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Bozzuto Communities Named Among 2021 Elite 1% Properties

January 25, 2022

Grand lobby of a Bozzuto apartment featuring a stunning wooden ceiling and luxurious furnishings.

Multifamily Executive

The 2021 Elite 1% Properties by ORA

J Turner releases its annual ranking of properties nationwide with the best online reputation.

By Joseph Batdorf

The eighth annual Elite 1% ORA Power Rankings of properties with the best online reputation in the nation in 2021 is live. This ranking features the top 1% of the 128,000 properties J Turner Research monitors, and it is determined based on the Online Reputation Assessment (ORA) score as of December 2021. A total of 1,564 properties earned the Elite 1% distinction.

We are excited to share that 64 Bozzuto communities—23% of our portfolio—made the prestigious 2021 Elite 1% ORA Power Rankings, a list that ranks the communities with the best online reputation in the nation each year. Thank you to our winning communities and all our team members for everything that you all contribute daily.

To view the complete list, visit https://www.jturnerresearch.com/ora-elite-2021.

Eligibility Criterion
A property had to register a minimum ORA score of 94 and have at least 20 online reviews to be included in the 2021 Elite 1% ranking. For properties with the same ORA score, the property with the higher number of reviews ranked higher.

The ORA Power Ranking is based on monthly online reputation research of over 128,000 properties’ lifetime reviews across multiple review sites and ILSs. The ORA Score is the multifamily industry’s standard to measure and benchmark a property’s online reputation. The national average ORA Score as of December 2021 is 62.62.

A Comparison of the 2021 Elite 1% With the 2020 Elite 1% Ranking
How does the 2021 Elite 1% list compare with the 2020 Elite 1% list?

  • Out of the 1,564 Elite 1% properties for 2021, 646 properties earned the Elite 1% status for 2020 as well.

While comparing the top 100 lists for 2021 and 2020:

  • 38 of the top 100 properties in 2021 were also in the top 100 in 2020;
  • 47 properties were in the Elite 1% list for 2020 but not in the top 100. These properties have worked their way up to the top 100 in 2021;
  • 15 properties are new entrants to the top 100; and
  • Whispering Pines in Palestine, Texas, managed by Class A Management gained the most, moving from 1,181st in 2020 to 47th in 2021.

The Top Five Management Companies in 2021
The top five management companies to manage the most Elite 1% properties are Greystar (146), Bozzuto (64), Hawthorne Residential Partners (62), RAM Partners (42), and Windsor Communities (31). Thirty-two properties are privately managed.

The Top Five States in 2021
The top five states with the highest share of Elite 1% properties are North Carolina (159), Texas (151), California (110), Florida (107), and Georgia (72).

About the ORA Power Rankings
Developed by J Turner Research, the ORA Power Rankings are a monthly, independent ranking of apartment properties and management companies based on their Online Reputation Assessment (ORA) scores. A property or management company is not required to be a J Turner Research client to qualify for this ranking, which is published by J Turner’s media partner Multifamily Executive. To learn more or to request your ORA score, visit www.jturnerresearch.com/about/what-is-ora-score.

The ORA score is an aggregate compilation of a property’s ratings across various review sites and ILSs. Each month, J Turner Research monitors the online ratings of more than 128,000 properties nationwide. Using a statistical model, a single score based on a scale of 0 to 100 is assigned to each property. This score serves as a benchmark to compare a company’s individual properties and portfolios nationally, regionally, and against the competition.

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