Multifamily Executive: The 10 Most Influential Women in Multifamily

March 18, 2015

As published in Multifamily Executive Magazine.

For the past three decades, women have been climbing the ranks to take top positions at some of the largest companies in the multifamily industry. They’ve been at the forefront of the biggest trends and pioneered the biggest deals. Here, we honor 10 of the most influential women among them.

Julie Smith
President, Bozzuto Management Co.

Julie Smith dubs her career in the multifamily industry "a series of fortunate events," but it's clear that more than luck has helped the 2013 MFE Executive of the Year thrive.

After working in various real estate fields, including marketing and property management, Smith went to work with Tom Bozzuto a year after he founded The Bozzuto Group in 1988. She never looked back.

"When I started, we had three properties and 750 units," she says. "Now, we have 200 properties and 50,000 units. It's an incredible team of like-minded people."

Chief on that team is Bozzuto himself, whom Smith describes as a great source of guidance. "Having a mentor to serve as a sounding board and provide advice is really important," Smith notes. "Women need to be very open about cultivating those relationships."

Open communication, about both the desire for career advancement and what's needed to accomplish it, is something Smith regards as critical for success.

"Managers want you to be successful, but they don't know what you need in your life. Women need to be really clear about what they need to be successful, and they need to ask for it; otherwise, you're in a guessing game," she says, adding that this is especially true for women who are juggling a developing career and a growing family.

It's certainly worked for Smith. Nowhere are the benefits of that direct and balanced approach more evident than in what she lists as her proudest accomplishments: helping to elevate The Bozzuto Group to its current stature and raising two confident and driven daughters.