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Stamford Corners

Babies & Tots Private Care

2019-06-04   Google

Awesome place with awesome people.

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David Zimmerman

2019-03-12   Google

There is currently a sign in our archaic and frequently broken elevator that states "Roses are red, violets are blue, If you love where you live, Please leave us a review." Smart marketing tactic towards obtaining new tenants, which is all this build...

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Ellen Schuerger

2019-02-17   Google

I’ve lived here for 4 years and had nothing but a great experience. All maintenance and repairs are included in rent/amenities fee. Any issue is address immediately. The staff is friendly and reasonable. The pool and courtyard are well maintained a...

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Margarita Reid

2018-08-30   Google

It is probably one of the best places to live in Stamford. It has a very good location, and a shuttle to the train station. You are right in the middle of two parks, near Target, and there are good grocery stores selections: stop and shop, trader Joe...

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Amanda Daher

2018-05-31   Google

Overall good , Jolan is well connected to the residents and does her best to communicate and keep them happy.

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danny sherdo

2017-05-11   Google

When I first came to check out the apartments in Stamford Corners. It was the best feeling ever. The Concierge Sam, explained to me from top to bottom about the amenities ND the outdoor pool and also about the dry cleaning. I felt interested, I didn'...

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