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Renovations & Capital Improvements

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Renovations & Capital Improvement:

In addition to our General Contracting capabilities, our portfolio of work includes small, mid, and large-scale renovations and capital improvements—with an average of 25 active projects at any given time. Our dedicated team of individuals including preconstruction experts, project managers and seasoned field staff, has a successful track record of delivering quality, turnkey products. Between our in-house resources and our strong industry relationships, we are confident in our ability to achieve your project goals.

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Renovation Projects

Having renovated over 16,500 dwelling units and numerous facilities of varying complexities, we understand that each renovation project is unique and requires detailed planning and an experienced team in order to be completed properly—on time and within budget.
The most successful projects evolve from continuous collaboration from beginning to end, which is why we have adopted a hands-on team approach that has proven effective. From preconstruction to project closeout, our renovation experts work collectively with you, designers, and other key players, helping to make design and construction decisions that have the potential to save both time and money.

On average our renovation projects are valued at $3+ million.

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Capital Improvement Projects

Our team has successfully completed capital improvement projects on hundreds of properties across the Mid-Atlantic region. This experience combined with our ability to effectively collaborate with property management teams affords us the knowledge to solve any challenges that may arise when working within occupied spaces, while minimizing impact to ongoing operations and your customers. We have also contracted with a highly qualified multifamily interior design firm to offer on-demand finish packages that not only compliment, but also elevate current market trends—maximizing your ROI.

On average our capital improvement projects are valued at $2+ million.

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Our Services

- Interior Design Referrals
- Preconstruction
- Architect/Engineer Selection
- Cost Estimating
- Bidding
- Project Planning
- General Contracting
- Construction Management
- Subconsultant Management
- Trade Coordination

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