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We pride ourselves on providing best in class preconstruction services—ensuring all project design, price, and constructability objectives are met. Bozzuto Construction Company breaks our preconstruction into four phases to ensure that we are always approaching each project with a thorough and comprehensive plan.

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Conceptual Design Phase

During phase one or preconstruction, Bozzuto Construction Company will meet with the client and team to review and provide input on the project budget, create a comprehensive preconstruction schedule and scope, detailing activities necessary to bring the project to construction, as well as any potential project issues. We will work to establish a realistic, financially feasible budget as well as drive the milestone completion and provide deliverables for distribution.

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Design Development Phase

In addition to the ongoing tasks described in the Conceptual Design Phase, our team will conduct Design Development meetings regularly, to ensure we are consistently in communication and aligned with the priorities of the project. These meetings will include revisions to Project Document Coordination and Recordkeeping, Construction Feasibility and Design Reviews, Site Design Review, Interior and Exterior Finish Analysis, GREEN Construction Consideration and Value Engineering.

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Construction Document Phase

In the Construction Document Phase, meetings involving the Owner, Architect, and Contractor (OAC) center around determining preferred sequence of unit and amenity space turnover, sitework completion, etc., moving towards the development of the final construction schedule. During this phase the team will focus on Design Coordination, Review of Drawing Details, Public Outreach, and Subcontractor Evaluation.

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Guaranteed Maximum Price (Gmp) Permit Set Phase

In this last phase of our preconstruction process, while our team begins to move towards commencing construction, we will confirm the project schedule, utilizing the suggested durations from bidders, confirm previous budget and verify changes based on permit set updates. This phase will confirm the any outstanding details before construction begins, including Finalizing Outreach, Competitive Final GMP Bid, and Financing Paperwork.

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