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Keri Walker Pfeifer

Senior Vice President, Operations, Bozzuto Management Company

Keri Walker Pfeifer joined Bozzuto in 2009. She brings 20 years of property management experience to the Bozzuto team, with a strong focus on the planning of new developments, execution of lease-up strategies and repositioning of value-add properties. She also has a history of building incredibly talented operations teams, whose concern and care for our customers have earned repeated rankings at the top of the industry for online reputation. In 2017, Keri was chosen to lead the company’s expansion efforts into the Southern Florida market. Prior to her move to Florida, Keri led Operations and Business Development strategy for Bozzuto’s New England portfolio for nine years, growing the company’s presence to 8,000 units throughout Massachusetts and Connecticut. During her leadership in the north, she contributed to consultation for advisory services of award-winning new developments, oversaw lease-up strategies for 6,000 new units and captured the takeover of 18 properties.

As Senior Vice President of Florida operations, Keri’s high-touch level of service, knowledge of innovative operations technology and application of creative marketing tactics have already been incredibly influential in growing Bozzuto’s South Florida portfolio.

Keri Walker Pfeifer

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