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Multi-Housing News: Get Something Old, Something New [Home]

November 29, 2011

Fine china. A new crockpot. The down payment to a new home. What was on your bridal registry?

The Bozzuto Group, a Washington, D.C., based real estate company with services across the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions, announced that it is launching its Bozzuto Bridal Registry, where engaged couples can register for money that would be used towards the purchase of a new home—and it can be any property in the Bozzuto community. The best part? Bozzuto will match the money received.

“The way it works is somebody comes into the sales center and meet with one of our representatives, and either they announce that they’re newly engaged or through the discovery process we usually find that out,” Bruce Rosenblatt, director of sales for Bozzuto Homes, tells MHN. “There’s no minimum amount, but the maximum amount of the gift is $15,000. So, for example, if parents want to give their daughter a $5,000 wedding gift, Bozzuto would match that amount, dollar for dollar. The money the parent gives would be used for the down payment, and the money that Bozzuto would match would be used for closing costs.”

If the couple received the maximum amount, they would have $30,000 towards a new condo, townhouse or home.

So how do people find out about the registry?

Though traditional bridal registries typically have an online component, where guests can browse possible gifts that the couple wants, the property registry is done through Bozzuto directly.

“It works through our lenders,” Cathy Leaning, senior director of marketing for Bozzuto Homes, says.

Rosenblatt feels that the best way a couple can let people know that they would like a wedding gift towards a new home is through word of mouth.

“If someone is thinking of giving you a wedding gift and asks what they could buy you, you can say, ‘well, you can help contribute towards the purchase of our home, and Bozzuto will match it,’ he says.

“I think the response would be, ‘I’m registered at Bozzuto,’ just as you might say, ‘I’m registered at Tiffany’s,’ or any other traditional registry,” Leaning adds.

Ultimately, the Bozzuto registry provides a unique opportunity for couples looking to start their lives together, as well as a growing customer base for Bozzuto. Plus money towards a new home would definitely be used more than a new blender or fancy gravy boat.

“We recognized a need out there,” Leaning says. “We recognized that homeownership can be challenging these days, and we want to help newlyweds and engaged couples achieve that dream.”