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Bid Status Updates

Please click here for an updated status on a prior bid, as well as project team contact information.

Subcontractor Prequalification

Bozzuto Construction Company greatly values its subcontractors. We understand that the success of our projects is dependent upon strong relationships and are proud to say that many of our subcontractors have been doing business with us since our beginnings. All of our subcontractors are prequalified in order to ensure they meet our standards for excellence. Therefore, our database consists of a limited number of qualified subcontractors.


Subcontractor List and Bid Process

Bozzuto Construction Company does not initiate a bid with a broadcast invitation. Rather, we make individual calls to required subcontractors in order to garner interest. We feel this is a more personable approach to the bidding process. These calls are made to subcontractors on our sub list, which is limited to four or five subcontractors per trade or CSI code in order to ensure a strong general contractor-to-sub relationship.

As you are aware, Bozzuto Construction negotiates a majority of its work. We make every attempt to get our subcontractors involved in the construction process as early as possible to garner input and feedback. We find this process works best when we limit our subcontractor base to the companies that we are familiar with, and in turn are familiar with our work.

It is important to note that this does not discount the possibility of replacing a subcontractor. There are instances in which we will need to restructure or add to a trade or CSI code. It is at this time we will refer back to the subcontractors who have completed the subcontractor pre-qualification form to fill the void.

During a typical bid process, we garner the interest of three or four subcontractors per trade. The fourth (or at times the fifth) subcontractor is typically a new one from the pre-qualified pool that we invite in order to evaluate how they compare. This does not guarantee that the new subcontractor will then become a permanent addition to our list but, will help us in determining which are capable of being added with respect to responsiveness, scope and price.

Interested in being part of our team? Complete and submit our prequalification form. All submissions are evaluated, and if the subcontractor meets, or exceeds, Bozzuto’s standards, they are added to our consideration list and utilized within our bidding and budgeting process when required.