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The Residences at Eastern Market

Lena Gutierrez

2019-06-10   Google

We absolutely, positively, undeniably love the Residences at Eastern Market. Above and beyond it's obvious beauty and spectacular/practical amenities, we feel utterly at home in our home - a foreign sentiment for apartment living - because of the rem...

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Lee Woodman

2019-02-22   Google

The Residences are a very special place. There is 24 hour desk coverage as well as many special services including package delivery to the door, expert picture hanging services, help with installing light fixtures and more. Most of all, besides great...

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Eileen Dougherty

2019-02-21   Google

This was a delightful and informative evening. The space is beautiful, the owner had background and stories for each winery, a lovely night. Thanks Johnetta for setting this up.

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Stephanie Harrison

2019-02-18   Google

Nice and large building. Managed by Bozzuto. Good amenity. Exit external door should not be locked, the locked door should be the next one once you enter. That way you ring front desk between the doors, not freezing outside..:)

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Ava Hilton

2019-02-14   Google

ALL of the staff is spectacular, providing for and anticipating our support needs. Always professional and they handle challenges with a smile. This level of service is unquie and sincerely appreciated. Their responsiveness and availability is unpara...

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Matt Bowen

2019-02-13   Google

We've loved living here the past year. Eastern Market is a wonderful place to raise kids and socialize, the building itself is great, and the staff at the Residences are fantastic. It's easily the best-run apartment complex I've lived in, and everyon...

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Tim Curry

2019-02-12   Google

I have lived in multiple place across the U.S. and by far this is my favorite apartment. The onsite team turns your apartment into a home, due to the first class experience you receive daily. More importantly, how the team treats all guest, family, f...

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Morganne Brownlee

2019-02-12   Google

I’ve lived in the DC area for a little over 11 years now and this is honestly the best place I’ve lived. The amenities are great and the building is kept up beautifully. It is like a little community. The staff are so gracious and accommodating a...

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Morgan Gendel

2018-10-01   Google

My wife and I moved here from Santa Monica, California and can't believe our good fortune to have gotten an apartment at Residences at Eastern Market! So much thought went into the building and managing of this place -- all designed to make residents...

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Jay Richards

2018-04-29   Google

I love living here! Excellent apartments, great amenities and a very friendly staff have made the Residences a total joy to live at over the past two months. Very satisfied with my decision.

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Ashley Willis

2018-01-31   Google

It has been a pleasure living at The Residences at Eastern Market. The staff is friendly, attentive and accommodating. It is conveniently located near the Capitol, and is close to various restaurants and Eastern Market.

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Shannon Willis

2018-01-31   Google

The Residences at Eastern Market is a great apartment complex in which to live. It is right across from the Eastern Market metro station and has many great restaurants in the area. The staff is great—always accommodating and ready to help in any wa...

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Ryann Elizabeth

2018-01-26   Google

I have lived in DC for four years and have moved three times. This has been by far the best moving experience. The staff is friendly and willing to do anything to make the move very easy. I am so excited to move into this community. They have taken c...

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Doohee Kim

2018-01-26   Google

I am happy with the residences at Eastern Market. First, all of staffs are friendly and kind. Staffs are trying to support and help residents all the time. (‘all the time’ and ‘ all of staffs’ are what I exactly want to say.) Second, the envi...

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Greg Hartmann

2018-01-16   Google

My husband, daughter and I moved in this month. Concierge-like care from the staff has been outstanding. The building is lovely, safe and warm. We are so glad we’ve chosen The Residences at Eastern Market as our DC home.

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I've really enjoyed the two months that I've lived here. Even a move that goes well is stressful but the 777 staff helped make it painless. The building manager is top notch which is reflected in the team she assembled--they are warm and welcoming to...

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Living at The Residences at Eastern Market has been a wonderful experience. The staff is attentive to the needs of the residents and always willing to extend their hand for help.

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