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I am sort of in the middle on this one. I am here because of location but the location's safety has gotten worse. In addition, there are way too many pet parents not doing their job in terms of picking up and cleaning after their pets: feces and urin...



Overall we enjoy living at 880 P. The location is great and the neighborhood is slowly getting there although the continued violent crime is a detractor. Would like to see more consistent coverage at the concierge desk, a drastic reduction in the use...



Really enjoying the first week. Excited for the summer to enjoy more of what the building has to offer. Including meeting all the great residents


Love that it’s dog friendly with really nice dog friendly amenities. Unfortunately there is a breed-specific bully ban which I think should be reevaluated.

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Love that it’s dog friendly with really nice dog friendly amenities. Unfortunately there is a breed-specific bully ban which I think should be reevaluated.


Apartments are small but have nice finishes, though the unit is starting to show wear despite only being a few years old (floor molding coming detached, etc). Gym and roof are very nice. Above average resident events/perks (events on roof, fitness cl...

Verified Resident


Great amenities, staff is always helpful, maintenance fixes issues quickly. Been here two years and has been the best building I’ve been in DC so far.

Matt Gray

2022-12-16   Google

The staff at 880 P are incredible and take care of the residents like family. They've done amazing work building a community, including putting on several events every month for residents to get together (including this year's holiday party), not to ...

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2022-12-04   Google

Nikki and Ivette are absolutely incredible concierges! They are always so helpful and friendly. They go out of their way to assist tenants and have made our experience wonderful!

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I love living here. The roof is great, the maintenance staff is wonderful, and I like the hot chocolate. Plus it's a perfect neighborhood.


Great staff, maintenance, amenities. You are in the middle of it all. For someone who truly enjoys DC this apartment complex offers easy access to the best restaurants, pubs, and social events. There is a grocery store next door. Highly recommend.

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Great staff, maintenance, amenities. You are in the middle of it all. For someone who truly enjoys DC this apartment complex offers easy access to the best restaurants, pubs, and social events. There is a grocery store next door. Highly recommend.


Experience is good for the most part minus the neighborhood which can feel unsafe. Enjoy the building amenities and events. Building is clean and well maintained and the roof can’t be beat.

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Experience is good for the most part minus the neighborhood which can feel unsafe. Enjoy the building amenities and events. Building is clean and well maintained and the roof can’t be beat.



Communications from the management office have improved. I believe more should be done about the smell of pet urine in the elevators and around the plant boxes outside.



The Maintenance team is great, facilities are always clean and neighbors are respectful of each other. I also like the different events hosted.

James Rasmussen

2022-10-27   Google

The security guard who works in the parking garage has some sort of personal issue with me... not sure why but he went around to all the staff telling them that I'm racist (I'm far from it) and now the front desk people all look at me sideways becaus...

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I’m submitting this because I have to to get the points. I’m submitting this because I have to to get the points. Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!


Everyone is fantastic. Nicky is the best concierge out of them all (and that’s a really high bar). Amenities 10/10 Location 10/10 Service 10/10

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880p is a beautiful place to live and the staff are really lovely! Very thoughtful with events and even small things (like the latest addition of vegan and other milk options at the coffee machine).



The place is always clean and in good condition. The delivered system is very efficient. The coffee machine is always working. The amenities are great to enjoy during the summer. The maintenance team is also very efficient.

Allyson Racadio

2022-09-25   Google

I was a guest at my friend’s apartment and he left for work. This was the one day he couldn’t take off from work while I was in town and I was left to my own devices. After grabbing breakfast, I was walking back into the lobby when Nikki greeted ...

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Wilhelmina Montiague

2022-09-14   Google

I work for a courier company and had a pleasure of coming to your building to deliver a package to one of your residents. Your property is beautiful and your concierge, Nikki, made my hectic morning better. She greeted me with a big smile and was ver...

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Joaquin Aguinaco

2022-09-11   Google

Highly recommended

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Overall I enjoy City Market and 880. A few things that could improve the experience are as follows: putting padding on door frames to reduce the hallway noise which is doors slamming loudly followed by dogs barking. 2 issues cold get addressed with 1...



Continues to be a great experience. Great community, faculties, maintenance and concierges. 880 P st apartments and hallways are better than City market.



I wish the doors would not make a slamming noise and the tenants with dogs not let them urinate in the elevators and outside on the plant/flower boxes.



We're going to miss you when we leave town. It has been a great experience. The staff is great, the amenities couldn't be better. The 880 concierge are the best.



Very nice place overall. Really like the amenities and it’s also the best rooftop in D.C. I have seen so far. I would like to see a water filter in the 880p lobby and a few more weights in the gym.

Lina Marcela Cardona Sosa

2022-06-05   Google

Great amenities including swiming pool, bbq areas, fire places, kitchen, rooftop shared with other two buildings. Modern design, good light inside the apartment.

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Great experience at 880P thus far. Appreciate the facilities, the locality and the services provided. The pool and the gym are lifesavers. Keep it up!



Great place to live. Well maintained property. Staff is friendly and professional. Shaw location is very eclectic and people are friendly. Lots of dogs in the area, which my dachshund enjoys. She is always making new friends on our walks.



Good building and apartments that are well maintained. Great roof and gym. Mediocre concierge at best. Not very safe neighborhood. Convenient to downtown.



Great place to live! Love the building, dog park, and centralized location. Very nice staff and maintenance personnel as well. Needs a better package pickup system though.



Good overall experience. Some things need improving - the package management system is slow and inefficient, other buildings have systems to streamline it like the Amazon lockers. Also, as someone who uses the coffee machine every day to make a latte...



Nice views from the roof top, a lot of space in the parking, not at the bikes stations, rooms good, the maintenance is good and very fast, halls and common area are always clean, front desk or concierge some are better then others

Alejandro Jiménez

2022-01-24   Google

Nice Unites but expensive

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It’s been a great experience living here for the past two years. Great staff, great facilities and good neighbors. It will be tough when it’s time to leave this wonderful property

Brian Beal

2022-01-04   Google

Super clean, trendy, and well rounded. The build/quality is not at the level you'd expect after seeing what they charge for rent. But, I suppose the flashiness, location, and amenities are supposed to make up for it. The residents here have been more...

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The residents here have been more than reasonable in my opinion and are overall pleasant people to live next to. The amenities are obviously wonderful, I just wish that at the very least, the indoor amenity spaces (i can understand closing the pool, ...



Great team, lots of amenities. Leasing office can be slow with requests and wait until the last minute for lease renewals. Front desk staff are always pleasant, helpful, and genuinely friendly. Maintenance can also be slow and have little communicati...



Great experience at 880P street with the view, facilities and location. It is a new building and that makes a big difference. Special shout-out to the concierge team!



I really enjoy living at 880P. I'm proud to not only live in my apartment but to walk the hallway when I return home. It's a beautiful building. And my view is amazing!



Great amenities, friendly staff, convenient bike rooms, proximity to grocery stores, restaurants and bars; everything you’d want from an apartment building. Somewhere I hope to stay for a long while.



Lived here forever and ever and ever. Basically lived in all 3 buildings and 880 wins! Great amenities and alllllways so clean!!!! NIKKIE IS THE BEST



New building, great staff and excellent facilities. Plan to renew lease for the second year. I recommend 880P vs City Market at O as 880p is less crowded and a newer building.



This building has great amenities and a friendly and helpful staff. It is located in walking distance to tons of restaurants, cafes, and bars.



I’ve really enjoyed my experience thus far. Tish has been particularly exceptional — always going the extra mile to help and connect with residents.



Everyone has been really helpful and friendly and I love my apartment. The kitchen appliances and showers and bathtubs and bathroom fixtures quality and the island is super functional and packs along in a little space. The attention to details are ma...



Pros: Nice apartment with very good amenities. Concierge staff is very friendly and helpful. Consistently making improvements to building’s aesthetics. Location is conveniently positioned. Good events and resident perks/giveaways. Free coffee (brok...



I have had a great experience living here. It’s slightly expensive when the neighborhood is shut down but in normal times well worth it. I am worried about the rent increasing after covid.



The leasing office is either severely understaffed or just genuinely has no concern for the needs and concerns of the residents. Issues remain ongoing even when reported repeatedly. Most notably, management “replaced” the prior perfectly good cof...



Love it here! Great amenities and events. Staff is also very pleasant. Prices seem somewhat inflated for DC market but lots of specials available now since the pandemic.



Excellent amenities, views, appliances and awesome concierge whiz Nicky. Concierge service can sometimes be uneven. 880P office does not always respond to emails. They have great community events.

Alexa I

2021-04-04   Google

We had the BEST time touring 880 P with Justine. Justine greeted us with an infectious smile and a warm personality. She was extremely knowledgeable about the area and relatable. It was like talking with an old friend. Knowing nothing about DC she ev...

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You can’t go wrong with the roof and the location. Also, expect to be best friends with your neighbors because the community is one you won’t want to leave.



We do enjoy living here. Facilities maintenance does a great job. Most of the concierge are excellent but seems like a lot of turnover. It would be nice if the concierge each had their own name plates for their shift. We moved into our unit in August...

Maria Lucia


We moved in two weeks ago. This is a very new, modern, luminous apartment, and the services are great too. Yesterday we even received a new years present. No problems so far!



I’ve loved living here for nearly two years. The staff is excellent. The amenities are great. And I absolutely love the neighborhood. Everything is accessible.



Great building! Enjoy living here very much. Well maintained and safe. Rooftop is awesome and I love the neighborhood. Building staff and management are responsive to any issues that come up.



I love City Market at O and 880P! Best concierge and maintenance staff in DC! Both the concierge and maintenance staff are always friendly and helpful!



The apartments are nice but I really wish covid enforcement was more rigorous with common spaces. There’s a lot of of large gatherings on the roof, and I feel like neighbors often have lots of guests.



Apartment is gorgeous Views are amazing Maintenance is timely Amenities are awesome Service/Apartment responsiveness is poor Some concierges are truly excellent Package logging speed and accuracy is very poor Overall it could have been a great experi...



Experience has been fine overall. Amenities and features are nice, apartments are very small, leasing is difficult, but concierge as been good.



There is a wonderful community of people at 880P and the apartments are bright and stylish. The gym and rooftop spaces are well kept and have many amenities.



Great place to live! Very clean, great amenities, amazing rooftop views and the staff is top notch. The gym is top notch and offers many varied classes. It is a very secure building and they are quick to respond to concerns.



You guys cant let the rooftop turn into a covid-19 petry dish every weekend. You staff and security guards know how bad it gets every Friday and Saturday, letting up dozens of non-residents. It makes this place trashy. Please follow your own rules an...



The amenities and views are incomparable to any other apartment complex! The apartments are unique and offer features that I have not seen in any other building. I'd love to purchase property but refuse to give up my beautiful rental at 880 P. That's...

Abir Qasem

2020-08-09   Google

We have just spent a wonderful month at 880 P. We have had excellent support from the concierge and the security staff during our move. They have gone above and beyond to make sure the move went smoothly and safely during these difficult times. We wa...

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Management placed too many restrictions in response to the pandemic, far more than the recommendation of local government and the CDC. This may seem silly, but the lack of use of the coffee services seriously has me thinking of leaving the community.



We love the location since it's in a lively corner and we love the great amenities like the gym and the roof. And finally the staff is great!

Becca Cohen


The staff was consistently going above and beyond to assist residents! Beautiful property, and very attentive management! I loved living here so much for 2 years I ending up going out of my way to make sure I found another Bozzuto property in my next...

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Leasing office was a bit fragmented/disjointed when initially signed up. Amenities and community have been great though. Especially CiCi at the front desk!



The staff at 880 P and City Market are great. They work hard and accommodate our needs. Some tenants don’t respect other tenants, and I sometimes see staff look the other way. I wish we could build more sense of community, so they will follow the r...



Ups and down. Great neighbors. Great building. Amazing concierge staff. Office staff are often unresponsive to customers. That’s all I have to say.

Elisabeth Engl

2020-06-22   Google

We loved living at 880P: the apartments are beautiful and modern, and the amenities are unbelievable (pool, waterfall area, fireplaces, a Steinway piano...). The concierge team were also friendly and welcoming. Prices are high, but this building is w...

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We lived in 800 P/City Market at O which is the adjoining building before moving into the brand new 880P building in early 2019. The building is beautiful, the amenities are great, and they plan a lot of resident activities/happy hours/breakfasts/etc...

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My boyfriend and I moved into 880 P in January of 2018. We have been living here happily ever since! The building is filled with friendly tenants and staff. It is very clean and the amenities are GREAT (rooftop pool, waterfall, firepits, piano room, ...

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Katy Kinsey

2019-04-12   Google

My boyfriend and I moved into 880 P in January of 2018. We have been living here happily ever since! The building is filled with friendly tenants and staff. It is very clean and the amenities are GREAT (rooftop pool, waterfall, firepits, piano room, ...

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Kevin Kiger

2019-04-02   Google

My husband and I love living at 880 P for our great apartment layout, the amazing amenities, and very importantly for the friendly, professional, helpful, and amazing staff - especially Nkili, who always makes my day with a smile and laugh!

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Chester Zhang

2019-04-01   Google

Just want to say thank you to the community. Not a resident here but had a wonderful experience with their staff. My friend and I was working on a traffic study at 9 st/P st intersection for Department of Transportation weeks ago in a cold and rainy ...

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My boyfriend and I moved into 880 P as soon as the building was (mostly) finished with construction. Since it was new, there were definitely a few bumps initially (our move-in date got pushed, construction was still going on in some parts of the buil...

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We moved in around spring 2018 and the rent is a bit expensive, but I think my overall experience has been pretty good. It is a new building so needless to say everything is clean and the facilities (like pool, gym, etc) are very well kept. But I thi...

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Alex Samaniego

2019-01-19   Google

I love living at 880P! The amenities are amazing - the rooftop and pool are really well designed and perfect for entertaining, and the gym is large and has all the toys. Apartment management and concierge are really friendly and responsive, and they ...

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Sawyer Huston


great place with lots of nice designs

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Michelle Schoenfeld (You Lost Me at Namaste)

2018-09-25   Google

Love the quality, service and amenities. ( staff are amazing) I moved from a large custom home and was anxious about apartment living vs owning. BEST. Decision. Love the service and location

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TruMari Cooper

2018-06-27   Google

I'm not sure how it said 2 stars I'm actually just seeing that weeks later but no this place deserves 5 stars for sure!!! Was here for the Heroes Gala for Pride and it was absolutely amazing. Sorry for the random 2 stars, I really don't know how that...

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Thomas Hernandez

2018-05-11   Google

I do not live in 880 P quite yet but have been very impressed with the building and management during my apartment search. Bozzuto buildings, in general, have been beautiful spaces with amenities and finishes that stand out in a crowded market. I've ...

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Catherine Radachi

2018-05-01   Google

We have lived here for the last two months and are loving it! I do want to give a shout out to Amy L., the most incredible leasing agent I have ever worked with. Amy made us feel welcome & at home from the moment we met her...it wasn't going to be a ...

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I like space bedroom and big closet space and view patio bathroom kitchen i need space

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Yesim Karaman

2018-02-15   Google

The Recreation facilities at 880P are amazing. I’ve been to a few events in the Music room which friends, who are residents, have invited me too and am always impressed at the professionalism of the staff and quality of services provided to residen...

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Comfortable, convenient, hospitable

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Being new to DC, City Market at O Street has giving me the DC experience that I was looking for. I'm very close to great restaurants, bars, shopping, and walking distance to my job in downtown DC.

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The day I moved in, this place felt immediately like home. Now, after almost a year of living here I basically never want to move again: great location, wonderful amenities, the friendliest staff, and the issues than can occur in any apartment comple...

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There is a great sense of community at City Market at O Street. The staff is also excellent.

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Great location with great amenities, fully satisfied the living demands.

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Lovely property. Very nice staff, very helpful and super friendly. I feel at home here.

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I just moved in and so far everything has been great.

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Very loud 6 morning a week for the past year

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very pleasant and comfortable

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Its an outstanding place to live. Guests are impressed with the building, the neighborhood is the best in the city, and the building community is friendly. I highly recommend the building to all of my friends who move to Washington.

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The property is beautiful and the staff is outstanding.

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Amazing staff, amenities, and atmosphere! A great gym, pool, and planned activities on a regular basis.

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It's a great place to live in a great part the city. It has a ton of energy and is a fun place to call home.

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So far, I've had a great living experience at CMO. I moved in in November, so I haven't had the opportunity to really enjoy the rooftop pool.

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Showing 105 reviews with content.

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