Bozzuto Veteran Employee Profiles

Kim Shires
Director of Project Management

Private First Class, Army

"My military training has definitely helped prepare me to become a project manager. Working with different cultures, generations and perspectives are all required both in the military and in project management. Project managers work with personnel from all parts of the company that have different missions supporting a larger vision. Bozzuto is very similar in that there is a clearly defined vision not only as a whole but within each business unit. This made Bozzuto a very comfortable fit."

Brian Roche
Assistant General Manager
Bozzuto Management Company

Sergeant, Infantry, US Army

"It was a great relief when I separated from the Army and found an organization that values us veterans so well. While my job responsibilities differ greatly from the military to property management, I feel that with Bozzuto I am still a member of a great team who all work toward a common goal."

Allison Suter
Project Engineer
Bozzuto Construction Company

Captain (Retired), Logistics Readiness, US Air Force

"After retiring from the Air Force, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but I knew I wanted to be in the real estate business. Bozzuto’s recruiters and senior leaders really took the time to listen to my career aspirations coupled with my military experience, and offered me a position directly in-line with achieving my personal and professional goals. Bozzuto truly has a vested interest in hiring our nation’s heroes, and I couldn’t be happier with my new job!"

Kelly Cantley
Vice President of Business Development
Bozzuto Construction Company

Officer, Civil Engineer Corps, U.S. Navy

"Without a doubt, Bozzuto offers the supportive and professional atmosphere that veterans seek when making a career transition. Founder, Chairman and CEO Tom Bozzuto, a veteran himself, has built the company on many of the values that are instilled into our troops on day one of their service."

Tony Muniz
Bozzuto Construction Company

CPL Infantry / Security Forces - U.S. Marine Corps

"Bozzuto is absolutely a great employment choice for vets. The company operates with the upmost level of integrity and demands the same of its employees and partners. It maintains incredibly high service standards and communicates a strongly-defined mission, traits that those with military experience seek when looking for an employer. On top of that, Bozzuto puts its employees on a strong career path, ensuring that if you work hard and excel at your job, you can have, and will have, long term success with the company."

Elsie Rose
Accounting Manager,
Bozzuto Homes

Sergeant, Combat Signaler/Unit Armorer, US Army

"Being a soldier taught me to work hard, to be accountable, to be disciplined, to respect my chain of command as well my peers, and to be proud of the things I represent. Bozzuto is good employer of choice for veterans because they value these skills. As a civilian working at Bozzuto, this means I can set my expectations at the same level and lead by the examples that were set for me during my service years.”

Jack Verner
Building Systems Specialist
Bozzuto Management Company

E-4, Military Police Officer, US Army

"The mission at Bozzuto is clear, defined, and achievable with discipline and a commitment to hard work. At Bozzuto, you are called upon to motivate and direct in-house and outside associates, identify needs, and problem solve. I’m proud to be part of a company that promotes employee development and career growth, and is recognized for a positive and supportive culture centered on values.”

Chris Yeazel
Sustainability Associate
Bozzuto Management Company

Captain, Transportation Corps, US Army

“At Bozzuto employees are surrounded by passionate, creative people in a collaborative and supportive work climate. There’s a clear sense of vision and mission here, along with the opportunity to tackle complex challenges every day.”

Bozzuto Military Spouse Employee Profiles

Mike Armendariz
Project Manager
Bozzuto Construction Company

Spouse: Rebekah Barrish, Captain, Reserves, US Navy (Retired)

“Bozzuto is a good choice for an employer for military spouses. In my experience, Bozzuto is great at growing employees and providing many opportunities to excel. My spouse’s military career helped prepare me for my current job. Periods of mobilization created significant voids in parenting at home. I was required to maintain full-time employment while raising young children. This made me a much better parent and much more productive at work.”

Tara Brewster
Director of Brand Standards
Bozzuto Management Company

Spouse: Terry Brewster, Master Sergeant, US Army

“Bozzuto has been extremely accommodating to my life as a military spouse. When my husband has had to deploy, Bozzuto has taken care of my family and ensured that I can continue a true work/life balance. Bozzuto truly cares about its employees.”

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