The Rotunda is a new 379-unit mixed-use development in Hampden, located in the heart of Baltimore, MD. The new development contains Type III-A and V-A wood-frame—I-A Hambro/concrete high-rise, and I-A concrete stand-alone. The eight-story I-A concrete podium garage is 326,000 square feet with an electric car charging station and building access on every floor. The scope also called for renovations to the existing “Rotunda Building” structure, and over 94,000 square feet of new ground-level retail space filled with premier shops and restaurants. The residences at the Rotunda offer luxury amenities, which include a swimming pool, entertainment spaces, fitness center, and yoga room.

  • Project Category


  • Project Size

    379 Apartment Units

  • Contract Value

    $90 Million

  • Completion Date

    August 2016

  • Architect

    Design Collective, Inc.

  • Location

    Baltimore, MD