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  • "The entire experience was very pleasant and professional. I would say Bozzuto has gathered good teams together."

    T.L. – Bozzuto Maple Lawn

  • "Overall, I was extremely pleased with the quality of service provided by the entire Bozzuto staff. Everyone was very professional, nice, knowledgeable, responsive, cooperative, and helpful. These attributes are very important to the first time homebuyer since it builds trust, reduces stress, and reaffirms that the first time homebuyer (who is usually not very familiar with the entire home buying process) is in good hands."

    B.L. – Shipley's Grant

  • "My current Bozzuto home experience has been great for the most part. As a result, anytime I come on contact with a potential homebuyer(s), I will refer them to Bozzuto. Bozzuto makes the home buying experience (especially for first time home buyers) wonderful, smooth, and less stressful. In addition, the quality of the homes, the community grounds, and service is outstanding!"

    P.T. – The Addison

  • "The sales representatives were wonderful from the beginning to the end of the home buying experience and they still are, since they are our neighbors now. They were always there to answer any question and help with anything. Their kindness, generosity and knowledge is noticed and very appreciated by us."

    D.J. – Shipley's Grant

  • "We had a wonderful experience purchasing this home. The sales team were actually the best part of the experience! They went above and beyond to help us and made us feel like we were their one and only priority! We loved all the little touches they made, like the little gifts, welcome packets, the Tiffany platter! They are¬†absolutely wonderful! We feel like we can trust them with anything and they really made us feel like they were our advocates. Dottie also did a great job helping us through the settlement process."

    H.M. – Woodbrook on Charles

  • "We love our home and are very pleased with our Bozzuto experience. We are very pleased with the level of customer service that we have received from Bozzuto."

    J.S. – Bozzuto Maple Lawn

  • "We have been very pleased with the professionalism and care of Bozzuto. In our opinion, Bozzuto has an excellent staff; individuals who do their jobs well."

    J.G. – Shipley's Grant

  • "We like the design of our new home, it factored highly in our decision to purchase from Bozzuto. The design center experience was great!"

    G.T. – Woodbrook on Charles

  • "The team of people working for Bozzuto Homes is very professional, as well as very gracious! "

    S.M.L. – The Addison

  • "I have had the privilege of living in a new home before, and I have to say the walk-through procedure arranged by Bozzuto Homes was by far more informative and helpful!"

    M.C. – Bozzuto Maple Lawn

  • "Third new home I've owned - unsurpassed quality of construction and professionalism. Truly outstanding."

    B.M. – Woodbrook on Charles

  • "Thanks for building an outstanding product and for being an astute businessman who knows that hiring the right people is what takes you from 'good to great'!"

    D.M. – Towson Green