since I moved in a year ago. Much noisier, especially late at night, with no security coming by to tell people to be quiet or leave. There should be a door/small room around the garbage disposal to contain the smell and mess that accu...

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Keisha W.


I love living here. When I open the door to my apt I feel at home and the staff here make me feel at home. I'm able to access the weight room, pool jacuzzi and much more my son likes to get on the computer in the computer room and also does his homew...

Verified Resident 445125


We have been lived in Ao Apartment since 2015. We are very happy that we made this right decision. All the office staffs are very friendly and helpful, the maintenance staffs mentain very good jobs, they are knowledgeable and work hard; quickly solve...

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Verified Resident 443677


Building amenities are nice but appliances cheap and other residents are untidy and loud. We stay here mostly because the location is so great and we like the pool and that there is a fire pit, washer/dryer in each apt and parking.

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Verified Resident 443034


If you order anything online and travel for work you will hate this building. Package 'concierge' service will rip you off. Lot's of Section 8 folks that they don't disclose when you sign your lease. Homeless people are everywhere, in hallways and mi...

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Lori L.


I was really thankfull to move in here. The maintenance is always taking excellent care of this place. I am proud to bring people here; where I live. I always get told how nice the atmosphere is here. That makes me feel alot of pride. The complement ...

Selin C.


Overall a Very nice, has 2 pools, a dog walking park area very beautiful neighborhood, walking distance to Ralphs but the elevator gets broken down often



Property was extremely noisy, unkept, and front desk staff (except John) was unhelpful. Apartments were not maintained and there was always maintenance issues.

Verified Resident 434102


The apartment is great however in the evenings I don't like to go on walks outside my apartments because there are tons of questionable people hanging around. Amenities are great, however the package system we have and pay for is not always working c...

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Kwok Din W.


Well managed- rating ninety five out of a hundred Nice facilities- rating ninety out of a hundred nice people- rating ninety five out of a hundred Package Concierge has room for improvement- rating sixty five out of a hundred I would rate overall eig...

Lundun M.


Nice amenities and decent neighborhood. Good to have starbucks and quick restaurants in complex. Can be noisy at times with people yelling but otherwise fine.

Makiko K.


Many residents say hello or how are you doing at any time. They are very friendly. But sometime especially Friday night, people in pool make noisy.

Robert S.


I have Loved living here so far. Apartments are nice. Front desk people are great also as well as nice neighbors. Would be nice if pool was open later and work out room had more equip.

Verified Resident 419317


AO apartments are superficially nice looking apartments. The location is great but everything else falls short. You can hear neighbors yelling at each other in the courtyards and cars starting up in the garage. Would not recommend.

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Melissa R.


Management treated me very fair they just have some issues with little things such as fixing things around the apartments but overall they have been nice to me

Derek S.


Move in was easy and quick. The amenities are really great and the staff is always available to answer questions. The location has great parking options and free visitor parking up to 2 hours which is great.

Natalia P.


This place is not bad, but I do not like the plan of the building itself, the hours of the clubhouse work, there are no events for community

Frankie T.


AO has been my family’s home for over 5 years now. It is a diversified community with lots of wonderful people! It’s is very quiet & peaceful here. I Love my neighbors, I feel safe & supported in friendship. The location is great, everything is v...

Nancy B.


Friendly staff and central location in Santa Monica to lots of good restaurants, college campuses, and the beach. Lovely Mountain View’s from upper floor apartments.

Verified Resident 410485


if i spread the word about the community it would be that its a total rip off. overpriced, they rent out apartments to strangers on my friends car has been hit numerous times in the lot. there are low income residents walking around with their privat...

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Austin B.


The actual units are great, but the elevators, hallways, and garage always smell bad. The pool is very nice. Lots of packages get stolen if not left in locker. Delivery people constantly struggle. Its hard to let people in the building and the elevat...

William R.


Great service. The community is well kept and enjoyable, although a few common areas could be better maintained and improved. The staff are very polite and helpful. Would recommend AO.

Fnu K.


Good enough for living. Everything is so so nothing really impresive. But the pool is chill though and it is nice to have starbucks downstairs

Selin C.


Great location there is a starbucks near by. Parking is great. Only 7 minutes to the beach. The cell service is not that good but there is wifi.

Quinn R.


Although I just moved in, I already feel like we are at home. Between the amenities and awesome location, I really couldn't ask for a better apartment at this pricing.

Kayla O.


The elevators seem outdated and untrustworthy. They are constantly breaking down and it makes me wonder if they're still reliable. Otherwise everything is very nice.

Lori L.


I love living here!! !! !! The people who work here are great. Matenence is always kept up. I love the police meetings in the club house.. I feel better with the police security. And i really like the security that we have working here. I like the pe...

Shankhamala C.


Great amenities, noise is a problem but there is a feel good-factor about home. Great amenities but maintenance requests take time to get fulfilled. Staff is friendly.

Tasha C.


Rental process and move in were really great. The staff here are super responsive, very helpful and provide many options without having to request! Great experience so far after being here for just a few weeks

Henri D.


While the community specifically around the gym and pool feels very open and welcoming, I have not(personally) partaken fully in these experiences as I feel I will be able to in the future. However, staff wise so far has been very accommodating and w...

Verified Resident 392063


Living at AO has been great! You can bike or hop on the metro to beach, food and grocery locations within walking distance and I really enjoy relaxing on the balcony watching the sunset. The apartment also includes parking so never any headache tryin...

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Meghan C.


Clean, beautiful living with lots of amenities! It's easy access to surrounding area with lots of food options and things to do. The parking garage is safe and convenient

John J.


I am very happy with the community. the apartment and the common areas exceed my expectations. Parking gates and parking lots keep the residents safe and clean

Patricia angela C.


Our residency here at AO has been wonderful and satisfactory so far. The quality of the apartment continues to impress on top of all the additional bonuses that come with the community (fitness room, pools, etc.).

Lundun M.


Good apartment complex. New look and feel to units and solid appliances. Amenities are nice. Noise from people in common areas can sometimes be loud.

Axel N.


The apartment community is incredibly well and very relaxed , so far on the 5th floor! The community is also very respectable and nobody is out of control or anything crazy

Ryan C.


I have enjoyed my move in so far. The inside of the apartment is great and any details that needed changing were promptly fixed. Great location.

Troy H.


We are very pleased since moving in a month ago. Responsive and kind staff, very impressed with Will on the maintenance staff. At times we notice some of the exterior gates being propped open, which is the reason for the 4-star instead of 5-star revi...

Jessica L.


Well maintained community! Residents are very nice. Convenient to grocery store, restaurants, bars and many more! Five minute drive for 25 minute walk to the beach, couldn't ask for better!

We S.


Service minded and helpful to solve any problem that might occur. The pools, gym and jacuzzi located close to the barbecue are nice and clean to use, as well easy access to bathrooms without need I go up to the apartment.

Hampus L.


A super fresh apartment. Also with a great location. But air conditioning still has not been fixed after two weeks. We have been told that it will be fixed soon for a week now.

Yidi Z.


This is an amazing community. Lots of residents sit around the pool to get some sunshine and chat with each other. Employees from leasing office are very friendly.

Verified Resident 274069


This complex provides large living spaces inconvenience however you must be willing to deal with unauthorized access to the grounds shady people in and out homeless people always around animals urinating everywhere and not great communication skills ...

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Verified Resident 379721


The property is good overall, has a great location. There are issues though with simple maintenance matters such as replacing a 50.00 set of weights in the gym. It appears as though the Site manager has a very small if no budget to address simple ite...

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Theresa S.


The staff are very friendly and easy to work with. They respond quickly to request for service and assistance with matters around the community.

Makiko K.


This apartment is mostly good such as pool,gym and so on. Supermarket is very near.so it's very easy to buy daily foods. On the other hand bad point is so noisy especially night

Verified Resident 355419


The location is great! The managment is helpful. All the amenities that are included are wonderful! My appartment is very spacious and the building is very clean. I would definetly recomend moving to AO Santa Monica.

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John L.


AO Santa Monica is a great community to live in. There is a nice mix of amenities and it is convenient to be able to park on the floor closet to your apartment. The location is great.

Sara R.


I like my apartment, but the public spaces are pretty filthy. I refuse to bring guests in the garage elevator because of the overwhelming garbage stench in the garage. Particularly on the ground floor, the garbage is almost always overflowing and all...



The AO in Santa Monica is A great beach area to live. Fresh ocean breezes, a very nice quiet community! Beautiful pool & gazebo areas, with a great fitness gym! Nice Cool people, dog friendly, & they fix anything broke quickly & efficiently. It's fun...

Finis C.


Great place to live! Perfect location, easy access to beaches, freeway, shopping. Building is well maintained, clean, secure. Entrances on Colorado and Olympic are extremely convenient as well!

Rizwan R.


Great Community, but the cell service is not the greatest (especially on the lower floors). Fantastic events though. the office is really helpful and nice.

Sofia S.


Everyone is great! super friendly and so many great events that help you get to know one another. Staff is super helpful and the amenities are awesome.

Feng Z.


The community is modern, and has plenty of parking spaces. And the maintenance is quick and comprehensive. The interior lighting is a little bit too dark.

Jai T.


Lovely apartment with helpful staff. When we first moved here in 2016 the pool was well kept and quiet, recently there has been a lot of parties, loud music and non residents occupying the pool area on the weekends. There are also slashes on the deck...

Danielle L.


I really enjoy living in AO apartments. The community is very warm and cordial. I think the biggest development area would be relating to timeliness and communication around maintenance requests.

Sara M.


Doing a great job, however, at times it can be a bit noisy. I wish there was recycling on of the floors; it is a bit of a pain to be forced to go to the first floor. Overall, a good experience thus far, though highly concerned of a rent increase as w...

Lena Z.


Great apartment and very nice environment. Quick response for all the requirement, fast and good services, we really enjoy living here. Thanks for all the effort, thanks for all the staffs!

Melody H.


Management could do better answering emails and communicating to residents of incidents and alerting them of water pipe bursts. Overall, satisfied with the community.

Ann M.


For the most part it's pleasant to live here but the community aspect is lacking and I wish there was a squat rack in the gym and may I suggest a sauna!



My girlfriend and I have been living in these apartments for four years now and this place has really been transforming into one of the best places we've ever lived. The most important item for us is the management team truly cares about whats going ...

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Derik B.


We have lived here 1 week now and so far everything has been good. All service requests have been taken care of promptly. Office employees are very nice.



I've been living here over 7 years and this by far is the best management team I've had. They are very friendly, understanding, and quick to respond to tenant requests. No matter where I am in my complex when I run into a management team member they ...

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Keisha W.


Its quiet we have a piece of mind and we enjoy living here. Anytime I need them to fix things it happens fast and quick. The pool here is very nice especially at night its warm and we also enjoy the gym at times. I love living here the scenery is ver...

Cashira M.


I love AO Santa Monica! My favorite thing about the community was the actual sense of community that AO gives. The location is fantastic and the baristas at Starbucks make my day every morning! HUGS TO THE ENTIRE TEAM there!

Rebecca K.


Great community. Great staff. But, can we get trash cans in elevator lobbies, so people stop leaving trash/Starbucks cups/wrappers on floors. Also, the lighting in the halls is eerie...flickering and/or dim lights.

Sonya H.


It was a very last-minute request that I needed for a very important meeting tomorrow I called the leasing department to ask for a copy of my leasing contract and I was able to pick it up by the end of the day before closing thank you so much

Verified Resident 290800


This is a large complex, and as such there will be problems- but AO does a fair job of handling almost 1000 people, if you don't mind the volume it's a good choice, as for me my next choice will be scaled down

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Sayyed V.


great area, comfortable place which give safety, close to store clean building fast maintenance response close to the medical office and hospital

Jiahua S.


The maintenance could be faster. Maybe they can be quiet during midnight. And the second swimming pool can be used later maybe . So far so good.

Catherine C.


Maintenance was a little slow at beginning and the daily construction outside is so loud but i like living here so far! The office has been helpful in answering our questions and thebunit inside is nice and modern.

Drew M.


A typical essay contains many different kinds of information, often located in specialized parts or sections. Even short essays perform several different operations: introducing the argument, analyzing data, raising counterarguments, concluding. Intr...

Anatashia S.


My AO Santa Monica experience so far has been so great, moving in was so easy thanks to the great help from the leasing office and the efficient back and forth communication whenever I needed assistance. The building is great, location is convenient,...

Zachary W.


So far, so good! Really enjoying the location and accessibility. Pool and Jacuzzi are great too. Close to public transit. Easy to get around.

Lisa H.


Love it so far but didn't really have any idea what all there was here or how anything works. Office should have new resident packets or something. Elevators are disgusting and the trash situation is not good.

Tammie M.


We lover our apartment. The staff is friendly and very helpful. The maintenance crew is great and responds quickly. The location is just steps away from the beach and other great places.

Verified Resident 263400


We love our apartment. It's in a great location and he amenities are very nice. We have everything we need here at the complex. The management team was very helpful with the move and very courteous. They made us feel very welcome. Thank you!

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Jennifer G.


The AO Apartments leasing/management team has been so helpful, accommodating, and welcoming! Looking forward to exploring all that Santa Monica has to offer!

Verified Resident 258357


The ice cube filter needed cleaning and the drain was blocked in the bath tub. Both were fixed the next day! I was extremely happy with the service and I look forward to any further issues as I know thy will be fixed!

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Frankie T.


Great Pool! Great Gym! Great people! Love it here! The new train is a hop skip & a jump away! Nice to go downtown to Chinatown & Disney Concert Music Hall! 🐬💚🐬

Sarah S.


I've lived at AO for nearly 4 years and have had a great experience so far! Helpful office staff, ongoing renovations, friendly neighbors, and the perfect location.

Sandra K.


I appreciate all the hard work of keeping everything clean and neat . It like living in s resort. Everything is so convenient . The metro is one block and grocery store next door

Michael S.


Well maintained, good administration, and accommodating staff. Two minor negatives; parking spaces are two narrow and hallways badly need upgrading.



The location in santa monica is perfect. The pool area and other accommodations are really nice. sizes of the apartments are good. negative things are that there are alot of noise especially from the garage. Also, we've had some trouble with out show...

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AO has a great location, and with just a short walk to SMC it's perfect for students. I really love the pool areas, and the staff is always helpful and friendly. The only thing to complain about is the noise from the cars and alarms in the garage.

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David Høiseth


Lived here for about 5-6 months. The experience have been quite pleasant and there is nothing to complain about! love the atmosphere and the staff is understanding and easy to talk to.

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Baste Øxseth


Great place to stay in SM. Nice recreational areas and helpful staff, would recommend.

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Jennifer C.


I have lived here a long time and this is by far the best management team so far! The amenities are great and there are two great eateries and a Starbucks downstairs!

Gina M.


The staff has been so helpful and willing to help with everything. It was an easy move in and a great place to live. Easy access and lots around the area.



Good job! I like this apartment idk why you are making me feel rite so much but I haven't lived here long so I don't have much to say I apologize

Tamarra J.


Absolutely love living here. I've been here for 6 years and have always loved my friendly neighbors and attentive management team. Always have to shout out the apartment beautification team and maintenance.

James M.


So far, so good. Management has been responsive to maintenance requests. But theft of packages is an annoying problem. The hallways are horrible.



I have been enjoying my time here so far. But the pool is so cold! Not what was advertised to me. Other than that, it's been pleasant. It is a bit noisy on the side I live with the street but not the apartments fault.

Keisha W.


So far I love living here at Ao apt the community is very universal it's quiet and really vibrant. I love seeing the elderly ladies enjoy there day out at the pool side.



AO Apartments is a very good located place to stay at. The only thing i think they could change is the open hours at the pool during the weekends.

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I think that AO Apartsments is a very nice place to stay at and that it has a great location. But I dont like is the open hours for the pool



At AO everything is very convenient. Where If there's any problem it is very easily taken care of by the staff. Cash has been to big help for our apartment, helping us in different situation. AO is a very welcoming place that makes you feel right at ...



AO is great. The only thing I wish was different was that the dog park was cleaned up more and people were held responsible when they do not clean up after their pets.

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Gary R.


Amazing community and amenities. Beautiful furnishings in the renovated apartments and surrounding common area. Best living west of the 405.



I love to stay at AO Apartments. Unfortunately has the printer down in the room next to the lobby never been working. I also wish there was some workout bands for the gym.



I love it here, the staffs are so nice. We need more activities for the kids! I hope to never have to leave for a long time

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Ashley H.


I love it here. Just wish they would do more activities for kids. Like host an easter egg hunt or have an art activity once a week. I think it will help the little kids get find one another.



New to the neighborhood! So far so good! I am really looking forward to learning the lay of the land and exploring. I am glad I chose this area for my new home. - 5 stars I love everything about being here...from the great staff in the office to the ...

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Lori L.


I love it here!!!!!! A.O. is doing great!!!!!! The upkeep and the cleanliness are out standing!!!!!! I have refered my friend Kerry Rous. She is now in the prosses of getting her voucher from Day Break. She really wants to live here. The upkeep and t...

Darasavanh V.


It is convenient location, decent amenities and the layout of our apt is nice. There are a lot of issues ... It's dirty, other tenants who live her are questionable, appliances are old or don't work- even in the renovated units...

Maria Dorrego T.


Doing good in general, we could use more security in the building, may be more cameras to upscale security in the hallways and for sure a camera in the bicicle cage, so far they have stolen 3 of my bikecicles

Susan S.


New to the neighborhood! So far so good! I am really looking forward to learning the lay of the land and exploring. I am glad I chose this area for my new home.

Michelle Z.


I like to live here but there are a lot of noisy from the neighboors and parking lot always crowded. The staff is very good and always helps with everything.

Sara H.


I love the gym and the pool. I enjoy the BBQ set up as well. I like that the cement walls keep it quiet for the most part. I love that there is a Starbucks right underneath and a park near by where I can take my dog. Staff is also pretty helpful when...

Shelby K.


Love everything about it. Office staff and maintenance are always friendly and helpful. It gets loud sometimes at night and early morning though.

Jennifer B.


So far so good. I am excited to move into your community. The Staff has been friendly so far and I'm looking forward to enjoying the beautiful amenities!



Very close to Santa Monica College and Ralph's, so I save a lot of time. It is also close to the Third Street and the beach. I can easily go there and hang out. I really like the pool and gym as well.



Pro: Great location. Great office management. Cons: Constant construction in the building. Hallways and garbage areas are more often than not filled with some trash or spill. Neutral: Expensive but for its location, not bad.

Sophie F.


Great amenities, especially parking! The only downside is they make you pay a one-off 15 dollars to get your mail and a late fee every time you don't pick it up within 2 days, which is a very short time for people who lead busy lives or travel.

Alexandra V.


Big down side is that they make you pay to sign up for a package concierge service, and most of the delivery people don't know about it. So you pay $15 and then have most of your packages delivered to your door anyway (and stolen). They also charge y...

Laura P.


AO is great. The only thing I wish was different was that the dog park was cleaned up more and people were held responsible when they do not clean up after their pets.



At the end of last year we rented a few apartments here for corporate lease, and so far we are very happy with it. The apartments are updated, big and spacious and they all have great amenities. The process of renting these apartments were so smooth....

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The community is a great community. I decided to move to the building for the people specifically. I love that it doesn't have that stuck up vibe of LA. Neighbors greet each other and the community mixes and mingles, which was important to me moving ...

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I rented several apartments for corporate lease in the beginning of the year, and so far we are very happy with AO. The location is good, the common areas seems very new and up-to-date, there is one big heated pool next to the BBQ grills, which is pe...

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Christoffer Gunnestad


Rented 4 apartments for corporate lease in the beginning of the year, and so far we are extremely happy with both the service and apartments! One of the employees who we have worked with from the beginning, Cash, has been absolutely outstanding and i...

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Verified Resident 206686


Great place to live. It's our second week living at our new apartment and we love all the amenities that is provided to us. We do have some issues that we have no cell phone signal in our apartment. Plus there is a ringing noise coming from the wall ...

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Verified Resident 203544


AO Santa Monica is great! The location is perfect - close to the beach, city, and mountains, and yet only 15 minutes from LAX. Many excellent seafood, Japanese, Indian, Italian, and Mexican restaurants are nearby including several on-site. What more ...

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Verified Resident 200593


good....................................................... ...........................................................

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Marian Michelle Hill Brayboy


It would be a dream come true to live in Santa Monica I need apartment I have section 8 can you help me

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Verified Resident 137166


I've thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of living here. The property is well maintained and very impressive with all of the beautiful landscaping and care given to the grounds and upkeep of the buildings. It is a great location...close to major freeways,...

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Verified Resident 122073


Very poor customer service. Very high turnover with customer service representatives. Put in service requests that they changed to resolved without actually fixing my dishwasher and air conditioning. Still no wifi in fitness room which is completely ...

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Verified Resident 31712


My years here have been horrible the management is not fair to low income tenants.. any thing the breaks in your apartment they make you pay to get it fixed. You vhave to put a camera in you place because some of the workers will steal out of your pl...

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Giovany Lopez



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Verified Resident 119248


Very happy here. The staff is helpful. There is plenty of parking; great location. Apartment is nice, comfortable and quiet. Sometimes the pool area gets noisy, but usually not bad. Maintenance has always been wonderful. Building feels safe and solid...

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Verified Resident 112930


A O Apts the new factitious name for The Plaza at the Arboretum has only gotten worse, its filthy, ill managed the staff of Blackrock are dishonest, so much so that city is "watching them". This building has problem's with all systems & management.

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Verified Resident 111520


It's mostly a nice place to live. I love the view from my balcony. The location is key, walking distance to the market and access to the 10 right around the corner. Cost-wise, I'm not so sure. It's very expensive and I feel I could find a nicer place...

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Verified Resident 111098


My experience was great. Regardless of the bad reviews I was so happy to apply and get accepted at AO Apartments. The office team were good. I really appreciate Danielle's communication and am so happy to introduce my kids to a wonderful place.

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Verified Resident 109238


Building management is completely incompetent. Even the most simple requests are ignored or botched. The apartment complex itself is nice and quiet in a good location. The apartments are well priced and nice looking. Everything is great except for th...

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Verified Resident 89302


Overall the apartment complex has improved since 2012 when we first moved in with Oakwood corporate housing, since February 2014 we moved into apartment No.340 things in the community are steadily improving. Security should be more accurate, especial...

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Verified Resident 43320


-need cameras in the garage and speed bumps -area around trash chute always messy, elevators floor dirty -inconvenient entry and exit as need to place the FOB next to the gate opener. would be much better if we could just press the button on the FOB ...

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Verified Resident 45437


Maintenance request is not processed within the time frame suggested. Personal information regarding the lease is taped to Apartment door that anyone could look at easily. Also, when i am on a business trip and gone for weeks, the notice / memos are ...

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Verified Resident 78108


Apartment Plumbing Service Request was promptly acted upon and the problem appears to be resolved. Common Areas - Parking Lot: During the past six months there has been ambiguous and conflicting information provided by AO Santa Monica property manage...

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Verified Resident 47257


Great job Tony! This guy is a total professional and know what he is doing. I used to do construction and handyman for many years and I know the work that goes into all this hard work that goes into it. I appreciate the knowledge this kid has. Thank ...

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Verified Resident 69202


So far our experience at this community has been unique. Maintenance requests have been frequent but the quality of the repairs lackluster. The grounds are nice but sometimes it is quite noisy in the halls and there is noticeable random trash about.

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Verified Resident 61884


The building is great, but the management is absolutely horrible. Majority of decisions are illogical and lazy. The fact that they are making handicapped residents (who live on the first floor) park on the 3rd floor is dumbfounding. Their policy of f...

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Verified Resident 60938


I was visiting a friend this community.I loved this place.I decided to move here.I liked that there friendly and professional staff.Clean place.Comfortable and modern apartment layout.This is beautiful, comfortable and prestigious place for life.

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Jake Pertes


Love this place!

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Verified Resident 57018


Leasing staff were beyond helpful, made me feel so welcome, made it really easy for me to get everything sorted prior to my move in date, showed me all the features of the building and the apartment and got me really excited to be part of the communi...

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Verified Resident 55211


I have been extremely disappointed with AO since the very first day I moved in. The first day we got to our new apartment, when we walked in, the apartment had obviously not been cleaned. There was a visible layer of dirt on the floor with foot print...

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Coming from the east I have been accustom to sub par or disengaged management at apartment complexes where I've resided. The staff here is amazing, everyone is friendly and helpful ... issues are taken care of swiftly. Also they take a lot of pride i...

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Verified Resident 50909


I have lived here for a long time and seen many management teams come and go...I love living here, however, since the rail has begun construction it is very noisy,and the hours of noise are inconsistant and often in the middle of the night. Also, it ...

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Verified Resident 50934


Staff was unprofessional. Pool, hot tub, and grills were out of commission for most of the lease, yet we still had to pay for it when it was promised in the lease. The gym has always something broken. And missing free weights. Most floors have broken...

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Verified Resident 48577


I have only been in my apartment for a few weeks. However, the experience so far has been great. The apartments are spacious and the complex itself is rather quiet. The staff has been very helpful and knowledgeable when answering all of my questions.

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Verified Resident 30967


This amazing building just keeps getting better with time, like a fine wine!! The new BBQ Spa & Pool area is divine! The new gym is inspirational! The view from my apartment is gorgeous, And my neighbors are wonderful! This is quite a large building,...

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Verified Resident 42715


Maintenance Staff has left a great deal to be desired for most of the 5 years that I have been living here. But as of right now and in recent months; it has transformed dramatically for the better. Other than not having been happy with Maintenance fo...

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Verified Resident 28485


Besides being a little too expensive, this apartment complex is fantastic. The staff is professional and friendly, the units are nice, the grounds are beautiful. Literally my only complaint is that the units cost just a bit too much for my liking.

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Verified Resident 31147


The staff is excellent. Easy parking and secure. Ralphs next door is a great bonus. The staff is always ready willing and able to take care of any issues that arise. New improvements should be great.

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Verified Resident 39682


Been here the last six years. Enjoyed the first 5 years but the latest has so for been truely annoying due the noise and seemingly lack of management concerns.

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First off, the parking garage here is huge. I've been to shopping centers with less parking. Second, it's a luxury building with 2 pools, a gym, a cyber cafe, a neighboring Ralph's, Starbucks attached to the building, a dry cleaner, and tons more. Th...

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Verified Resident 36641


i am an international student who have problem to live in u.s. sometime, but this apartment is really great to live nearby school and it is very close to school I love this city, santa monica, and love this apt

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Rented apt here in June (would NOT hold until aug 1st when school started at SMC) for daughter and roommate for SMC.. On initial tour of building , I told leasing rep my number 1 priority was safety for 2 college Fran an girls. The entire tour we wer...

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Verified Resident 31888


Good, it's clean, love the pool and the gym. Close to Rhalps so you easily can but whatever you need, close to big blue bus. Close to school(SMC), the staff are very nice. Specielly the cleaning-lady. :-)

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New Management is PHENOMENAL!The staff goes above and beyond! And we all know customer service is fading today, BUT THIS STAFF puts SERVICE back in Customer Service! Maintenance is overworked, but they are ALWAYS right on time! Luis is the meaning of...

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Verified Resident 31106


The hallways are concrete-looking, dark and empty Garage doors at 4th floor is always opened (probably broken) The gatesn at the guest entrance are always opened Cellphone service is unavailable anywhere in the condominium. I love the complex, commun...

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I have been living here for about a year now and I have to say it is definitely over priced and nothing special. For what I am paying I would expect all elevators/security doors/garage gates/pool/gym should be up to par, unfortunately this is not the...

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Verified Resident 20163


It remains to be seen how the new management will turn out, but the transition has been happening for months and the renovation has been handled clumsily. The dull paint job was barely mentioned to residents, and we were only notified about half the ...

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Verified Resident 15069


these apartments are simply not worth what you are paying for, and a good chunk of the rent is purely on the location. the neighborhood is quiet, conveniently located to a Ralph's and great if you work in the Watergarden or surrounding offices. But t...

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Verified Resident 15092


It's ok. Two many section 8 tenants that take advantage of this. Not really honest about their incomes.

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Verified Resident 14450


Very nice place to live. Staff is great!

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Verified Resident 13982


Look. Renting is almost always a pain. My issue with the Plaza is that you're paying an arm and a leg to experience that pain, and you absolutely won't get your money's worth. The apartments are okay. Not terrible, but definitely not worth what they'...

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Verified Resident 14098


The apartment complex is good from far, but far from good. From the outside, it is beautiful, has many amenities, is in a great neighborhood close to the pier and 3rd street. However, we have a lot of issues with security in our garage - cars are bro...

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Verified Resident 13722


Nice people for the most part and the staff is very helpful and willing to help with problems! Nice facilities kept up well!

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Verified Resident 13384


Very nice place, and haven't had many issues, but it is a little on the expensive side. Parking is great though.

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Verified Resident 12950


It can get a bit like a dorm with so many students so be prepared for a bit of extra noise or mess. Thankfully, the apartments are really solid so the noise only occurs if you or they have their window open.

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I've been living here for about 6 months and the staff is awesome, the maintenance crew seems good. I feel like paradise when I go to the pool!!! Love the fact Starbucks is 13 steps away and Ralphs! I use to stay in the valley and just LOVE LOVE the ...

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I lived here in 2010 so it has been a little while, but I will warn ANYONE thinking about living here that one thing they will of course not tell you is that there are a lot of section 8 tenants here. They don't respect the grounds, they are awful ne...

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I moved here in 2005...a long time ago. At the time I went online and Apartment Ratings existed. I read about syringes in the garage, break ins, and how the master key was lost and everyone's apartment was being broken into. I talked to management at...

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Let me start by saying that compared to MOST apartments in Santa Monica, I prefer the Arboretum. One, you have plenty of parking for yourself and guest. Two, its not as expensive as properties closer to the beach. Now to address some of the negative ...

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I read all the reviews before making my choice to live at The Plaza. The office staff was not like the ugly reviews mentioned. They were friendly and went out of their way to make me feel at home. I think it is amazing because I can walk everywhere. ...

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I've been here a long time since I work in the neighborhood. For the first few years I put up with a lot because I'm not here much and too tired when I'm home to complain about anything. I've seen management companies come and go. There is something ...

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I work next door at Universal and my husband works at MTV. For nearly two years we both commuted from Inglewood after we moved there to save money which is not the best neighborhood. To avoid traffic we took the 405 to the 90 to Lincoln and down Colo...

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Moving out after 9 months, since they are increasing my rent by over 40% or $1000/mo. It's a good location within Santa Monica, but relatively far from the beach (2 mls) in an industrial area. Maintenance/hygiene can be questinable at times with dog ...

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I read a lot of bad stuff about the Staff in here, but it's from 2009. I just moved in 2 weeks ago, the Staff has been extremely helpful and nice to me, so I can't understand the previous comments, maybe the whole staff has changed. I just moved to S...

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I have been here for almost a year and have decided to renew my lease. Had I been asked six months ago if I would stay for a second year I would have said never. While some of what I read below is a stretch, it is clear that the management had droppe...

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I've lived in apartments for about 20 years and honestly, this is the noisiest place that I have ever lived. It's not through the wall stuff, they fool you with the "the walls are cement you don't hear a thing" line when you are looking. And they are...

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I've lived here for almost a year now. Since I've lived here, the following has occurred: 1. My car has been towed to the top floor of the parking garage when they were repainting and washing the lines to the garage. I parked on the designated floor,...

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The staff is very unprofessional, especially a woman named Chris. She is not very qualified for her position, and she only helps men, while giving others a lot of attitude. The staff is very hard to deal with. Escpecially when the leasing office is m...

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I really like the apartment space and the amenities are good. However since we moved in several months ago, the hot tub has very often been broken and the pool has not been heated. When we bring this up to management their response is "we are working...

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I do not suggest even trying with this place. I have never once written a review and I didn't even get as far as moving into these apartments but I felt this time it was appropriate to warn everyone against it. Over a month an a half my roommate and ...

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We really like it here. It's a nice building with security, parking garage, gym and two pools. We also love the Starbucks downstairs and the Ralphs grocery across the walkway. And as for maintenance issues, we've called in four of them and they've re...

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I have lived at the Plaza since late 2002, moving in when the building was about six months old. During my nearly six years living here I have been very happy with both the facilities and the different management groups. Everything in my apartment (h...

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I thought I would never respoind to any of the dumb remarks posted by people here that have no life I've seen the reviews prior to moving here and let me tell you if you take someones else opinion of this place you will be just like the loonies here ...

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I am now close to 40, and living in Plaza was the worst one, we worked a rep who has left the plaza since, lied to us and ripped us off in all way possible, unofrtunaltely I noticed the review site when it was too late, here is what you should expect...

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It's kind of expensive but I have a 3 minute walk to work. I don't really use the pools or workout room, but they look nice. I have no complaints about management, but that might just be because I haven't had any problems with my apartment. Only main...

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First of all people, don't get fooled with those 4.0 or 5.0 ratings, trust me, all of the are written by the management group if you can really call them the MANAGEMENT GROUP. 1. These people are extremely unprofessional, don't know how to deal with ...

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True review from a resident forced out due to noise complaints. Everyone, Great building with plenty of space and sometimes helpfull staff. I was unfortunite to live directly under the property manager, hence I was written up for everything. However,...

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I lived there for 3 years. First thing to note is that there is probably an inside job on burglaries. Too many to count. Nobody really patrols this property. I have seen the night security guard countless times just hanging out in his truck late at n...

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I have been living here since it's opening. I have seen the building with some problems in the begining. The new management is making all the difference. They are turning this place around in a lot of ways. This building is a very nice structure beca...

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10 months living in 3-bed unit. I can see SM mountains and can watch the fireworks on the pier or 3rd street from my balcony. Management are nice and have responded to my maintenance calls promptly (not many). I hear about mold complaints, but I gues...

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lived here for 5 years, rented at other locations. Every single person is never happy at any property. I like the location and low level of traffic around us.

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I agree with the previous comments! I have been here for 2 years as well and love the building and everyone in the office has been great when I have any issues! I recommend to friends and all my co-workers- I have actually had 2 associates move in an...

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Ladies and gentlemen, by now you should have realized that the Jewish conspiracy and invasion of Washington D.C. by the AIPAC lobby has made this once great nation a poodle and proxy of the land-stealing radical Jews of Israel. American soldiers are ...

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Plaza accepts package deliveries which is so helpful (many apartment properties will not) I often get home late from hospital and even though they are already closed and are going home they always let me in and take the time to ask how I am doing. Ye...

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First, I'll say that we are not low-income or problem tenants who are being evicted by management. We are staying at the Plaza through Oakwood, which leases apartments here and re-rents them as temporary corporate units. We are staying here for six w...

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Building and apartments with painted covered mold!! Is under a class action law now!Residents with late night personal sreaming. Always has SMPD at apartments for reports on resident. DoNT LIVE THERE!

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I have been here for years! The negative feedback is from a handfull of my neighbors that are not welcome here and the managment is evicting them for being horrible people... I have had to deal with these neighbors and I know I have requested as well...

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I have been here since the beginning (no, I am not on Sec 8). Legacy sucked- I agree with that statement, but the new management has really done a great job in doing the things that need to be done. The manager, Mike, has been so wonderful! I love th...

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I moved in around Aug 05 and i have really enjoyed living here. I love running down to Starbucks in the morning and on the weekends going to La Salsa for lunch or dinner! So easy... I am having a blast living here... don't let these comments discoura...

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I moved into this complex in Feb. 2005 and moved out by April 2005( I roomed with a friend) Yes the lobby is beautiful and that's how they get you. The staff can be really rude, the gates are always broken so you never feel safe,I lived on the 5th fl...

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I'm kicking myself from moving from Pasadena (City Place) to the Plaza. Plaza is a real dump and I can't believe that it's $1000 more compared to Pasendena for corporate housing. We are going through Oakwood Corp Apts and they have the gall the charg...

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Seriously, run, don't walk away from this place. For the money, you could have an ocean view somewhere else. Problems: Noise on almost every side - you either get trucks, buses, honking, car alarms and deliveries at all hours of the night on Co...

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After living there for six months and putting up with a management that only cared about keeping the HUGE building filled, we moved to a smaller complex with a management company that actually cared about our needs. Many aspects of the building were ...

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At first when I moved in a year ago the staff did not care. Since then they have put together a new staff and over the past year have made this place a community. I am proud to bring my friends and family over to enjoy the ammenities...BBQ, Pools, et...

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The complex is not worth the money. The staff is rude and the maintenance was not great. The pools were closed due to "feces" in the water. That´s right. Someone went to the bathroom in the pool. Also, my mail was stolen several times. Oh, and when ...

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In my 35 years of apartment living, I have never had to deal with so many rules. I couldn´t even put a holiday wreath on my front door--nor plain white lights on my balcony. I felt stifled--It never felt like "HOME."

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During our 1 year 6 month stay...the elevators were down approximately 30% of the time, False fire alarms forced us to evacuate the building several times, Staff is extremely rude, Tenants were not very pleasant. They say pet friendly but at the time...

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I lived there from fall 2001 to summer 2002. It was nice, but as the place filled up, it got pretty noisy. Quite a mix of people in there by the time I left, I do think some of the low income people they let have taken it down a notch. The main comp...

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Mixed-income housing is a euphemism for living in a glorified housing project. In our 7 months, we witnessed or were victim to domestic abuse, assault, drug dealing and exposed firearms. Children were banned from the playground and pool for being chi...

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I love the full gym, I found all the stall very friendly to me, and still keep in touch with them even though I live in Vegas now. Overall I wish I could afford to live there again....

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