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Chevy Chase Lake Archive

Previous Updates

MARCH 2019

Mass Excavation
In order to construct the 3-level below grade garage, exaction of earth is required. Excavation is ongoing; and will continue for the next couple of months. During this time, there will be construction trucks entering and exiting the site along Manor Road daily.

Concrete Operations
The 3-level concrete garage structure is anticipated to begin in spring of 2019. This activity will require delivery of rebar & concrete. The neighbors and public should expect to see rebar and concrete delivery trucks entering and exiting the site daily on Manor Road. During this time, there will be a tower crane erected on the west side of the site. The tower crane is required to allow for concrete operations across the site.

Dry Utility Conduit Work
This work involves installing the pathways for utility lines such as telecommunication & electric lines to the buildings. Dry utility conduit work along the Manor Road sidewalk is anticipated to begin in April 2019. During this time, the construction team will provide alternate sidewalk routes to keep members of the community/public safe.

JUNE 2019

Concrete Operations
Concrete pours and formwork decking operations throughout the garage will remain ongoing throughout the Summer. The top level of the garage is scheduled to be completed early Winter 2019. Daily concrete and rebar deliveries will remain ongoing throughout the remainder of 2019.

Utility Work
Sanitary and storm work has started offsite. Utility disconnect work has begun along Connecticut Avenue and will continue through the Summer. Dry utility conduit work onsite is wrapping up during the month of July and crews will begin setting telecommunication conduit along Manor Road and Connecticut Avenue starting late Summer.


The parking garage structure will be completed in Fall 2019. The apartment building is currently at-grade and the building structures will go vertical this Fall/Winter.

Utility Work
Utility work along Chevy Chase Lake Drive has commenced and will take place through Fall 2019.

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