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    These kitchens come with ample countertops and shaker-style, wooden cabinetry.

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    Our kitchens come equipped with everything necessary to make every meal extraordinary.

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    Every meal should come with a view. The Guilford provides no exceptions.

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    With a modern design and an open layout, you can dine in the style you choose.

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    An open floor plan means you can personalize your space for entertaining yourself and guests alike.

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    Outdoor beauty. Indoor peace. That’s what you get with our modern designs, open floor plans and large, illuminating windows.

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    See Charm City like never before. Only at The Guilford.

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    All bedrooms feature hardwood floors, expansive windows and plenty of open space.

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    Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. When you live in The Guilford, your home is all yours.

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    Light filled bathrooms

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    Our red brick building is understated for a reason: all eyes should be on the beautiful nature that encompasses it.

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    Few things are more spectacular than the views from our gazebo during peak foliage.

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    Our community garden is a beautiful place to visit whether you have a plot in it or not.

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    Few pools in the city have as beautiful a location to soak up the sun than the one here at The Guilford.

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    Summer days spent beside our pool are perfect for friends, family or just a good book.

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    It’s always grilling season when our rooftop lounge is open.

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    With long, marble floors, our lobby could double as a ballroom.

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    Grab a hot cup of coffee or tea at our complimentary hospitality bar.

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    A classic game of pool is always encouraged in our Clubroom.

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    Whether you’re catching the big game or just killing time, our Clubroom is the place for you.

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    Enjoy hosting friends at our resident lounge.

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    Our 24-hour fitness center has everything you need to break a sweat.

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    No intimidation, just results. Fitness never felt so good.

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    We’ve created a yoga room that is as sleek and peaceful as the residents who use it.

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    Find your zen in our yoga studio.

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    Experience endless comfort in our study lounge.

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    Our lounge is perfect for work, perfect for down time and perfect for you.

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    Our theatre room is like an IMAX-caliber experience from the comfort of your home.

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    Our Business Center was designed with one purpose: to inspire and foster great work.

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    See Baltimore like never before from the heights of The Guilford.

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    It’s not a flashy front yard. But it is a beautiful one.

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    A warm welcome always awaits when you enter The Guilford.

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