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Here's what our residents and prospects are saying.

Maya Lloyd

2022-05-12   Google

One major concern for me will always be the “openness” of the fitness center to the public. It can be extremely uncomfortable, speaking from a woman’s perspective, being stared at or seeing inappropriate gestures being made towards you while wo...

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One major concern for me will always be the “openness” of the fitness center to the public. It can be extremely uncomfortable, speaking from a woman’s perspective, being stared at or seeing inappropriate gestures being made towards you while wo...



So far so good! It's been a few weeks and the staff is courteous and attentive. I love the amenities and the diversity of the community. Keep up the good work!

Cheetah Wilson

2022-04-25   Google

I love the Halstead building, staff and especially the fitness facility. Everyone that works in the building is always friendly and willing to help. I don't have any suggestions besides getting new pool sticks.

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Jorge Perez

2022-04-22   Google

Everything is done fast and as I request. So glad I chose halstead to live in .

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Ebony Harding

2022-04-20   Google

I've lived here for a few years after moving from Manhattan. The staff is professional and maintenance responds to request in a timely matter. I really like the fact that the building is located across the street from the train station which is defin...

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Love that the maintenance crew & concierge staff are always there to help with anything even in emergency situations like the garage gate recently…( Thank you sooo much Carla!!) Everyone is always so respectful and professional & they all get the j...



I love the Halstead building staff and especially the fitness facility. Everyone that works in the building is ways friendly and willing helpful. I don't have any suggestions besides getting new pool sticks.

Justin & Evelyn George

2022-04-18   Google

A lovely place to reside! Convenient, kind, responsive, clean. Thank you Halstead and Bozzuto for all you do!

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Want to focus this on all the employees/staff that work hard - behind the scenes - to make everyone's life easier. Everyone goes Above and Beyond on a daily baris. Thank you; Muchas Gracias!



Bizzuto and the rest of the help in this building are terrific .. Service is wonderful. Requests for help from Joyce and the rest of the staff are answered extremely fast and handled efficiently.



Smooth process moving in , lovely mailbox system so your parcels are not swapped with other residents and secure . Very happy with the apartment



Living here has been good. This is my first apartment by myself. When there is an issue in my place, it is fixed quickly. I do find I have a lot of small gnats around but nothing I can’t handle.



I have been here a couple of years and the service is pretty good. The maintenance is fast and effective and is within walking distance to pretty much everything



It was good.We still need the hall carpets to be shampooed. Please informed the tenants to place their trash in the trash receptacles. The tenants also need to remember to break down their boxes,



It's peaceful and the environment is welcoming although we would have love to have fast food or cafeteria or bakery downstairs it would be easy for residents and stand by handyman to help with moving in



I have enjoyed my stay at the Halstead Station in New Rochelle, NY. The convenience of its location, the service of the staff, and the community events keeps me glued to this wonderful building.



This building is super accessible to the city. I’ve been to the city more than ever since moving in. I can leave my apartment about 5 minutes before a train is scheduled and be there with time to spare.



Feel so blessed to live here! So quiet, fabulous people and I could have never dreamed of living in an apartment like this. And it be affordable. Thank you for everything you do!



I absolutely love living here. After a 15 months of living here, I have a new perspective on life. I could write out a huge love letter to Halstead Station and the New Rochelle Community, however I'll just get to the point. I'm in love. I'm from Long...



We've continued to have a great experience at Halstead station - from the staff to the amenities to enjoying the neighborhood, it's all lovely.



Amazing complex!! I would not trade my decision for nothing! The people and the staff is amazing. Everything is very convenient and at your finger tips



Living here is overall enjoyable. I find the staff to be very pleasant and attentive. I hope to see more community events this year. Please get the elevators sorted out...

Mel Hadz

2022-01-30   Google

An amazing move-in experience! Everyone is so helpful and nice. I’m so happy to be a part of the community. Concierge has been so helpful throughout it all. The building itself is gorgeous and the apartment is so beautiful. Not to mention the view!

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An amazing move-in experience! Everyone is so helpful and nice. I’m so happy to be a part of the community. Concierge has been so helpful throughout it all. The building itself is gorgeous and the apartment is so beautiful. Not to mention the view!



My experience at Halstead Station has been exceptional. Little to no problems or complaints here. Staff has been helpful and maintenance has gotten the job done. Thank you.

Manzoor Ahmed

2022-01-18   Google

This is the place to spend your life in, free of complications, relaxed and serene. No need to do the extra snow plowing, Trash placing on specific days, fully secured living environment, with security cameras everywhere, free 5 Star Gym open 24/7, b...

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Vinny Macchia

2021-12-21   Google

Will definitely not be renewing for a 2nd year. This place is rapidly decaying.

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Yuan-Heng Wu

2021-08-31   Google

The property management just changed, and the new service is awesome! Leigh is so friendly and kind to assist me locate my lovely apartment and get everything done in a day. The building is great, and the amenities are wonderful.

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Casilda Thomas

2021-08-30   Google

The move in experience was good, the staff are friendly and personable. Prior to moving in I voiced concern about the carpeting on the floor being stained and dirty. I was told it would be cleaned and now three weeks later it's still not cleaned. I'd...

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Jill Milhorat

2021-07-24   Google

I cannot thank you enough for making a very last-minute move so much less stressful! Everyone here is so friendly, knowledgable and helpful.

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cheroya davenport

2021-05-12   Google

The apartments are spacious and comfortable. However, the paint for the tub and c in the kitchen is wearing down. I took more points off for the cigarette smoke that comes through the halls( and into the vents in my guest bathroom), the carpets are w...

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John Backup

2021-03-02   Google

The staff is kind and helpful and the maintenance crew responds quickly when repairs are needed. If you need to commute into the city the location couldn't be better. So why the two stars?? This is not a building you want to live in if you have a fam...

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akil akil

2021-02-19   Google

An excellent management, professional maintenance staff and courteous concierge. We just moved to Halstead Station two weeks ago and we feel comfortable, safe and happy . The building is very clean and location is great and residents are friendly and...

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2021-01-20   Google

It's a decent building. There's seems to be elevator problems often. Newer apartments are updated (sad for older tenants). I've had several clogged drain issues. But they get fixed. The staff is great and they try hard to please. Recently Odell came ...

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Arian Munoz

2021-01-18   Google

We have been living at Halstead station for 3 months now and the staff here makes me feel save during the pandemic. Every time we go to the lobby we see the staff constantly cleaning. We can confidently say the staff here at Halstead Station is tryin...

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She is . . . Pope

2021-01-14   Google

Halstead Station is the best and safest place for you to raise your family and experience a comfortable lifestyle. Everyone who works for Halstead Station takes care of your apartment just like it is their apartment. Shaun the senior sales & marketin...

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Fallon Lloyd

2020-11-06   Google

First, let me say this community is great. I am moving from living in a house with family and it gives me security and I feel I have another community of family. The people are very pleasant and take their time to make you feel comfortable. They defi...

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Dr. Caron Martin

2020-09-30   Google

This is a great apartment community and we love it. It’s a pet friendly place too! Everyone is friendly and the staff really seem committed to and care about the residents. Maintenance and Concierge are so accommodating and responsive to the reside...

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J. Marie

2020-08-19   Google

Feeling very relaxed, safe and comfortable!!!

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2020-07-14   Google

Shaun , was very responsive, reliable and most importantly very professional. He showed me the apartment the day after i applied and made my move in process nearly seamless. Thank you Bozzuto , but really the MVP is Shaun Reilly!!

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2020-05-22   Google

I’ve lived at the Halstead station for over a year and it is hands down the best building in the area... And I’ve done my research. We were looking to downsize and checked out other buildings in the area and none of the apartment buildings nearby...

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Collette Jones

2019-05-16   Google

There a couple of pros to living here . One is the biggest pro for me is Jessica she is great . Like literally amazing and always nice . The concierge are great . Especially Robin and Joyce. However, the white appliances are a little lack luster . a ...

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Ifeanyi Nwakudu

2019-05-01   Google

Nice apartment in a cool and serene location. It is also located in front of the train station, which saves time and money.

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Praneeth Nooli

2019-04-18   Google

One of the best apartments to live in New Rochelle which is next to the train station

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Samantha L.

2019-04-15   Google

Giving 5 stars because one thing the leasing agent didnt lie about is the soundproofing in apartments. Finally able to sleep, finally some peace and quiet. I dont hear anything above me and trust me apartment i came from in brooklyn was the absolute ...

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Jarida Ulloa

2018-10-27   Google

Very nice staff. Great gym for a building. Package service can be a bit better due to the sharing of lockers sometimes but its still doable. I love where this building is located, literally everything is within the area. Building under construction r...

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Bit pricey but luxurious apartment

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2018-07-31   Google

As much as it saddens me to say it, I would not recommend moving in here. I have lived here for more than 3 years and Bozzuto/the current owners are getting rid of all of the things I love about this place, and actually made me pick it over living in...

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Michelle G

2018-07-13   Google

Home is a feeling & I’m delighted to call this home! It’s safe, clean,& close to everything. It’s the shortest commute to the metro north ever! All the neighbors seem nice and most people smile. I needed a repair done and it was done within 24 ...

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Joan Cucino

2018-04-26   Google

Very Impressed With Apt. Complex. Staff Very Friendly. Apt. Building & Apts. Ammculate. Full Amenities ( Outdoor swimming Pool, Full Gym, Conciere Services, All Types Of Restarunts &. Shopping Right Outside Front Door .Beautiful View Right Outside My...

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vane brm

2017-10-11   Google

The price doesn't Mach the quality. Is a cheap place with luxurious price

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This property is good, but there are several hundred dollars in additional fees that aren't listed in the posting. If I had known it would cost $300 per month to park two cars, I wouldn't have bothered.

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Megumi Omonishi

2017-05-05   Google

I am a current resident for 1.5 years. My experience so far with La Rochelle is great: clean building, nice and helpful staff, and occasional fun events for residents. It is so close to the station (10 second walking distance). I have nothing to comp...

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Doug Musser

2017-03-17   Google

Great building, apartment was quiet, nice gym and friendly residents.

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Showing 55 reviews with content.

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